The Endless Epidemic: Macron’s Strategy to Avoid Impeachment and Trial for High Treason

ER Editor: See also this piece we published by Thierry Meyssan today titled Covid: a Curfew in France, To What End?

Alexandre Gerbi usefully reminds us that it is the entire political class (as well as the media, of course), including notables such as Le Pen and Melenchon, who are complicit in this treasonous deception of the people.

When will the people wake up?


The Endless Epidemic: Macron’s Strategy to Avoid Impeachment and Trial for High Treason


“The epidemic that never ends”: this is the delirious scenario, the surrealist “storytelling” that Macron, his government and their media intermediaries have been serving us tirelessly for months.

And like rabbits in the headlights of a car that is about to crush them, a good part of the French still swallow all these lies over and over again. Some minds, believing themselves to be sagacious, whisper that the President of the Republic is incompetent, that he is under the yoke of his administration, that he has lost his way, even gone mad. Naïve explanations. Because behind the very big, apparent ‘whatever’, behind this true-false policy of Gribouille, a gigantic smokescreen is being woven for the French people. Back to the ins and outs of the giant swindle of which the country is a victim. But also on the no less colossal sword of Damocles, which hovers over the head of Emmanuel Macron. The latter intends to save his own skin. By all means.

A growing number of French people are wondering: why does the government and its media servants continue to sound the alarm on Covid-19, when it is clearly established that its lethality rate varies, according to studies, between 0.1% and 0.6%? Emmanuel Macron himself, during his interview on October 14, 2020, acknowledged that the lethality rate was of the order of 0.6%. Of course, neither Anne-Sophie Lapix nor Gilles Bouleau, disciplined journalists, had the idea of questioning the Head of State on the relevance of general confinement and curfews in view of such a low mortality rate…?

Yet this question should have been asked of Macron. As well as many others.

For example, it should have been asked:

  • Why, when the government decided and justified the general confinement from March to May 2020 by the lack of hospital beds, and the same government has been announcing the “second wave” ever since, why has the government not created any until today?
  • Why has it closed schools, colleges, universities when the under-thirty year olds are almost all unaffected by this disease, and the circulation of the virus among young people is one of the conditions for collective immunization and, therefore, for the disappearance of the epidemic?
  • Why this accumulation of absurd and incoherent measures, up to the wearing of masks, first declared useless by the government, then imposed on the entire population, including in the open air, when, as many epidemiologists assert, this serves no purpose, except to disfigure the streets of France to make the spectre of the virus omnipresent?
  • Why, as many have denounced, was it decreed in September 2020 the closure, in Marseille and then in other cities, of bars, restaurants, sports halls, all establishments already seriously weakened by months of lockdown, while public transport remains active and crowded in the most perfect legality?
  • Worse still, the latest fantasy of the Macronian government: why impose a 9 p.m. curfew in nine French metropolises, which, in addition to the sectors mentioned above, devastates the entertainment sector and tramples on fundamental civil liberties, which were once considered sacred?

This list of questions is not, of course, exhaustive. And more and more French people have the impression of living in a scenario where the ubuesque disputes it with the Kafkaesque, against a backdrop of the triumph of the absurd

The limits of absurdity

It is almost amusing that the absurd is so surprising today, when the absurd seemed perfectly normal and was even applauded by most people for so long. “I stay at home, I save lives,” repeated the suckers, awarding themselves a certificate of heroism in the process, as if the lives in question could not have saved themselves by applying the ad hoc precautionary measures?

In fact, almost everything has been absurd since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic. Starting with the general lockdown itself. We know the joke:

“Which organ does the coronavirus destroy the most? The brain…”

Like a few others at the time, I wrote it as early as March in the columns of AgoraVox, at the beginning of the said general lockdown: since Covid-19 only kills the elderly or very elderly or suffering from heavy pathologies, and since it spares almost totally the rest of the population, especially the youngest, it was necessary to limit itself to confining the people at risk. It was, however, simple to understand: targeted containment would have made it possible, just as much as general lockdown, to limit the spread of the virus among vulnerable people, to limit the overcrowding of intensive care units (since this was the main argument…), without damaging the economy.

