Measles, Mumps, Rubella And Varicella Vaccine For Children Shows Nanobot Swarms, Quantum Dots And Self Assembly Hydrogel

ER Editor: When will this kind of research finding by Dr. Ana Mihalcea and colleagues such as Dr. David Nixon of Australia be taken seriously, by even those ‘truther’ doctors such as Dr. Mike Yeadon?

Reiner Fuellmich addresses this point in the last hour of this video from several days ago, declaring that it is time to review this research once again. Dr. Mihalcea presents some of her findings on the contents of patient blood in an effort to publicize this research more among the new grouping that has recently formed, NationalARM’s Ban the Jab initiative.


Apologies to readers for not being able to copy over Dr. Mihalcea’s video clips.


Measles, Mumps, Rubella And Varicella Vaccine For Children Shows Nanobot Swarms, Quantum Dots And Self Assembly Hydrogel


The childhood MMR vaccine is loaded with nanobots. They are so small that on my highest magnification, you can barely see them, but they are clearly there. I tried to go up to 4000x with my Oil objective but could not visualize them. I took many videos and if you look at the entirety of the documentation, it is clearly stunning.

The MMRV vax is supposed to be stored at -56F. Thawed it looks exactly like the C19 bioweapon. Filaments do assemble and large areas of hydrogel clot. Without a cover slip the self assembly is much more visible.

This is given to 9 month old babies, then again at 15 months, and then at 6 years of age. This is the 5th childhood vaccine I looked at. It all looks the same to me, it is loaded with self assembly nanotechnology. Almost makes me wonder if they just use the same ingredients and just put a different label on it.

Any doctor or individual who has ever been called an antivaxxer needs to get these articles (I will put all of them together in one post, I have a couple more “ vaccines” to go) and sue anyone who has accused them. The Big Pharma Criminals, the medical societies, medical boards, physicians and healthcare providers who get kickbacks called “Pay for Performance” – the more they shoot children up with this. The schools and other agencies that are mandating this are all complicit in poisoning our future generation. This is literally a criminal enterprise. Undisclosed clot forming chemicals and nanotechnology are in these shots.

Any doctor with a conscience needs to get a darkfield microscope and replicate this work. If you have a soul left, you cannot poison one more child with this. Ever again. Parents who love their children, you cannot buy into this vaccine propaganda again. NOBODY can justify injecting this material into babies.


You can see that the liquid is dense and many layers of activity are seen including larger hydrogel pieces. I wanted to show the miniscule swarming in the background that is clearly involved in self assembly. A human red blood cell has about a diameter of 6.8 micrometers. I would say these small nanobots are at least 1,000 times smaller than that.


Larger pieces of hydrogel can be seen moving in the extremely busy background

The entire drop was moving towards the center, clearly coordinated intelligently to build a large hydrogel like clot. In this video you can see 100x magnification with clear movement. It looks just like Insulin that I filmed.

Here you can see after about 45 minutes how much of this has already assembled and how much coordinated movement there is.


Here is what this looks like after about 70 minutes:

Filaments, as we know, self assemble. They are not present when the material is placed on the slide in the beginning. This one appeared after about 1 hour 20 min.

This is 100x objective with the light dialed down showing the filaments that have grown huge:

Here are the classic spheres I see in the blood growing hydrogel substance:

This is a coagulated hydrogel with many blinking lights visible.

Here the spherical structures are visible in movement. They are part of the self assembly in the above image:



I hope you share this information. Nobody can trust Big Pharma, and vaccines all have undisclosed nanotechnology and self assembling hydrogel in them, the same as we have been seeing in the live blood.




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