The Jean-Michel Macron-Trogneux affair, a French Democratic Malaise

ER Editor: We, like journalist Eric Verhaeghe of Le Courrier des Strateges, have stayed away from this topic. In France especially, the private lives of people, particularly people in the public eye, are regarded as out of bounds. As one UK journalist wisely put it, however, such an attitude only benefits the rich and famous because nobody cares about the lives of Ordinary Joes. We are inclined to agree, especially because the private lives of French politicians and the like can be rather colourful. Dominique Strauss-Kahn comes to mind as a shining example of private-life excess, hedonism and sheer arrogance of the power classes. They get a free pass in France that they wouldn’t get in English-speaking culture. Put it down to anglos-saxon Puritanism, perhaps.

But the question of Brigitte Macron’s biological identity does raise some valid public interest questions. Below, Verhaeghe boils it down to a symptom of the increasing division between the elites and the people, the disdain they have for us and the notably increasing lack of democracy we are experiencing. Journalist Natacha Rey, who dug down over 2 years on the question of Brigitte’s identity (and experienced some police harassment as a result), made the point that this is a SECRET USED AS LEVERAGE OVER Macron. In other words, he’s somebody’s puppet and this type of secret cements that species of control. Either way, the people lose out.

Enough by now has been revealed over Michelle/Michael Obama‘s identity; Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Young Global Leader-prime minister, has similarly been shown to have her ‘package’ dangling under her flimsy crimson dress on video in her place of work. Which could be interpreted as rubbing our noses in it. The societal craze, foisted on us and especially children, for the transgender issue is more than enough to have us seriously questioning the ideology of the caste ruling over us.

This is the site where intensive research into Brigitte Macron’s real identity (and we don’t just mean ‘male’) can be found: From Jean-Michel to Brigitte Trogneux,
lies at the Elysée (in both French and English versions).

Briefly, the boy called Jean-Michel Henri Trogneux, of whom little is known with few photos available (see below), disappeared from public records many years back, strangely without any kind of official / police investigation being conducted. Much later on, a similar-looking person surfaced, a female teacher by the name of Brigitte. The site linked to above exhaustively digs through the evidence around all that; as Verhaeghe notes below, the research done by Xavier Poussard and Natacha Rey is of solid quality. As certain pictures indicate, including the one Verhaeghe has chosen for his article (see our featured image), Brigitte is probably in her 70s. Facial recognition technology has shown a very high level of resemblance between the people in the pictures below.

Translation: Jean-Michel Henri Trogneux, alias Brigitte, of whom we found traces at Toulon in 1973 when he was the owner of a jewelry store, before the change of sex and identity at the end of the 80s. Left, a small boy, right, when he (‘il’) was a teacher at the junior school.

According to these researchers, Brigitte’s marriage and children were probably faked. The children that are claimed to be hers (now adults) really belong to someone else who was traced and contacted (this is when Natacha Rey suddenly found herself being hauled off to the local police station). The histories of both the boy and the woman are surprisingly lacking in normal evidence, probably deliberately so. As Verhaeghe notes below, the Macron / Brigitte team are not talking about this one way or the other, and neither is the media.


The Jean-Michel Macron-Trogneux affair, a French democratic malaise


After a long reflection, the Courier has decided to talk about the Jean-Michel Trogneux affair, which has occupied many minds and many conversations amidst the most perfect silence of the subsidized media. We have chosen to talk about it because of this discrepancy between the conversations in town (ER: among the Paris chattering classes) and the silence of the press subsidized by the regime and cartelized by the billionaires who (s)elected Emmanuel Macron. It seems to us that there is an indication of a disconnection which alone sums up the French democratic malaise.


So far, we have never mentioned the excellent, breathtaking investigation by Xavier Poussard and his Faits & Documents, on the legend of Macron, of which he demonstrates with talent and rigor the complete forgery. From my point of view, the main revelation of this long, very meticulous investigation, moreover, relates to the systematic measurement of the distance between the official “narrative” and the facts such as indisputable proofs make it possible to retrace them.

But, until now, the Courier has always considered that the private life of elected officials was not a political subject. After all, that Brigitte Macron is suspected of having changed sex, and that convincing, plausible elements tend to support this suspicion, what can that change in politics?

Everyone does what they want in their private life, and it’s nobody’s business.

A case in every conversation in town

I recently organized a dinner at home and, to my great surprise, the six guests I had invited that evening (and who did not know each other) spontaneously talked about the details revealed by Xavier Poussard on the private life of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron. And I brutally measured the political impact that this case has had on ordinary public opinion in France.

On the merits, no guest was embarrassed by the suspicions of homosexuality or transsexuality which are now supported by circumstantial elements published for several weeks and never attacked by the presidential couple.

