Gaza genocide and Freemasons Pike and Mazzini on the clash between Zionism and the Arab world

ER Editor: Notorious, high-ranking freemason of the 19th century, Albert Pike has been making an appearance in online conversations and posts recently in relation to events in Israel and Gaza (Tik Tok). Here is veteran Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti to give us a perspective on Pike’s plans as communicated to fellow freemason Giuseppe Mazzini back in the day.

Here’s a copy of that letter, or selected paragraphs of it, stored in internet archives as a 3-page PDF — Albert Pike Letter to Mazzini

As Sacchetti notes, if this letter is fake, how could someone writing in 1871 be able to PREDICT the major events of the 20th century? There had to be a plan formulated by someone or some group.


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The genocide in Gaza and the correspondence between Pike and Mazzini on the clash between Zionism and the Arab world


Geopolitics and history are two undoubtedly fascinating subjects that help us to really understand what is happening in the world and in Palestine in the current historical context.

Above all, if we turn our gaze from the books of liberal history and place it on the true story that is never told to us either at school or in universities, we begin to better understand what the true goal is and what the true forces that govern the river of history.

We did so recently when we stopped to analyze the true history of the state of Israel and the decisive forces that contributed to its creation.

In our opinion, however, no serious teleological approach to history can escape the spiritual dynamics that govern this process.

If we adopt the point of view of historical materialists trained in the school of Karl Marx, an adept of freemasonry, we will think that history is nothing other than the result of a clash between different social classes that compete for control of the means of production.

However, if we remain stuck in this materialist approach, not only do we not understand what is happening now and what is the plan that is inspiring Israel in its crazy extermination of the Palestinian people.

We don’t even understand what happened in past centuries when, in the aftermath of the French Revolution in 1789, a new religion was imposed in Europe which was the humanist religion of the cult of human rights.

The current history and decadence of the Western world, which has replaced its authentic Christian and Greco-Roman roots with those of liberal-progressivism, is precisely the result of this replacement of authentic spiritual values ​​and divine inspiration with false ones of human inspiration thus so venerated by Freemasonry.

The cry “Egalitè, liberté and fraternitè” that the French revolutionaries of the 18th century and the foolish masses repeated was nothing other than the exaltation of that cult of human rights, which replaced a society that previously placed God at the center of history with another which instead placed man and the Luciferian religion of the lodges at the center of history.

Helping us to understand even better the spiritual vision, in the inferior sense of the term, that animates Israel and the forces that wanted the creation of the Jewish state is the famous correspondence of 1871 between Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini.

The authenticity of the correspondence has been disputed by some in recent decades despite there being traces of it as early as the 1950s and even earlier.

The Canadian naval officer William Carr reported this in 1959 in his book “Satan: Prince of This World”.

Even before him, another illustrious figure mentioned the exchange between the two, namely the archbishop of Santiago de Chile, Cardinal Caro Rodríguez, who mentions it in his masterpiece “Freemasonry Unmasked” of 1925.

According to Caro Rodriguez, the letter until then appeared to be kept by the British Museum, which instead in the following decades claimed that the writing was never in its possession.

This appears unusual because in the years in which the Chilean cardinal spoke about it, the British Museum did not appear to deny that the letter was in its possession.

That said, the content of the letter is extraordinary and disturbing at the same time even if one thinks it is a fake, and in the latter case, if it is a forgery, one wonders how whoever wrote it was able to already know a century ago and beyond with absolute certainty what would happen in the 20th century when two world wars broke out.

When Pike writes to Mazzini, he talks to him about the strategy that Freemasonry will have to pursue to reach its ultimate goal, which is none other than that of the universal Republic.

The universal Republic that the lodges speak of is hypocritically described as a world in which conflicts will disappear and nations will finally achieve “peace” through the renunciation of their sovereignty.

In reality it is nothing more than a global totalitarianism in which the Christian religion is replaced with the Luciferian cult as Pike himself states.

When today the adepts of Freemasonry with its various rites, the most popular being that of the Scottish Rite, enter the lodges, they are often asked to read Albert Pike’s main work, entitled “Morals and Dogma.”

Pike was the Grand Master of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite in the southern jurisdiction of the United States.

This lodge is particularly important because it is also defined as the Supreme Council of the World with regards to the exercise of the Scottish Rite and its Grand Master can easily be defined as one of the most influential Freemasons in the world, Albert Pike.

Giuseppe Mazzini was, however, no exception as he presided over the Grand Orient of Italy which was in turn linked to English Freemasonry and for which the Genoese revolutionary directed the process of unification of Risorgimento Italy, wanted not so much to unify the various States that existed before the Unification of Italy, but above all to strike at the Catholic Church, whose State needed to be dissolved and whose spiritual influence was to be removed from Italy and the world.

Since its existence, Freemasonry has waged an existential war on the Catholic Church as the existence of this institution of divine nature represented and still represents, despite the Masonic infiltration suffered by Vatican II, a formidable katehon against the manifestation of world government and of mass persecution against Christians across the planet.

