A Message to Democrats, Progressives & Liberals: Stop Destroying America!

A Message to Democrats, Progressives & Liberals: Stop Destroying America!

Roger Landry (TLB)

Let’s start all this off with a short lesson in recent Progressive/Liberal history in America …

In 2004 and again in 2008, “We The People” suffered (you will understand the use of this word as you read on) the election and re-election of a Democrat, Progressive, Liberal President who is by far the most failing President in modern American history… by any standards, and someone who has hastened the decline and possible inevitable destruction of America as we know it. On two separate occasions Democrats, Progressives, and Liberals flocked to him in such a fashion as to give him a mandate for his future and accomplished (post first term) actions.

So how can I say this …

This is of course Barack Hussein Obama, an individual who rode a tidal wave of popular vote into the Oval Office having made many great promises to “We The People.” Yet in eight years of office, he delivered fully and earnestly on only one of the multitude of promises he made to the American people. No, he didn’t put America back to work, hearken in the most open and transparent Presidency in history, close Guantanamo Bay detention camp, get us out of multiple wars, make health insurance affordable, stop the erosion of our freedoms and rights, etc…, etc…, etc… The only real promise he kept is … “The Fundamental Transformation of America.” But, as many of us can see, this transformation went from a thriving, prosperous, and relatively free society, to a collapsing, over regulated and enslaved society. This is no-longer a guess but in hindsight, an observable FACT.

This is what Fundamental Transformation looks like …

Today our President reserves the right to assassinate American citizens of his choosing without due process.

Government has the right to lock you away with no charges or due process indefinitely via the NDAA rider (something Obama continued from Bush and strengthened considerably).

U.S. intelligence agencies openly admit they spy on every aspect of our lives without warrant, reason, or even suspicion.

Americans can now be denied the right to travel via a no fly list, or denied a passport for exercising their right to freedom of speech.

Our economy is in an advanced state of collapse with the dollar quickly losing it status as the global reserve currency.

A massive number of companies are failing or moving offshore due to unbalanced global trade agreements, massive over-regulation, out of control Obamacare costs, and the highest corporate tax burden on the planet (about 50,000 companies or manufacturing plants in the last decade).

Our national debt has skyrocketed in the last eight years to about $20,000,000,000,000 (trillion) with Obama’s administration accumulating more debt than all the previous 43 presidents combined!!!

We are involved in more hostilities or wars simultaneously than at any point in our history, and have military forces (overtly or covertly) in approximately 170 out of 194 countries on this planet.

Our health and healthcare are a total disaster and is the worst in the industrialized world. America is now the sickest society in the free world with healthcare costs about ten times our closest rival. And a huge part of this is due to the utter failure and soaring costs of the disaster called “Obamacare.” (the most easily recognized source of many of Obama’s outright lies).

America has lost the respect of the global community with many long term allies either pushing back against American imperialism or outright deserting us on the global stage.

Then to top it all off, elitist corruption and tyranny against the American people is now institutionalized by the DOJ, FBI, IRS and is the same government the Democrat, Progressive, Liberal President we elected to protect us and resolve these critical issues.


The above is merely the short list!

A preponderance of all the above happened on Obama’s watch, with a considerable amount of this tyranny made possible by his unilateral actions (Executive Orders) in bypassing the people’s voice or our representation (Congress) in a dictatorial fashion, the likes of which have shocked those of us who looked on.

America today is immensely and catastrophically worse off than we were prior to Obama’s initial election … Prove me wrong!

Is there any doubt that if Hillary Clinton had been elected, we as a nation would have suffered a continuation or an acceleration of the same policies (Obama 2.0) culminating in the total destruction of America as we know it? In an unprecedented fashion, Obama campaigned hard for Hillary in spite of her massive legal and ethical baggage. The only possible reason for his unconventional actions must be that his elite puppet masters wanted their goals finally achieved, and secondarily to see his Progressive Liberal legacy of tyranny against American values preserved intact.

