Did Trump have a hand in releasing new 9/11 photos?

Did Donald Trump have a hand in releasing new 9/11 photos?


It is not difficult to establish a motive.

I’d like to begin by saying that this is not a ‘9/11 conspiracy piece’; it is a piece questioning Donald Trump’s role, if any, in a recent event to do with 9/11.

 The FBI recently released photos of of the Pentagon after the 9/11 attacks. The photos which are far more detailed than previous public evidence from the event, have re-fuelled conspiracy theories which challenge the official 9/11 narrative.

Put bluntly, the internet is filled with individuals and organisations who question why no photos released to-date have shown images of the damaged crashed plane which is said to have hit the Pentagon.


The new release, far from quelling these speculations, have added to them as there is still no clear visible image of the crashed plane’s fuselage, wings or engines in any of the new photos. The small photos of mangled debris, apparently from a plane, have satisfied some, but have dissatisfied many more. Also, there are no apparent images of damaged and mangled luggage which is a commonplace occurrence in the event of a commercial plane crash. The reactions which have been elicited were easily foreseeable.

The point here is not to present, endorse nor deny any particular theory, but rather, to highlight the fact that anyone in Washington with a brain would understand the PR affect of these photos and it wouldn’t be a good one in respect of hushing up the people who doubt the official narrative. But perhaps that was the point?


It is well known that Donald Trump and many members of the intelligence community do not see eye to eye. This is putting things mildly. In actual fact, Trump and the intelligence agencies are in a state of total war, in more ways than one.

It is in the public interest to speculate on whether Donald Trump personally ordered or otherwise encouraged the release of these photos, knowing the obvious fact that they would only lead people to challenge the credibility of federal intelligence agencies further. These agencies have already come under fire from all sides, due to perceptions of their explanations of the 9/11 attacks as lacking, partial, not thorough and in some cases, overtly deceptive.

Almost everyone has a theory about what ‘really happened’ on 9/11 and the statistical fact is that the majority of Americans do not believe the official narrative.

The release of these photos has the de-facto effect of rousing suspensions over 9/11 and fuelling the fire of distrust in respect of the credibility of deep state intelligence organisations. These are of course the same deep state organisations who manifestly hate Donald Trump and his anti-establishment message.

It would be to Donald Trump’s apparent advantage for more Americans to question the credibility of federal intelligence agencies as it would help him to win sympathy in his fight against individuals in organisations like the CIA.

When it comes to conspiracy theories, the ‘official conspiracy theory’ from the Washington elite about Donald Trump and Russia is far less credible than the more scientifically derived theories on 9/11 which fill the internet. There are of course other 9/11 theories which are as absurd as the Russiagate conspiracy theory.

We do not know what role Donald Trump had if any, in the timing of the release of the new 9/11 photos. Donald Trump is, after all, the President of the United States and rumours persist that he has more allies in the FBI who released the photos than in the CIA or NSA. We do know who might benefit from the release of the new photos and we do know that Washington is not a place where all important matters happen in a transparent way.

It is a question that must be asked.


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