One of Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury Lawyers Arrested, Placed in Custody

ER Editor: As the site Resistance Republicaine aptly puts it:

There are the rotten lawyers, who end up as ministers of justice in the service of criminals, applauded when they go to the prisons.

And there are (rare) lawyers who denounce injustice and fight and pay a high price for opposing oppressive regimes.

Lawyer Virginie de Araujo-Rechhia was the French lawyer on Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury team. The list of legal participants can be found here (scroll down). She was arrested at her home early yesterday, Tuesday, March 22, 2022. Her precise whereabouts are still unknown.

She’s been working with three citizens’ associations in France to bring criminal charges against politicians who voted for the August 5, 2021 law which brought in a raft of repressive measures.

We’re running two articles here. The first gives a brief summary of what’s just happened, while the second includes some statements she made from an interview on the French government’s crimes.


Lawyer Virginie de Araujo-Recchia arrested and placed in custody


Virginie de Araujo-Recchia, a lawyer at the Paris bar, was arrested early this morning at her home and taken into custody, it was learned early this morning.

At this time, the facts of the case are not known. A press release has been circulated:

Translation: We are informing you that the lawyer M. Virginie de Araujo-Recchia was arrested this morning and placed in custody. We don’t fully know the circumstances under which such a measure was decided and what she is being charged with. We have been trying since this morning to determine where she has been taken. All our efforts in this regard have so far been in vain. Thanks for circulating this message, without changing a single word. We’ll keep you informed as soon as possible.

Let us recall that Mrs. de Araujo-Recchia had filed several complaints against X targeting the directors of media publications, or against the members of the joint commission that validated the vaccine pass, and that she was part of the collective of lawyers of the “Grand Jury” set up by Reiner Fuellmich.

According to sources close to the case, she was working on a complaint against political parties and the actions of some of their members, and was taken to the DGSI in Levallois (ER: an upscale area just adjacent to the north-west of Paris).

In France and abroad, the news has aroused emotion, indignation and many questions.

A case that calls for more information, which we will not fail to publish as soon as we have it.



The lawyer Virginie de Araujo-Recchia rounded up in her home, in front of her children, by the French State


At the beginning of the year, Maître de Araujo-Recchia, in partnership with her colleague Jean-Pierre Joseph, and two other jurists, filed a complaint before the head of the investigating judges on behalf of the associations, AIMSIB and the Collectif des Maires Résistants (Collective of Resistant Mayors) against the parliamentarians who validated the law of August 5 relating to the management of health crises. This law aimed at forcing millions of professionals to undergo experimental gene therapy or risk losing their jobs. The plaintiff associations have been informed that the parliamentarians of the Joint Commission (CMP) reached an agreement outside the framework of the CMP for the benefit of private interests in return for their vote for a bill that violates the French Constitution, international law and the rules of the two Chambers that parliamentarians are obliged to respect.

Today, Virginie de Araujo Recchia, an admirable defender of rights and freedoms who is participating in the work of the Citizen Jury with Reiner Fuellmich, was rounded up at her home this morning at dawn in front of her children. No one knows where she is now! To take away a person at will without telling them where they are being taken is a serious violation of fundamental rights.

According to sources close to the case, she was working on a complaint against political parties and the actions of some of their members, and was taken to the DGSI, in Levallois.

A year ago, she had dared to declare: “We prevent people from working, we prevent people from having a social life, we have been isolating people for several months, after having made them believe that everything would be better by wearing the mask.” This must not have helped her relations with the state.

She had just made public her report entitled “Dictatorship 2020” accusing the government of “state terrorism, attack on the fundamental interests of the nation and crime against humanity.” This document was intended to form the basis for a criminal prosecution against members of the government…

Download the report here of lawyer de Araujo-Recchia.


Extracts from the interview

Kernews: When we talk about “crimes against humanity”, we always think of the cliché of the tyrannical dictator who wants to assassinate his opponents, an ethnic or religious group. Obviously, you do not qualify Emmanuel Macron as a tyrant, you do not accuse the government of wanting to establish a dictatorial regime, but your analysis explains that the consequences of the measures taken to fight against the health crisis, on our physical or psychological health, are identical, for some people, to the effects of those established by a dictatorial regime. What is your reasoning?

Virginie de Araujo-Recchia: In the definition of a crime against humanity, in particular what is called genocide, there is not only physical harm, as everyone can imagine, but also harm to the psychological integrity of people. There is also the physical integrity, with this story of compulsory masks which has consequences on the health, notably of our children. It is also a measure that has consequences on the psychological integrity of citizens. Today, we have people who are in serious psychological danger, who attempt suicide, who take antidepressants, especially among young people. There have already been cases of suicides of entrepreneurs. There are going to be companies in liquidation and a whole part of the population is being suffocated. People are prevented from working, they are prevented from having a social life, they have been isolating people for several months, after having made them believe that everything would be better by wearing the mask. This is not at all the case and the measures taken are more and more liberticidal.

KN: You mention the term “genocide” which can legitimately shock many people, because it consists in attacking a population according to what it is: for example, the Nazis who wanted to exterminate the Jews because they were Jewish. First of all, it cannot be said that the government is targeting a specific type, since the confinement concerns all our fellow citizens. Moreover, this measure is taken on the grounds of protecting the population. How do you respond to this?

VAR: There is a very precise definition: “Genocide is the act, in execution of a concerted plan for the total or partial destruction of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, or of a group determined by any other arbitrary criterion, of committing or causing to be committed, against members of that group, any of the following acts: wilful taking of life; serious bodily or mental harm; infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about the total or partial destruction of the group.” We can analyze the measures, as many people say, as mistakes or missteps, except that we have a manipulation technique that is used today through some mass media that are in the single thought. When some people try to have a different speech, they are lynched on the platforms. There is almost permanent censorship on social networks, for a simple article that tries to show something different than what they want to put in the head of the population, so I have a little difficulty saying that things are done in an innocent way today. We all have the right to make a mistake, we can be wrong last March, but to continue to confine the population, with experts who ask that grandmother dine in the kitchen on Christmas Eve, for me, it is done knowingly.