Yes, we who saw the destruction of America happening right before our eyes petitioned, demonstrated, and protested, along with many Independents, Republicans, and Conservatives, but to no avail. And throughout all this tyranny we didn’t riot, destroy property, cause bodily harm (or death) to citizens or call for violent revolution. No, we trusted in the American system and prayed for the necessary change when elections once again made this possible because this is the American way … and we prevailed.

It has been recorded by the statements of several elites that in order to facilitate a global governance, America must first be brought to her knees. They need to ensure that America is not a powerful voice of descension pushing back against global communist governance … and the only way to ensure this is to rob “We The People”of our voice and power. Mission almost complete … at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama

The advancement of programmed ignorance …

Now with all this being said, I would ask … Where were all the Liberals who so readily state their passion for freedom and democracy, their adulation for their rights and their ability to be heard, when Obama ran for a second term, and proof of his tyranny and treasonous actions lay right under their noses?

Why didn’t they spill out into the streets in a riotous fashion destroying private and public property, beating and killing citizens, and threatening open and violent revolution?

Was it because he was a Democrat and self proclaimed Progressive Liberal?

Was it because their Liberal minds were so detached and ignorant of reality that they had no clue of the tyranny being perpetrated against their very understanding of what it means to be an American?

Was it because these Liberals would not, could not, bring themselves to admit how wrong they had been?

Yet now we are seeing the polar opposite reaction from this same Liberal base … the question is WHY?

Fast forward to today …

The following paragraphs contain some updated excerpts from my article Aftershocks: Liberal Crybabies & Violent (Soros Paid) Protesters – It Ain’t Over (see link below)

Someone please tell me what country I live in because I am very confused. Is this really America or some banana republic where if you don’t like the results of a fair election you just threaten to kill the President Elect or burn the entire country to the ground, city by city, if they don’t make it right for you … NOW!

I was under the impression that a fair (although Hillary-associated rigging is now under investigation in five states) and open election had occurred in conjunction with all US laws on November 8th, 2016. The exercising of a true democratic process had occurred in a peaceful and open fashion, and Hillary conceded to Trump … Have I got this wrong? Yet what we are witnessing is a Liberal pity party that is laughable at best and tyrannical at worst, as well as, violent uprisings spreading across this country.

Americans (even Liberals) left to their own devices do not act this way, but throw in a radical oligarch such as Gorge Soros, hell bent on the destruction of America to facilitate his idea of global governance … look at his track record in Europe, Egypt, Ukraine, etc… and none of this should come as a surprise. Paid provocateurs are his recipe for violence and local disaster … and this may just be the ticket for Obama to delay (indefinitely) Trump’s inauguration and the institution of Martial Law … Is this the intended goal?


I cannot for the life of me believe that so many Liberals are willing to throw all that makes America unique in a world of failed governance out the door with violent demonstrations, riots, and calls for violent revolution … just because their candidate did not win a fair election. Unless, as I have stated, they are being influenced by outside forces hell bent on tyranny of the highest order.

My next question is for all you Democratic, Progressive, or Liberal Americans who are actively participating in this mayhem … When was the last time you witnessed this type or magnitude of gross reaction from Independents, Conservatives, or Republicans … and the obvious answer is NEVER!

Now before you readers mistakenly jump to the conclusion that I or TLB are Trump puppets or hero worshippers ignorant of the facts or reality, blindly throwing allegiance his way in a fashion highly reminiscent of Democrats, Progressives, and Liberals during the Obama or recent Hillary presidential campaigns, please understand that TLB is not a Democratic- or Republican-leaning organization. We owe allegiance to no party. We are here to eradicate programmed ignorance wherever it occurs. Please continue reading …

Some serious reality …

The following paragraphs contain some updated excerpts from my article Trump Trumps Hillary: A New Path for America? One can Hope! (see link below)

Again you must realize I and TLB are NOT Trump puppets in any fashion, but you as Liberals blatantly profess your extreme fear of Donald Trump stating he is a Misogynist, a Xenophobe, a Racist, a Liar, and so much more … WHY?   because Hillary told you ? Is it because the Liberal Mainstream Media outlets like CNN (Clinton News Network) told you so? Did you do ANY research on your own to see that many of these accusations were false and easily fall apart under any sort of investigation? But again, the corrupt and complicit MSM is not telling you any of this. These flimsy smears were perpetrated and perpetuated by these entities with the intent of ruining the reputation of a man who stood in Hillary’s path to the White House. Any research at all will prove to you this is not the first time (by a long shot) that this game has been played with many bodies strewn along her path to power.