Better still, this strategy would have resulted in mass immunization, and therefore the rapid disappearance of the disease. This point is obviously essential.

But strangely, Macron, Philippe and their government chose to impose lockdown,… during the trifle of two months (from March 17 to May 11)! And to facilitate the consent of the crowds, our kind leaders made believe, with the help of the media repeating all day long the same alarmist propaganda, eminently anxiety-provoking and especially eminently false, according to which all the population of the country was threatened, and that a devastating hecatomb awaited all the age groups.

No one denies it today: this was completely false...

Reminder: lethality rate of Covid-19, according to Macron’s own admission in his interview of October 14, 2020: 0.6%. This figure being a maximum, some studies, taking into account even undetected cases, speak of a level rather in the order of 0.1 to 0.3%. That is to say, hardly higher than a big flu (ER: No. According to our research, the ‘pandemic’ is in line with a moderate flu season, which is an important point to make since the occasional severe flu seasons can see much higher rates of mortality). With this difference, influenza can kill at any age, including children. (ER: Which is true. Flu, unlike ‘covid’, can kill the young.)

Let us specify that the information making it possible to know that this coronavirus essentially killed only the elderly, very elderly and/or very fragile people, was perfectly available as of this famous month of March 2020, at the very moment when Macron and Philippe triggered the general lockdown. We had said it, with others, as early as March 23rd, in the columns of AgoraVox

Let us also recall this other obvious fact: the consequence of the lockdown of tens of millions of French people, total quarantine for nearly two months and then prolonged in various ways and more or less strict until today, is the endangerment, even the destruction of entire sections of the economy. Not to mention the countless instances of collateral damage – suicides, old people dying of grief at no longer seeing their loved ones, cancers and other serious pathologies undetected or untreated, ruined shopkeepers or laid-off employees, some of whom, once again, will commit suicide… All of this leads to a culmination, a lack of collective immunization (we can never say it enough) making the epidemic itself possible for a rebound in the epidemic! This list of calamities, of course and once again, is not exhaustive…

At this stage of reflection, unless one takes Macron for a complete fool, which he obviously is not, a question arises: since general lockdown was a manifestly inappropriate, absurd and in many ways even harmful and counterproductive measure, what then is its real purpose?

The “virtues” of general lockdown

Of course, demolishing the public hospitals in the wake of his predecessors, Macron could hope, with the general quarantine, a draconian measure, to give the illusion that he was taking the bull by the horns and seeking to repair his own damage. Skillful countermove of the pyromaniac fireman…

But the magnitude of the cost of the operation, for the finances of the State as well as for the economy of the country, allows us to doubt this explanation.

In reality, an examination of the facts indicates that the general confinement had another, much broader and deeper objective: to allow Macron to do everything that was impossible for it in normal times.

In fact, the blockade of the country and its programmed ruin suddenly made feasible, and will make it even more so in the future, what had been unthinkable until then: to muzzle the people and establish a form of dictatorship.

Thus, from one day to the next, with the wave of a magic wand, the Yellow Vests were neutralized.

At the same time, as of March 25, barely ten days after the start of the general lockdown, essential aspects of the Labor Code were suspended until further notice (the 25 ordinances).

Subsequently, Social Security was bled dry, notably by the multiplication of tests during the summer and in September, billions of euros squandered for nothing, if not to give the illusion of a resumption of the epidemic, the tests being made hypersensitive to the point of absurdity … with the effect of creating thousands of false positives, as explained by Professor Christian Perronne and Professor Jean-François Toussaint.

Giant icing on the cake: the State’s debt exploded as never before: at least 500 billion euros, and this is only the beginning…

Destroying France to reshape it on the ultra-liberal model

Thus, through the inept general lockdown and its aftermath still in progress, including the curfew, Macron has devastated, and is still devastating, France as never before.

Like the emperor Nero burning Rome to rebuild it to his fantasy, Jupiter will thus be able to reshape France to his taste, or rather to the taste of his masters, the ultra-liberal Plutocrats.