Even if it is thought that the letter is not authentic, and until proven otherwise those who support this thesis have not yet brought solid evidence in support of it, it is impossible not to notice that in that correspondence the destructive logic that governs globalism is perfectly explained.

Pike writes to Mazzini that to finally achieve the annihilation of every religion, especially the Christian one, great world crises will be necessary which will bring about upheavals so large and of such devastating proportions that they will leave behind only a pile of rubble.

Pike incredibly talks about three world wars that will accompany this process. The first would pit the British Empire against the German Empire and should have led to the end of Tsarism in Russia with the advent of the Bolsheviks and the spread of Communism in Europe.

Through the de-Christianization of Russia, Pike writes, atheism would have spread more and more.

The Second World War, continues the American Freemason, should have instead been “fought in such a way as to destroy Nazism and increase the power of political Zionism to allow the establishment of the sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War a communist International was to be formed as strong as the whole of Christianity. At this point the latter had to be contained and kept under control until required for the final social cataclysm.”

Finally, to reach the “final social cataclysm” that Pike spoke to Mazzini about, the Third World War would be necessary, which must be “fomented by taking advantage of the differences aroused by the agents of the Illuminati between political Zionism and the leaders of the Islamic world. The war will have to be oriented so that Islam (the Arab and Muslim worlds) and political Zionism (including the State of Israel) destroy each other, while at the same time all the remaining nations, once again divided and opposed to each other , will in this situation be forced to fight each other until complete physical, mental, spiritual and economic exhaustion”.

When you read this exchange of letters you can’t help but be completely stunned. Even if it is thought that the letter is a fake, it is necessary to explain how it is possible that a text in which the events of the 20th century were anticipated has been circulating for more than a century, and above all, how it is possible that whoever wrote this letter could have known of the existence of Zionism and Nazism as political and ideological movements when in the second half of the 19th century they did not yet exist.

Above all, it is shocking that whoever wrote this letter did so as if he were reading from a script already written and decided in every detail.

From this perspective, it was a question of encouraging those disastrous events that were indispensable to allow the birth of that world government in which Christianity will be definitively banned and persecuted everywhere.

The logic described in the letter is none other than that of Freemasonry and its motto “ordo ab chaos” according to which the universal Republic so longed for by the Masonic lodges will then be born from the rubble.

And the text predicts exactly what happened in the 20th century.

The First World War brought about the upheavals necessary to put an end to tsarist Russia and replace it with the ruthless bloody dictatorship of the Bolsheviks of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin generously financed by New York banks.

The Second World War instead produced the ideal context to allow the birth of the state of Israel which, in the view of its founders, assumed a leading spiritual role in the manifestation of the future New World Order.

Readers who are not familiar with this exchange of letters and who have seen what is happening in Gaza in recent days with the massacre of the Palestinian people and the progressive unification of Islamic countries against Israel will probably be thinking that we are therefore at the last act of a diabolical plan that it has been passed from generation to generation.

In our opinion, this is not the case for reasons that we have already explained in previous contributions. History and geopolitical power relations suggest that the moment of global totalitarian government is still far away if we consider the fact that we are witnessing the dissolution of the globalist framework founded on the American empire and the old unipolar world.

And if we want to get onto a spiritual level of reading history necessary to truly understand the direction in which humanity is going, let us remember once again how the Marian prophecies of the last century tell us that we are close to a triumph of faith and a restoration of the Catholic Church.

This does not take away a fact. The logic of the New World Order is one that goes beyond immediate historical contingency and is patiently transmitted from century to century.

Whoever wrote that letter possessed such logic and knew what would happen because such events were desired by subversive forces who are enemies of humanity and who hate God.

However, whoever wrote that letter forgot that the master of history is not man but Providence, and it is this decisive element that led to the defeat of globalism and it is this that will lead Israel to the failure of its crazy plan to extend its territory .

The crisis that Israel has unleashed will not lead to the manifestation of Greater Israel but rather to a possible downsizing of the Jewish state whose existence without the unconditional support of the United States appears uncertain.

It is a lesson that Israel and the powers of globalism refuse to learn and it is a lesson that they will be forced to receive despite themselves very soon, once again.




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  1. “The authenticity of the correspondence has been disputed by some in recent decades despite there being traces of it as early as the 1950s and even earlier.”

    How do we know that the letter was no in fact written in the 1950s, or say late 1940s. That would explain the remarkable “prescience” of WW1 and WW2.

    To wit: “The Second World War, continues the American Freemason, should have instead been “fought in such a way as to destroy Nazism and increase the power of political Zionism to allow the establishment of the sovereign state of Israel in Palestine.”

    Nazism did not exist in 1871, so Pike could not have written about it, or did he use a different term which, for convenience, is “translated” as Nazism here?

    Furthermore, “those who support this thesis [of non-authenticity] have not yet brought solid evidence in support of it”: have those who support the thesis of authenticity brought solid evidence in support of it? Normally, the onus of proof is on those who make a claim, in this case the authenticity supporters.

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