I will not try to convince you that Donald Trump is perfect, or free of any business, social, or personal transgression; that would be a blatant lie and my credibility would vanish in a heart beat. What I would ask you is … have any of you taken the time to really research the individual you are so vehemently supporting and now represent on a level that may even include radical violence and revolution? Do you know the lies, corruption, complicity, greed, and even treasonous actions (yes, I can prove all of these accusations, see the provided links below) associated with Hillary, the Clinton family (Bubba Bill), and the Clinton Foundation? Are you aware that there are still multiple criminal investigations underway by the FBI and NYPD with respect to your candidate’s actions? Have you completely ignored all the damning and incriminating WikiLeaks emails released showing Hillary and the DNC corruption, election rigging, cheating and collusion that transpired? Is this really your Liberal role model, your desired Progressive leader of America and the free world?

The kill shot …

So, how many of you Liberals are aware that by her known private server and email actions (yes, I am bringing this front and center again), specifically the willful withholding and destruction of subpoenaed documents and devices, Hillary was actually lawfully disqualified from holding ANY government (federal) office … including POTUS. FACT

Directly from the Cornell Law Library

Title 18. Section 2071. “Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”

Yes, it explicitly states “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.” Shouldn’t you know that? The corrupt and complicit mainstream media won’t tell you this, and the corrupt DOJ didn’t pursue it, even after several respected legal scholars blatantly proclaimed it. … WHY? And why are you OK with this? Is it a Liberal mindset to ignore blatant violation or disregard of federal law if it applies to your candidate? How many of you (if you were in the know) would have pounced on this if Trump were the perpetrator? It would seem that a double standard is as much a general Liberal mindset as it is a Hillary mindset when it comes to justice and who will be held accountable. Please show me how I am wrong in this thought because the preponderance of evidence is seriously stacked against you.

If one compares the two … I would easily be MUCH more fearful of Hillary sitting in the Oval Office … but then I and TLB HAVE done the factual research!

So actually how much is there to revolt against due to Trump’s fair and lawful election? You can’t have everything you want. … Nobody can, or ever has. What is promised by our President Elect is a damn good start for all of us and a hell of a lot better than what you now suffer! Remember none of what you suffer today is Trump’s fault … A large majority of it is Obama’s and his Secretary of State minion Hillary’s fault. This is a FACT, again, easily proven (see links below). But you are not railing against him or her. … WHY? … Is it because they are Democrats with Liberal or Progressive ideals? … So they get a free pass? Is that truly your idea of fairness and American values … REALLY?

Our new President Elect now faces a task that is mind bending in scope: the task of uniting a divided country Liberals, and Conservatives alike, re-energizing national pride in all it means to be an American, revitalizing our collapsing economy, rebuilding and providing hope for African American inner-cities, providing affordable healthcare, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, strengthening our depleted military, revitalizing a failing system of education, sealing our porous boarders to protect Americans, earning the trust of our ignored veterans, putting America back to work, and signaling to the world that America is entering a new chapter where we will once again be a willing and trusted partner in a peaceful global community. … And all of this has been promised by him.

Will you even give our President Elect a chance, give America a chance, as we Independents, Conservatives and Republicans did for Obama … twice? Just about everything you espouse he has promised you … unless you are caught in the elitist brainwashing trap of programmed ignorance I have discussed, and you cannot see what is right before your very eyes. Seeing all that our President Elect has promised, accomplished in the name of all Americans, Liberal, Conservative, and Independent alike, is the sincere hope of The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB).

