UK Funeral Director John O’Looney Does An Update with Maria Zeee

ER Editor: Australia’s Marie Zeee gets an update from UK funeral director John O’Looney. We’ve made skeleton notes below on new and disturbing developments O’Looney has been noticing; the discussion also focuses a fair bit on the moral and retributive aspects of what has been going on which readers can listen to for themselves.

We remind readers of several interviews we’ve published by O’Looney. Check out the link on this site:

John O’Looney Funeral Director


O’Looney mentions the findings of US embalmer Richard Hirschman, which alerted people to the presence of fibrous white, vein-length ‘clots’. See what we published on this:

Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots



  • We’re dealing with the Sudden Adult Death phenomenon. What we suspected would happen has. As sad as this is, however, people are waking up more and more.
  • There has been more sudden death in the under 40s than ever before. Sir Graham Brady of the UK Conservative Party, who pushed Boris Johnson out, knows what’s happening (along with a group of medical experts, O’Looney had had a meeting with Sir Graham in London some time ago).
  • Re. fibrous white ‘clots’ found in the body. This was noticeable about 12 months ago with O’Looney’s embalmer. Richard Hirschman in the US first sounded the alarm on this although O’Looney had a prior suspicion of it. A young man was recently embalmed by O’Looney and most of his major arteries were blocked with what looked like calamari (octopus). The local coroner was unconcerned when notified about it. This is a common finding among dead jab recipients. The phenomenon is not fully understood, however. These blockages are very thick and fibrous, which grow to the shape of the vein or artery. It’s a very tough, elastic substance. But when washed, it’s obviously not a blood clot. Why aren’t professionals speaking up about this? They will seriously risk the wrath of people when more wake up. Have they been paid and put under NDA’s? (non-disclosure agreements) The signs of desperation are appearing among those who know, however.
  • We need a public autopsy on one of these jab recipients. O’Looney sent a sample off to someone in the UK for analysis following Hirschman’s revelations. Hirschman has dozens of samples from deceased people which have been sent for analysis. The truth is slowly coming out. Children showing up with this will be next.
  • Zeee: what about the bulk ordering of caskets for kids? O’Looney: he has heard from industry professionals that babies are dying in unprecedented numbers. In hospitals, they’re being put in the adult section because there’s no room for them in the paediatric section. At a crematorium in his area, he saw a public list of the deceased containing babies’ names. However, he hadn’t been notified of these deaths. A local university hospital was listed as the funeral director, which is a first. A crematorium official said babies are coming in at a rate of 6-8 at a time although O’Looney can’t verify that statistic. This indicates that funeral directors are being excluded from the process.
  • What about the parents? Hospitals are ‘taking care’ of this for the families, probably by offering free services. So we see a ramping up of these deaths while, at the same time, the funeral directors are NOT being contacted to take care of these deceased. It’s a new development and explains why the phone isn’t ringing for professionals like O’Looney. Of course, the MSM isn’t reporting it. Hospitals and local crematoriums are government-run and funded. Midwives are likely the best source of information on this.
  • Zeee: In Australia, parents have had suppression orders placed on them forbidding them to speak out about the death of their child. O’Looney: So why is that?! It’s possible that this is also happening in the UK. Certainly deaths are happening but funeral directors aren’t getting the phone calls. What kind of government does this?
  • O’Looney: people are now waking up more. He’s having regular, frank conversations with a whole range of professional people on the topic. The stories coming in are endless. But we need a fundamental change of politics where we vote for policies and not people, who are corruptible. It’s clear economies are being destroyed deliberately. The public really needs a lot to make it wake up, yet the politicians know what is going on. This is biblical.
  • There are all manner of jabs going into people who have between 2 to 5 years to live according to experts. The Covid numbers are NOT going up. Within 6 months, we’ll be at the 2-year mark after people were first injected. Some of these people will die but they’ll call it a new variant. O’Looney was told he’d be targeted if he didn’t shut up, and finally he fell ill and hospitalized (although all Covid tests were negative). Despite that, the hospital doctor wanted to give him Remdesivir; O’Looney has dealt with young people whose kidneys have failed from this drug. He demanded of the hospital doctor that he tell O’Looney about the clinical benefits of this drug, but the doctor couldn’t. He disappeared, only to be replaced by a ‘specialist’ who tried to persuade O’Looney to take a couple of other drugs (he names them). This woman refused to look him in the eye and similarly couldn’t say much on behalf of the drugs she was pushing. Meanwhile, O’Looney saw a couple of guys die on these drugs while he was in the hospital ward. Then the BBC called him for an interview after he’d been released. They backed off when O’Looney promised to record the very same interview. What do these people think will happen to them when the public wakes up?
  • Both O’Looney and Zeee appeal to those parties, such as medical professionals, involved, who know they’re doing wrong, to step forward and speak out.




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