Only a few hopelessly naive still ignore it: in the wake of his predecessors, this was Macron’s mission from the outset, which is why, at the price of unprecedented media propaganda and a series of media-judicial plots, he was placed in 2017 in the Elysée Palace by the plutocrats: namely, the extension of the domain of ultraliberal capitalism, thanks to the liquidation of social gains and privatization on all fronts. Notably that of the Social Security for the benefit of private mutual insurance companies, i.e. for the benefit of pension funds, like the giant Black Rock of which Macron is a friend, and which do not know what to do with their thousands of billions of dollars.

The privatization of the Social Security, which was in the pipes long before the crisis generated by the general lockdown, is only one example of what this crisis, fabricated from scratch by Macron, his servants and his dupes, will make possible.

Macron shares this strategy with many of his international counterparts, especially in Europe, because it is clear that Macron is not the only puppet of the plutocrats throughout the world, who are pulling the strings of many heads of government. Just as Big Pharma does not limit itself to corrupting only French leaders and other learned societies, as explained by Pr Didier Raoult, pointing in particular to the American laboratory Gilead, before the parliamentary commission.

Let us also emphasize this: contrary to what is regularly repeated, Covid-19 is not the cause of the economic and social disaster. The real cause of this disaster is the general lockdown and its consequences, which nothing required, since, let us repeat, a targeted lockdown of people at risk would have done just as well. In other words, and here again we must hammer it home: the coronavirus is not the cause of this general lockdown, but its pretext. Which is obviously very different.

In the meantime, the result is there and will be even more so in the months and years to come: the economy being devastated, the State will see tax revenues and other taxes melt like snow in the sun. A very practical ruin, as we will see …

Privatize at all costs and annihilate the French social model: extension of the lucrative sector

In 2021, 2022 and in the following years, with its finances collapsing, the country crushed by a vertiginous public debt, the government, corrupted by Macron or his successor, will be able to justify, with an air of regret, the privatization of public services. “My dear compatriots, the State is ruined, we no longer have the means, we no longer have the choice, and believe me, my heart bleeds, etc.”. Once privatized, the old public services will become cash cows for private interests, including foreigners, who will be happy to take them over.

We all have in mind, among countless examples, the precedent of highways. Let it be said, the process is already underway, everything will be in line: hospitals, airports, roads, hydroelectric dams, railways, but also national education and universities, even the police (the management of radars, which beat up French motorists, have already been partly entrusted to the private sector) and finally, one day, why not, let’s be crazy, the army. Without forgetting the family jewels, national buildings, various holdings in large industrial groups, etc.. Some even suggest selling the Mona Lisa for a few billion euros in bits and pieces, in the form of a blockchain… like a vulgar Bitcoin! While waiting for the Louvre and other museums with precious treasures, an almost inexhaustible source of juicy mortgages.

Thus the general lockdown and its more or less creeping consequences appear for what they really are: a tool, a means, an icebreaker making general liquidation possible. And above all, the extension of the field of profit. At the expense of the people – need we say more?

Beyond demolition, maintaining the torpor of spirits

It remains to be clarified why, now that the damage is largely done, between vertiginously plummeted public finances and a torpedoed economy, why Macron and his gun carriers, Véran, Castex and others, are prolonging the illusion of a devastating epidemic.

Here again, the case is sewn with white thread.

First of all, of course, because as long as the confinement lasts in a more or less drastic form, the economy will be further laminated [sic], and we have seen that this operation serves Macron’s ultraliberal projects to please his plutocratic masters.

Secondly, and above all, because continuing to make people believe that the virus is killing en masse, that the “second wave” threatens to cause a hecatomb, allows us to justify again and again, in retrospect, the absurd general lockdown that was imposed, against all reason, from March to May 2020. In other words: by keeping the country under pressure, by keeping it in fear, we prevent it from thinking and opening its eyes to the initial scandal.

Because, conversely, if the terror suddenly stopped, if the psychosis came to an end, any citizen would suddenly be likely to question in retrospect the relevance of the government’s choices, starting with the blockade of the entire country, which led to the impoverishment of millions of French people, devastating the economy and ruining public finances… under the pretext of countering a virus whose lethality, let’s insist, has reached a ceiling of 0.6% and two-thirds of whose victims are over 80 years old!