On the other hand, all are convinced that Macron’s power is based on a logic of permanent lies. There is the staging for the little people, relayed by newspapers under orders, and there is the truth, totally different from this narrative.

No better proof could be found of the rift between people and the caste (ER: the so-called elites), which holds our system together. On the one hand the gogos (ER: us) supposed to believe in the myth forged (by a slavish press) of a philosopher president who fell in love with his literature teacher at the age of seventeen; on the other hand, the insiders who know the secrets and unite to keep them quiet, because basically these secrets are unavowable and are moreover subject to the correctional [sic], for certain elements.

What is bothering in the Jean-Michel Trogneux affair is that it is one of the submerged parts of the iceberg suddenly unveiled, revealed, indisputable proof of the drift followed by the caste. The lie has become so institutional that the Republic has split into two worlds: those who govern and lie, those who obey and suffer the lie. (ER: France has also been split into two over the Covid lies and the vaccines.)

Of course, lying has always been part of politics. But, with the help of time, democracy declining, the political lie has become an industry, an organization in its own right, a mode of government structured by pharmacies, which no longer leave any room for amateurism and replace the truth by a “narrative ”. It is for this reason that we feel it is necessary to discuss this case today.

Macron, a forge of billionaires looking for a puppet

What Xavier Poussard effectively shows is the professionalism with which the “communicators” who have worked for several years for the success of Emmanuel Macron have blurred the tracks and the cards.

First, there was the legend of “Mozart” Macron himself, whose career was singularly “enriched” with all the fantasies of success and glory that Emmanuel Macron was able to nurture to accredit the image of a genius above the masses: a time presented as normalien, agrégé (ER: first class, grade A) in philosophy, doctor of philosophy, novelist, precocious theater actor, and other nonsense by a unanimous press in the celebration of his praises, Emmanuel Macron is not. Nothing of the sort. Holder of a DEA in philosophy, of course, but neither normalien, nor agrégé, nor doctor, failed at Normale Sup, then at ENA (ER: elite school for eventual members of the political class), the first time he took the entrance exam.

In itself, Macron free of the lies maintains a brilliant career. The question is to know why he needed to embellish it, to inflate it, to sublimate it in a grotesque way. This taste for lies, this appetite for personal legend raises questions.

Then and above all, one could say, there are these shadows on the career of Brigitte Macron, potentially alias Jean-Michel Trogneux who, if we are to believe Xavier Poussard, would have been born in 1953, and would have “known” Emmanuel Macron when he was 14… These are facts that differ somewhat from the official version, of a 17-year-old young man in love with his French teacher.

Where we are embarrassed (Poussard will not blame me for writing it like this, I hope) is that these heavy, serious revelations did not call for any legal action on the part of the Macron couple. In addition, no one has actually seen, for the moment, photos of young Brigitte Macron, nor especially photos of her alleged brother Jean-Michel Trogneux, who is absolutely untraceable.

Poussard is content to ask questions, on the basis of documents or indisputable facts. The presidential silence on this issue suggests that the questions asked are unassailable. And the embarrassed silence of the official press, which does not relay, but does not attack either, is basically accusatory: yes, everything indicates that the couple who sit at the Elysée have things to hide, and that the subsidized press helped him do it.

The scornful disdain of the caste for the “working classes”

It would seem that Brigitte, alias (potentially) Jean-Michel, speaks of “working classes”, the bourgeois and disdainful expression par excellence, to designate the people. What is most emblematic in the Jean-Michel Trogneux affair is the contemptuous disdain of the caste for these “working classes” today inundated with revelations made by the non-subsidized press.

On the merits, it is very likely that few French people are really passionate about the sexual orientation of their President, or for his evening occupations since they remain in the private domain. It would therefore suffice that, like Bertrand Delanoë in his time (ER: gay former mayor of Paris), he decides the debate for the case to be purged.

But the disdainful silence observed by the presidential couple, by their entourage, by the press, has become a major political problem. It is no longer a mark of discretion, it expresses an absolutely destructive caste contempt for the very image of the Republic.

So, Brigitte Macron, who weighs on the taxpayer’s money, could not answer the questions that this taxpayer asks about his/her true identity?

Those who advise Macron have not measured the consequences of their silence, which feeds the same fantasies as those who surrounded Michele Obama in the United States. A question is gradually taking shape: does sexual orientation or appetite condition membership in power networks?

In the absence of a clear answer to the legitimate questions of public opinion, the intimate conviction grows, according to which everything is not clear in the game of power, and everything does not come down to democratic elections.

In short, there is a malaise in democracy today, and the silence of the Macrons fuels it.




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