The Helsinki Summit and The Future of Syria: Is Trump a Peacemaker?

The Helsinki Summit and Future of Syria: Is Trump a Peacemaker?

The liberation of the city of Daraa by the Syrian Arab Army signals the possible end of the 7-year war which has devastated the country. Daraa, a city along the Lebanese border, was the scene of the first violent confrontations between armed groups and police in March 17 2011. I visited Syria in April of 2011 and had the opportunity to investigate the events of that day.

What to expect from a Trump-Putin summit

Syrian state media showed aerial footage of snipers shooting into the crowd and at police. I discovered that the technique of hidden snipers had also been used in Egypt and Tunisia during the CIA’s people power uprisings there. The Arab Spring was part of President George W. Bush’s ‘democratisation’ agenda for North Africa and the Middle East. The US government spent billions of dollars training youths for regime change operations which would cost the lives of millions of people.

When I visited the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zohr, residents complained about the lack of security forces in the area which had been overrun with terrorists. The day I arrived, a bomb had gone off in the centre of the city. That night, taking a stroll in the city, I was advised to return to my hotel as there were gunmen indiscriminately shooting people in the streets.

There were many reports of people being attacked during funeral services. The Western media spin made it look like the Assad ‘regime’ was sending snipers to fire upon the families of murdered civilians during funeral services. But the opposite was the case: unknown snipers were opening fire during funerals in a form of total terrorism designed to completely destabilise the country. I was familiar with that kind of terrorism from the Troubles in Northern Ireland. In 1988 Micheal Stone, a loyalist gunman, opened fire at the funeral of three IRA volunteers. During the 30 year conflict in Northern Ireland, the British secret service (MI6) colluded with loyalist terrorists against the nationalist population. False flag attacks were carried out by the Force Research Unit (FRU), a secret terrorist organisation working for British intelligence.

The British general Frank Kitson in his book ‘Low-Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, Peacekeeping’, explains how the British developed a new form of counter-insurgency warfare in Ireland through the creation of proxy forces. Many of the techniques used in Ireland have become a constant feature of the Syrian war.

It is important to note that the war against Syria was finalised in London two years before the Arab Spring. British intelligence, who have an impressive resource of Jihadist patsies, was preparing the invasion of the country. It is essential to understand also that the Syria war is a direct consequence of the Arab Spring. In fact, it is an integral part of the ‘popular uprisings’ so dear to the petty bourgeois left-liberal establishment. Without the discourse of ‘revolution’ and ‘popular uprising’, it would have been impossible for British, American, French and Israeli intelligence agencies to commit genocide against a nation and blame it on the guardians of that nation.

In spite of the fact that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice admitted the US was behind the Arab Spring uprisings, alt-globalist publications such as Le Monde Diplomatique smeared analysts who pointed out that fact as conspiracy theorists. Such journals played a critical role in hoodwinking the Left into thinking that the wars in Libya and Syria were progressive revolutions led by Guevara-like heroes. The year 2011 saw the official emergence of the Islamo-Leftist alliance whereby left-wing activists joined forces with Al Qaeda and the CIA in a series of brutal neocolonial wars.

Due to Donald Trump’s stated opposition to the destruction of Iraq and Libya, I suggested that his presidency might be more conducive to peace in Syria than his extremely bellicose liberal opponent Hilary Clinton. It was a view shared by President Bashar al-Assad himself. Trump has said he wants to pull out of Syria. He believes the war has not been to the advantage of US interests in the region. However, each time Trump has attempted to disengage from Syria, false flag attacks have been carried out by the ‘opposition’ and their globalist support agencies, forcing the Trump administration to ‘take action’ with unilateral bombing campaigns designed to placate the liberal establishment.

Since taking office in 2016 President Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and UNESCO; tightened border security; forced multinationals to relocate to the US; initiated peace talks in Korea; reduced unemployment among America’s native racial minorities and has begun to dismantle the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. He has appointed high court judges hostile to LGBTQP and abortion. These are all important achievements, key victories against globalisation and its evil values.

The Helsinki summit is clearly a turning point in US foreign policy. After months of intensive anti-Russian propaganda orchestrated by British intelligence with fake chemical weapons attacks such as the now infamous Skripal Affair, President Trump refused to mention any of Russia’s supposed ‘crimes’. I said in 2016 that Trump represented the possibility of détente with Russia and perhaps the de-escalation of  America’s foreign policy of destabilisation and chaos strategy. Although Trump has pulled out of the Iranian Nuclear agreement, his rapprochement with Russia makes a future deal with Tehran more likely.

Those pundits who called Trump a fascist and criticised my conditional support for this presidential victory are now looking extremely foolish. They have completely misread the concrete conditions driving Trump’s foreign policy. Trump is clearly opposed by neocons in the intelligence community. His actions since taking office have severely damaged the drive towards a unipolar world order.

For 7 years the Western public have been forced to see President Putin as the supporter of the ‘genocidal dictator’ Assad of Syria. False flag chemical attacks have been regularly carried out by Western-backed terrorists and blamed on the Syrian President. But after 7 years of war propaganda, it was necessary for the globalists to take things one step further: Russia, they claimed, was also carrying out chemical attacks on its enemies in Western countries. The aim of the anti-Russian propaganda was to completely criminalise the Russian government, thus making US/Russian dialogue impossible.

Donald Trump has successfully demolished the entire propaganda campaign. The conflict between a Deep State linked to the most ruthless agencies of finance capitalism and the resurgence of the nation-state under Trump is now clearer than ever. For the nation of Syria, there is a real prospect of peace. One of the most important aspects of the Helsinki Summit is that mentioning Israel’s security as being a key issue in bringing peace to Syria was tantamount to admitting that furthering Israeli strategic interests was the main reason for the war in Syria. The Assad victory in Syria has ruined Israel’s plans for hegemony in the region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now says he will accept an Assad-ruled Syria. Israel’s wars have failed.

I have no illusions about Donald Trump; he is a huckster, gangster and ruthless imperialist. But as a statesman, he has proven to be rational, pragmatic and creative. The Helsinki Summit has advanced the cause of peace, diplomacy and populist forces in the world.


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