Such is Macron’s haunting thought: if, by any chance, people’s minds were to regain their ability to think and examine the data of the problem with a rested mind, if the illusion of Covid-19 presented as a disease endangering the entire population finally vanished, the ineptitude of placing tens of millions of people under house arrest for months at a time, who risked virtually nothing, would appear for what it is: at best an aberrant error, at worst a deliberate crime against the Nation.

And since Macron could not be taken for a complete fool, it would gradually become obvious to many that the error was deliberate, that is, that it was not a mistake.

Soon it would become obvious that Covid-19 was used as a pretext to subjugate the population and demolish the economy, with a deleterious and even monstrous goal: to betray the higher interests of the country and the people, to the benefit of a small oligarchy to which the head of state owes his power and of which he is the zealous servant.

In short, the general confinement and its side-effects, notably the prohibition of hydroxychloroquine and consequently of the “Raoult Protocol” (hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin), would appear for what they are: one of the most gigantic betrayals of statehood coupled with one of the most vertiginous corruption scandals in the history of France. Or, to use Professor Christian Perronne’s conclusions, a crime against the people, since the toll of this ban, which nothing justified, amounted to thousands of deaths.

A Machiavellian machination with the President of the Republic himself as the first person responsible. Instead of being the protector of the Nation, as the Constitution provides, he has made himself the accomplice and artisan of his betrayal. This is obviously extremely serious and, as it is high treason, makes him liable to the most severe sanctions.

Blinding the people to prevent Macron’s impeachment and trial

We can see the extent of the danger hanging over the Élysée Palace.

If this salutary realization, made possible by the end of the epidemic, were to take place, Macron would not only be deposed, but also and above all brought to justice for high treason. For, it is worth recalling, in case of high treason, the immunity of the President of the Republic may be constitutionally waived. In the aftermath, Macron’s many accomplices would in turn be brought to justice. A cyclopean political earthquake, from which a good part of the collaborators of the System that reigns over France could well come out crushed.

But this awareness, so perilous for him as Macron himself knows, can only come from the people. And only from the people.

Indeed, all political leaders, from Marine Le Pen to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and all the others, have approved the general lockdown. Most of them even often played the game of outbidding. Therefore, they cannot today denounce the general lockdown in retrospect, since they were more or less willing accomplices.

Likewise, almost all the media, especially the subsidized media, and the domesticated journalists, behaved throughout the lockdown as auxiliaries of terror.

Not to mention our brilliant French intellectuals, who all fell, so to speak, without exception, into the trap. Even the rare discordant voices, from Michel Onfray to André Comte-Sponville, have never seriously questioned the relevance of the general lockdown that paralyzed the country from March to May 2020. On the contrary, all have more or less subscribed to it. As we pointed out at the time, those who, in the media and the intellectual world, denounced the general lockdown can be counted on the fingers of one hand [1].

The scandal of lockdown was also the bankruptcy of the political class and the journalistic corporation, and the bankruptcy of French intellectuals, who, it is true, were part of a long and lamentable tradition.

Let us summarize

Beyond the general confinement, the curfew and all the disastrous measures attached to it, it is the imposture of Emmanuel Macron that must finally be understood and denounced. An imposture that consisted and still consists of using the pretext of a disease whose lethality rate varies according to studies between 0.1% and 0.6%, to justify measures that have ruined the entire country, with the unavowed but obvious goal of bringing France to its knees and finally applying a policy that a majority of French people absolutely reject.

In other words, what should be called the “Covid-19 affair” is a vast conspiracy, a Machiavellian machination with anti-democratic and anti-republican aims fomented by the highest authorities of the State, in particular by the President of the Republic.

Now, let us repeat, the denunciation of this crime against France, which the criminal was confined to his astounding metamorphoses, this denunciation, if it is to come, can only come from the people. A people still paralyzed and rendered incapable of thinking, at this hour, by the fear of disease.

It is understandable, from this point on, that the Covid-19 epidemic is not about to end, at least officially…


1] Among the journalists, we have only noted Marc Menant and, to a lesser extent, Éric Zemmour, on CNews, then much later Jean Quatremer, on his Libération blog, as well as André Bercoff who gave the floor to the Delépine couple on Sud Radio. Among the intellectuals, only the Italian Giorgio Agamben and the Frenchman Alain Damasio unreservedly condemned the scandal of the general lockdown.




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