The Macron File Seized at Trump’s: Is the Deep State Blackmailing the French President?

ER Editor: Aren’t they all SELECTED for their blackmailable qualities (as well as correct family lineage – Boris, Justin, etc.) anyway?

The subject of Macron (we think it’s ‘Macron’ right now) is entirely puzzling. The MSM jumped on creating a solid identity with his ‘wife’ Bridget early on. But that has all unravelled, at least among those willing to be curious. Bridget has turned out to be another Michelle Obama or Jacinda Ardern. Benjamin Fulford has made certain claims about Macron in his blog from his Mossad intelligence sources (Mossad had a change of leadership last year; under the new head, plus overwhelming evidence of elite wrongdoing over ‘Covid’ and the ‘shot’ that Fuellmich and his team have amply demonstrated, especially in relation to Israeli citizens, Fulford’s contact(s) is (are) now a little more forthcoming).

So, Macron the child is rumoured to have been taken to Israel on the pedophilia circuit. ‘Bridget’, most likely Jean-Michel Trogneux, a man actually in his late 70s (see the image below), is believed to have been a client at some point along the way. A picture also surfaced of Macron the young child in a school class of peers, some of whom clearly have Downs Syndrome and other mental problems. The more that comes out, the more confusing the identity of the real man becomes. The research on Brigitte and Macron (the site will translate fully into English), done by combing through existing records and photos plus interviews, done credibly according to an expert in the field, points to puzzling and improbable gaps in Macron’s middle-class family history. Whoever is standing before us claiming to be him we have no idea about. We can’t point to a list of well-known actors as in the case of Biden. Did the real Macron ever go to France’s top university for those aiming at political careers? We wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that this was another Obama-type situation, where nobody at Columbia actually remembers him.

Trump apparently knew the raid on Mar-a-Lago was coming. Leaving critical files behind meant that these have to be put in the public domain. Let’s hope they are.

See this we published, from the same site as that re-published below, from May of this year:

The Jean-Michel Macron-Trogneux affair, a French Democratic Malaise


The writer’s concluding thought shows the degree to which Europe has woken up to the fact that its fate is being dictated from another place entirely. Which, of course, has been the case for decades, since WWII.

If we follow the writer’s logic, we can still conclude ‘it’s all a movie’.


Macron file seized at Trump: is the Deep State blackmailing our President?



Everyone has now heard of the secret file on Emmanuel Macron seized by the FBI during its search of Trump’s home. Even BFMTV talked about it. Of course, no one knows exactly what this folder contains. Uncertainty increases the amount of sulfur that surrounds the mystery. The publicity given to this discovery nevertheless raises a question: are the American services issuing a warning to Macron, from a distance, to keep him under their influence, in particular to guarantee the “good treatment” of the Ukrainian crisis? (ER: And pretty much everything else)


The FBI’s search of Trump’s home did not go unnoticed, even though it took place on August 8. Quite quickly, the “complosphere” announced that a secret file on Macron had been seized there. And… curiously, the cartel of the subsidized press, up to BFMTV (ER: France’s CNN), also mentioned it in the headlines.

For example, the Express:

FBI investigation: why is Trump hiding a “Macron file” in his safe?

Among the “top secret” files seized from Donald Trump on Monday August 8, one of them is of particular interest to Paris. According to the FBI, his label reads: “President of France”.

The wording is strange. What details, suddenly, on a search covered in principle by the secrecy of the instruction. Where did the French media get this clarification on a top secret file in Trump’s safe, with the label “President of France”? The answer is in the headline of the Express… the information comes from the FBI…

The strange chatter of the FBI

Incidentally, one wonders if the information disseminated… by the FBI is really aimed at the French public, or if it does not rather concern President Macron himself. Blackmailing an ally into standing still is a good old technique that has proven to be effective. And one can think that this technique has known a revival of youth over the past two or three years.

So a plausible reading of the information from this summer is that it constitutes a public warning to Macron of his necessary loyalty… if not… (ER: or to ‘Macron”s handlers)

A harsh management of the Ukrainian crisis?

To understand the reasons which push the American services to let the whole world know that they have a supposedly embarrassing secret file on Emmanuel Macron, it is necessary to delve into the news of August.

Thus, at the beginning of August, the Russian press announced that Vladimir Putin was breaking off communications with Macron, deeming him unfriendly. Here again, the sudden publicity given to a situation in force for two months gives the feeling that Russia wanted to “tackle” Macron and put him in a vulnerable position to force him to make concessions. Moreover, a few days later, Macron and Putin will talk again on the phone. They will decide to send inspectors to Zaporijia.

Meanwhile, the United States used the G7 to give its allies an armbar, demanding the Russian withdrawal from the Zaporizhia power station . In practice, this Zaporijia affair worries the American services, because it shows that Russia is part of a logic of lasting occupation of the territories it conquers.

Did the Americans suspect Macron of wanting to dissociate himself from his allies, knowing that Zelensky intentionally bombed the plant to create a nuclear cataclysm whose consequences would change the face of the conflict?

The end of abundance imposed by the United States?

On August 19, that is to say a few days after the announcement of the FBI’s secret file, Emmanuel Macron delivered his important contribution on the price of freedom, which we had to agree to pay, according to him, by supporting the Ukraine. The occurrence of this dark discourse a few days after the announcement of the FBI case is disturbing. (ER: This really angered the public. See: “End Of Abundance”: Macron Warns Of “Major Tipping Point” And “Great Upheaval” As Difficult Winter Approaches)

Has Emmanuel Macron’s summer been busy searching for alternatives to war and its price, when the countless gas and electricity measures that are being announced could arouse popular anger? Did Macron have the temptation to preserve social peace in France by moderating his commitment in Ukraine? by sparing Vladimir Putin?

And, in doing so, did the Americans “catch up” with the overcoat by dangling the publication of embarrassing information about his private life? Certain insistent rumors indeed support the notion that the file in question would contain photographs taken in a nightclub in Africa. These may be gossip, but they are plausible.

For my part, it seems to me that if these photos really exist, their political effect would be very uncertain in the event of publication, and do not justify a major forfeiture on the part of the President.

It’s still too early to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Everything indicates, however, that Biden is holding his allies by the halter to force them to support an absurd war.

More than ever, the “American ally” holds Europe under its yoke. 




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