Ukraine and the SBU Were Planning a Bomb Attack in Donetsk To Disrupt Referendum

ER Editor: For more information on the attack by the Ukrainian military on Donetsk (a Ukrainian city) yesterday, see this by Readovka

On the eve of the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine, militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shell the center of Donetsk

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Ukraine shells shopping mall in Donetsk – DPR officials




A press conference was held today by the DAN agency, which I visited at the invitation of the DPR press service. While I was on my way, the Ukrainians opened fire on the centre of the city, using NATO 155 mm guns. Artem Street and Pushkin Street, the busy equivalent of the Champs-Élysées in Paris, were targeted. What was targeted on this day were the institutions and government of the DPR, while the conference was to take place in the press room of the DAN agency, located in the building of the People’s Council of the Republic. The Central Hotel, which is located immediately behind and which always receives many journalists and personalities from the West, was also targeted. According to the information I have, at least three people were killed and several injured, a provisional toll.

A secret SBU training camp in the Czech Republic

The bombing greatly disrupted the conference, as the authorities preferred to move the conference an hour and a half later to avoid taking any risks. I was not disappointed by the delay, as we only knew that the theme would be subversive action by the Ukrainian secret services in the DPR. In a presentation of about 15 minutes, Mikhail Popov, captain and spokesman of the MGB services, and a deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told us about a planned bombing operation. The attack was to be carried out by a citizen of the Donbass, originally from the Ukrainian-occupied part of the country, who had settled in Lvov in the west of the country. He was recruited by an SBU agent to join a training camp to receive military training organized by the Ukrainian secret service on the territory of the Czech Republic (end of October 2021). After accepting, he received a Schengen visa from the Czech Republic and travelled to his destination. Following extensive training in the handling of various weapons, he was offered the opportunity to participate in a terrorist operation (March 2022), aimed at carrying out a bomb attack during the referendum to be held in the Donetsk People’s Republic, to ask the population for its opinion on joining the Russian Federation.

A bomb to cause carnage in the upcoming referendum

This proposal was made to him by an officer in camouflage uniform, wearing a badge and flag of the Czech Republic. The man offered to give him 2,000 euros in cash as an advance for his work, while an equal amount was to be paid into his bank account once the mission was completed. His role was to return to Ukraine, receive the bomb, which was placed in a backpack and which he could activate by remote control. During the conference, all this material was presented to us, and we were able to photograph the different passports of Evgeny Karpenko, born on 29 January 1984, as well as his Schengen visa issued by the Czech Republic and valid between 8 November 2021 and 6 May 2022. The method is very reminiscent of the one used against Daria Dugin by the SBU killer Natalia Vovk alias Shaban.

With the money in hand, Karpenko headed for Ukraine, where he received the famous backpack and headed for the Donbass front. On the way, after thinking long and hard about the consequences, speaking only Russian and feeling that he was about to commit the irreparable, he changed his mind. At first he carried out the first part of the plan, i.e. to stay in the front line area to wait for the Russian troops, and then to be in the Republican area. But instead of waiting for the day of the referendum announced in principle for next September (without certainty, the date will perhaps be postponed later, Donetsk being under Ukrainian shells from NATO guns), he decided to cross over to the DPR side and immediately handed himself over with his bomb to the MGB security services. He himself told this story during the conference.

Ukraine is a country without limits that has all the rights, even that of terrorism

This testimony demonstrates once again that Ukraine is a state that practices terrorism, as in the case of the assassinations of politicians, men of influence or journalists in Ukraine (the emblematic case of Bouzina), but also in Russia, as in the case of Boris Nemtsov, or recently of Darya Dugin. It was common knowledge that NATO had been supporting Ukraine since 2014, and had also trained agents in secret camps between 2012 and 2013 (in preparation for the Maidan operation), on the territory of European Union countries. Today the proof is in the pudding, but to everyone’s surprise it is not Poland or the Baltic States, but the Czech Republic. The training camp therefore existed long before the Russian special operation (24 February 2022), and had been training SBU agents and other personnel for several years. The Czech Republic will have to answer to Russia, while Ukraine has for many years shown its sinister face: that of massacres, torture, ethnic cleansing, war crimes including against prisoners, bombing of civilians, political assassinations and finally terrorist attacks.

It has no limits, largely thanks to countries like France, where irresponsible media relentlessly relay monstrous propaganda, endorsing all of Ukraine’s crimes and reversing the roles. These journalists are currently, both in Ukraine and in the West, the most at fault and the most responsible for the current situation. After eight years of lies, revisionism, negationism, manipulation of the masses, rewriting of history, attempts to hide the truth from the majority, one wonders if there is a limit to all this.

Laurent Brayard for Donbass Insider
Translation: Vz. yan for Donbass Insider



Featured image, Czech military: Czech military forces participate in NATO exercise/Jednotky Armády ČR během účasti na cvičení NATO


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