The Public Takedown of Obama Begins

ER Editor: Yes, we do feel salacious details are relevant. Finally, the American public, as well as the rest of us, might actually find out who got elected leader of the free world (so-called) twice, and who has allegedly been answering faithfully to the cabal. Readers of Real Raw News will well understand that Obama is likely no longer free to be giving interviews on this.

What about that birth certificate, which was relentlessly fraudulent from the Obama camp? Was he ever legally able to be President of the United States?

American friends have wondered aloud where Obama really surfaced from when he was seemingly catapulted into the top job.

Many of our (s)elected leaders have curious sexual and gender-related pasts that seem to have been well-hidden from their citizens. The French would call this ‘casting’, and we have to wonder why so many of them have secrets around these topics. Digging down deep into this is in the public interest, we believe.

This is definitely one of Tucker Carlson’s tasks at the present time.

In Canada at the time, we remember how the North American public were swept along on the Obama Worship tide.

The video below is around 41 minutes long.


See also this by Pepe Lives Matter

Donald Young, Larry Sinclair, Obama

Larry Sinclair told us that a man named Donald Young came to him and told him that he also had a sexual relationship with Barack Obama. Donald was an openly gay choir director at Obama’s home church. He was shot in the back of the head right before Christmas in December 2007 right as Obama’s candidacy was picking up steam.


Tucker Carlson Interviews the Man Who Claims He Had Sex With Barack Obama

“It definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time [sleeping with a man], and I would almost be willing to bet you it wasn’t his last.”


Tucker Carlson just broke the internet with his latest episode of “Tucker on X.” Larry Sinclair, the man who claims he had sex with Barack Obama in 1999, tells all in an eye-opening interview.

“It definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time [sleeping with a man], and I would almost be willing to bet you it wasn’t his last.”

Don’t have time to watch the full interview? Check out curated video clips below:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Clip 5


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11 Comments on The Public Takedown of Obama Begins

  1. Yep, seems like someone who was recruited perhaps from childhood. Perhaps even trafficked. Don’t know if you’ve seen the compromising photos of his mother, his CIA-connected adopted father. A totally blackmailable character, and people forget that when they say sexuality is irrelevant. It’s been the classic blackmail tool forever. Anyway, many shoes seem to be ready to drop across the board right now, Obama just being one of them.

  2. A few years back ,just before he was (s)elected the first time as President, there were many interviews with people who went to college/university with Barry. They talked matter-of-factly about him. For instance, they said they called him “Bathhouse Barry” because he was a known homosexual who frequented the bathhouses. Another interview was with people who were in the schools in Hawaii at the same time he was supposedly attended them. They said they never heard of him under any of the names he uses until he ran for President.
    I have tried to find these interviews lately and there is no trace of them. No wonder some call him the Manchurian Candidate.

  3. You’re missing the point about timing, Ernesto. Why this, why now? There’ll be a cascade. Barry Soetoro’s history has to come out from ALL angles. Point, end.

  4. @ER Editor: if Sinclair’s stuff is old, why do you publish it? Thanks for thus implicitly confirming that my statement “n the interim, you dish up this dirt to get our appetite whetted” was right, spot on, in fact.

    Anyway, any (potential) president does NOT owe anything to the public about their sexuality in any way. Therefore, they should be able to lie about it.

    Pedophilia is something else: it is a crime by law, whereas same-sex sex is not. So don’t compare apples with rabbits.

    You state: “if these people are ever honest with the electorate”.
    And you tell me to get real? Get off your cloud: when last was there a completely honest president? If honesty would a criterion, the country would not be able to elect a president from the candidates. Get real, man.

    About him lying about his sexual affairs, you state: “It IS people’s business if it can be shown that it’s linked to another agenda, against the public interest.”
    That is absolutely true, but at this stage such link has not been shown, so obviously you are merely trying to help the linking process along by making insinuations by recycling old stuff. If this is not your agenda, then you are resorting to click-bait. Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.

  5. I do like the point Ernesto is making. Perhaps we DO get carried about publishing that which basically belongs in a glossy magazine. “Our side” has been hammered for too long, but does that mean we should lower ourselves to THEIR standards?

    It is a valid point to consider. But there’s also definite news value here. Trump has been hammered on his sexual escapades, so do we shut up?

    Difficult decision. Let’s ponder on that.

  6. And you are not paying attention to a whole heap of information out there. There’s been a lot for AGES. And now, we’re getting a bit dished up in a very public way. Sinclair’s stuff is old, as are other sources. It IS people’s business if it can be shown that it’s linked to another agenda, against the public interest. Further, there is ZERO transparency around Obama: if these people are ever honest with the electorate, including their sexual stuff, they wouldn’t get elected. They also LIE around their sexual stuff, and who would elect a liar? C’mon. If or when Obama gets linked to pedophilia, you’ll be singing another tune. It quite possibly will come.

  7. @ER Editor: you present 1 video clip as fact without any further supporting evidence of Obama’s private sexual fetishes that are nobody else’s business, and I have to get real? I even accepted that his sexual affair could true, yet I have to get “real” and accept Sinclair’s story at face value. 🤣

    I hate Obama with a passion, but there are limits as to what I am prepared to accept on flimsy info.

    Now I see what you mean by your comment above “Yeah, it’s quite possible that there is going to be a truckload of revelations around this guy“: the info is not available yet, so, in the interim, you dish up this dirt to get our appetite whetted. Yeah, gotcha 😉

    Like van der Kemp states above: “Everything has been building up. It’s not about his sexual preferences, smoking weed or cocaine. Those things only serve to put him back into the limelight.” You are working hard to put him back into the limelight, by hook or by crook.

  8. Fans of Obama better hang on tight. Everything seems to be building up for an expose of Obama and his cronies.

    Even a dead chef might be the least of his worries, if we find out that Obama was behind the biolabs that cooked up Covid, and he completely wiped his behind with “the orderly and peaceful transfer of power”, thus destroying the foundation of democracy itself.

    Everything has been building up. It’s not about his sexual preferences, smoking weed or cocaine. Those things only serve to put him back into the limelight.

  9. 1 guy steps forward with a story and it is taken for a fact. Now that is curious to say the least.

    I am not denying Obama did not do “it” with Sinclair, but how do we know the validity of the story?

    Furthermore, this concerns Obama’s private life. Trump banged fancy hookers left right and center, and tried to pay Stormy off to STFU. What’s the big deal?

    I think the issue about Obama’s chef drowning off Martha’s vineyard is much more concerning and potentially incriminating, whereas his affair (or not) with Sinclair is just digging up dirt for the sake of it.

    As for smoking cocaine, who cares? They’re all at it — Clinton did it, Dubya did too, etc.

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