Today America does stand on the precipice of economic collapse, a new global war, rampant and spreading global terrorism, and a political structure that is divided with Liberals and Conservatives at each other’s throats as never before in modern history. Although many celebrate a new leader, a new representative of the people, his path is littered with land mines, which constitutes a major uphill climb that is unprecedented in history. Is he up to the task?… We are sure to find out post haste. But how will a large traumatized and misdirected (via outside influences) portion of this population, unwilling to accept the will of the people in a fair election, a situation unprecedented in our history, add to his burdens? Will you as Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats in fact, intentionally, or unintentionally, hasten the final destruction of our Constitutional Republic via your violent and unconstitutional actions and reactions?

Now for a Trump Reality check …

One must understand  that No American President can be, or has been, elected in over one hundred years without the blessing and (in some fashion) backing of the global elite, including Donald Trump. Push back against this statement as you will … but it is a FACT. To deny it only shows more programmed ignorance of said facts!

The question President Elect Donald Trump must now answer is: can he perform the monumental task of truly representing “We The People”and pleasing his masters at the same time? And if he finds it impossible to accomplish both … which will he chose? Make no mistake his path forward is a difficult one, a task of biblical proportions because if this now popular “movement” he has sparked comes to realize that once again we as the (supposed) sovereigns of this Republic have been dupedall hell will break loose … and I will be standing right along side of you to show my anger!

The most important question here is … Is history being made in America today or have we just opened a new chapter of tyranny against “We The People” where hope is once again replaced with despair ? … Time will tell. …


As I have clearly stated on several occasions to date … 

A significant portion of the mission of TLB has just made a monumental shift from ensuring that the proven criminal Hillary was never elected president (and this had nothing to do with her being a Democrat, a Progressive, or a Liberal). It had everything to do with her proven tyranny perpetrated against the American people… to a keeping a diligent eye on our new President Elect …

Donald Trump, TLB has recorded all of the promises you have made to the people of America, and we will hold you accountable for their implementation !!!

If this movement is to have the truly desired impact, it will require the participation of all who sought this election’s outcome and also a preponderance of those who did not. Now is not the time for recriminations, limitations, or overloads.  Now is the time for unity, dedication of purpose, and accomplishment. … Now is the time for … MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

In Conclusion …

To all my Democrat, Progressive, and Liberal friends: You are being used! Outside entities, such as George Soros and his surrogates MoveOn.org and Black Lives Matter, etc…, are literally recruiting (hiring for between $15 and $22 p/hr) thugs via Craigslist (and other venues), and bussing them in to targeted cities across America. These trouble-making radicals for hire are facilitating violent reactions by whipping your emotions into a froth of reactionary anger. This is not a guess … it is a fact proven in several of the videos in the linked articles below. If you come to understand the truth in this, will your actions continue unchanged? Are you mindless puppets to be employed in America’s downfall? I and TLB would sincerely hope not. We are ALL Americans and are all due respect and understanding, but there must be limits to tolerance, and we must all break free of our programmed ignorance to ensure the survival and continuance of America.

It is OK to be disappointed. It is OK to be upset for not having the results you worked so hard to ensure. You are entitled to your emotions and your voice! Protest if you wish. Petition if you wish, as these are your rights. We at TLB respect this right to the highest degree! But by taking part in, promoting violent actions or riots, destroying property, or causing bodily harm (including death) to your fellow citizens and even calling for a violent revolution against “We The People,”you are in fact playing right into the hands of those who wish to bring America to her knees.

Will this be the legacy of the Liberal Progressive segment of America … the destruction of the American way (intentionally or by being duped)? Is it your wish to destroy the democratic process that has served this country for well over two centuries because you did not get your way? Is there even any sanity in this because you and your children will suffer the consequences as much as those you wish to punish? Is this what you truly want? I find this very hard to understand and wish to believe you are all proud Americans who would never wish her destruction. But if what we are seeing today continues and even escalates … your legacy will be …

Democrats, Progressives & Liberals the Destroyers of America

My Parting Shot …


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