Russia and China Push to Enact Article VI of The Biological Weapons Convention to Investigate US/Ukraine

ER Editor: We highly recommend the full interview below of Michael Jaco with Scott Ritter, a first-time guest for Jaco, and Scott Bennett, Ritter and Bennett having noteworthy military backgrounds, as well as Jaco. Here’s what Bennett says around the 29:30 mark, having relevance to the Clandestine article below:

The Russians knew in 2020 everything that was going on in Ukraine in the biochemical labs. They’ve linked it to Covid 19, they’ve linked it to Project 201 Bill and Melinda Gates. They’ve linked it to the Soros Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, USAID, CIA. They’ve linked it to Mattel, Pfizer, Moderna. They’ve linked it to CDC, they’ve linked it to Fort Dietrick. They’ve linked Ft. Dietrick to Wuhan, and they’ve linked all of this as United States biochemical labs in Ukraine were responsible for the Covid 19, as well as the vaccine. Why? Is this population reduction, is it a bioweapon, did they unleash this in China with ambitions against Iraq? They did release it in Iran, too, a very severe strain. (ER: We remind readers of the deaths of some high-ranking members of the Iranian govt early on in 2020.) And why were they targeting Russian Slavic DNA? So the biochemical labs in Ukraine, I think, are directly – can be directly linked to Covid 19 and the vaccine. The Russians have presented – and I’m not a Russian sympathizer either … – but we’re presenting the facts and Russia’s presented all the evidence, all the documents, all the testimony that they’ve acquired since 2020 to the United Nations as a crime against humanity. And that act on this play, on this stage is yet to unfold.


Russia and China Push to Enact Article VI of The Biological Weapons Convention to Investigate US/Ukraine

Today, the UN held a Consultative meeting between the State Parties to the Convention of the Prohibition of Biological Toxins and Weapons (BWTC), under Article V. Keep in mind this is the first time in history Article V has been utilized.


A joint statement was delivered by Russia, China, Belarus, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, and Syria; pertaining to the unresolved US biological laboratories in Ukraine.1

Essentially, these countries are pointing out that the UN Security Council have done nothing to resolve this pressing matter, and are demanding the UN Security Counsel do their job. See passage below.

“We have to conclude that the questions as to the military biological activities conducted by the United States in the context of the functioning of biological laboratories on the Ukrainian territory still remain unresolved. We have not received exhaustive explanations that could completely allay the doubts concerning the said activities and thus straighten out the situation that had prompted the Russian side to convene the Consultative meeting under BTWC Article V. This is regrettable.”

Now, your first reaction might be, “the UN is corrupt! This is pointless!”. And you would be partially correct.

However, the joint statement addresses this as well. Stating that the UN need to enact Article VI, which would be a cooperative formal investigation into alleged biological malfeasance by the Security Council, which is what we want.

“In addition, given the outcomes of the Consultative meeting as well as to facilitate the resolution of the existing situation, we call for making use of all opportunities available within the framework of the BTWC, including the mechanism under Article VI of the Convention.”

The State Parties go on to address that the efficiency and mechanisms behind the BTWC may need to be evaluated at the upcoming Ninth Review of the Biological Weapons Conference, this November 28th-December 16th, 2022.2

“The outcomes of the event demonstrate the potential for strengthening the BTWC and improving its efficiency. The consultative meeting has confirmed the need to resume the negotiations on a legally binding protocol to the Convention, which should have a comprehensive nature and offer an effective verification mechanism. We hope that the States Parties will be able to adopt a relevant decision during the Ninth Review Conference of the BTWC.”

So come December, all of the world governments will be having a debate on the highest diplomatic stage, pertaining to the US Biological malfeasance in Ukraine. Russia, China, and many of their allies, are looking to make changes to the mechanisms behind the BTWC, to generate some efficiency in holding the US/Ukraine accountable for their violations of international law. As the US are one of the permanent seats in the UN Security Council, they can veto any attempts by other nations to investigate their biological activity. Essentially making the “Big 5” Nations (US, Russia, China, United Kingdom, France), impervious to investigation.

This situation is giving rise to the reality that there needs to be unprecedented solutions to an unprecedented problem. The current system is flawed, and intervention/adaptation may be necessary to move forward as a society and as a People.

In conclusion, Russia have done their due diligence and gone through the proper diplomatic channels to air their grievances. They have much of the world’s support, but the systems in place are being abused by corrupt entities.

Once Russia have exhausted all diplomatic solutions and still aren’t taken seriously by the West, I’d wager they will utilize alternative methods to accomplish their goals to defend their People from bioterrorism.








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