KH: The jurist Yves Laisné affirms that it is a question of testing the reaction of the population in front of repressive measures and he takes the example of the training of animals…

VAR: I invite your readers to look at the coercion chart described by Albert Biderman and they will be surprised to see the different points that can weaken and change a human being’s behavior. To produce a change in behavior, old attitudes must be weakened. Klaus Schwab, who wants to make decisions for the whole world, and in particular for Europe, is talking a lot about resetting, and this is a technique for changing the behavior of human beings as well. The method consists of isolating, depriving the victim of his social support, of his ability to resist, monopolizing perception, provoking weakness and fatigue, threatening, and rewarding when obeyed. This is a frightening picture to read. This is what is being applied to the population today. In addition, there is a lot of inconsistency, with absurd rules, that paralyzes people. It’s the doublethink technique to make people stay at home, not talk to anyone and stay in front of their TV screen. It makes people depressed because they can no longer see their future. People lose their bodily immunity because they don’t go out anymore, so there is no more exchange of viruses and bacteria, because we mustn’t forget how the human being works with natural immunity. From the age of six, we have children who spend their days with masks, while they are nests of microbes. Children can’t even see their teacher’s face anymore. The executive cannot ignore this. The wearing of masks is done to protect oneself, even professionals have problems with migraines. Today, everyone has to work with a mask on their face, it is absurd. Now we are told about vaccines... I find it hard to believe that all this is done in an innocent way and without any will to harm the health of the citizens.

KN: In your report, you mention the violation of people’s rights through the infringement of individual freedom, the freedom of movement, the will to isolate citizens, a violation of the general principle of leading a normal family life and the freedom of enterprise. However, this happens in all countries and it cannot be said that the whole world is turning the tables…

VAR: We do not have a completely objective view of the situation. It is only certain countries, and I find it rather strange that countries that do not use the treatments we know have put in place liberticidal measures, notably France, England or Australia. But India, Russia or China, which are large countries, have treatments that are available to their citizens. So we are far from being in step with the rest of the world. That’s what people would have us believe. There are many countries that treat their population. As far as the positivity of PCR tests is concerned, there is a big problem: they are questioned in different countries, including Florida, so these measures do not concern the whole world. In France, doctors are denied the freedom to prescribe, so we really have to keep that in mind.

KN: One cannot suspect Emmanuel Macron, Jean Castex or Édouard Philippe of wanting the misfortune of their fellow citizens! Can we think that Emmanuel Macron is trying to do the right thing and that your analysis, on the theme of genocide and crime against humanity, is likely to make him reflect and review his position? Perhaps he does not realize where he has been taken?

VAR: When we want to do the right thing, we take this report (ER: her report), we analyze it and we draw the consequences. We stop confining, we stop gagging and we release everyone. We accept to propose the available treatments, we stop harassing doctors so that they don’t give different molecules. And everything will be fine. If these people feel attacked by my report, let them turn to scientists who do not have conflicts of interest, instead of talking to the Scientific Council, we have been saying that for months, so let them draw the consequences by releasing the population.

KN: If I put myself in the place of a minister, when I confine, I receive complaints because I do not do it enough, on the pretext that I endanger the lives of my fellow citizens, but if I confine too much, others, like you, will come and tell me that it is excessive and will also complain… We do not know what to do anymore…

VAR: When you are in charge, you can explain things very well. The French are capable of understanding. With the story of the masks, if we explain that the masks are useless, because it is dangerous, I think that the French will be able to understand and that they are not able to complain because there is no scientific study to say that the mask is something useful. I can present you with about 15 studies that say the opposite. In a general measure such as this one, we don’t even ask ourselves if the person has a handicap or a nose deformity, we don’t pay any attention case by case. In addition, we are told that we may have to wear this for several years! It is never too late to do the right thing and, if the government reads my report, with about fifteen scientific studies linked to it, it is time to abolish this measure. It is the same thing for containment. It is a heavy measure, they are playing with the population, they are now talking to us about curfew, it is with a raised finger.

KN: Finally, your report talks about dictatorship. Isn’t this term exaggerated?

VAR: Citizens can make up their minds whether there is a separation of powers today, or whether all powers are in the hands of a few people. The Parliament cannot function, cannot go against the measures that are taken, the mayors cannot do anything even though they have been elected, it is the prefects who take decisions, everything is in a vacuum between the prefectures and the ARS. The Constitutional Council is now going in the direction of the State’s measures. There is no more counter-power. It is said that the press is a counter-power, but this is not the case today, because of financing and corruption issues. No one can do their job anymore. When citizens no longer have a say, we are in a dictatorship.





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6 Comments on One of Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury Lawyers Arrested, Placed in Custody

  1. “However, we can not yet say “dominion rigs elections”. But I understand where you are coming from!”

    To reply to Mr Kemp:

    Dominion specialty is ELECTIONS RIGGING. They didn’t start rigging elections in the USA, they did it in many other countries before.

    Of course, the massive fraud that too place in 2020 to steal the elections from Trump wasn’t only done by Dominion. Countless other techniques were used (like the good old voting of dead people and illegal aliens).

    But, if the information is true, that macron’s regime will use Domninion to count the votes, it is for one reason only: MASSIVE FRAUD.

    Remember macron is the most hated politician of all times in France.

    The french hated francois Hollande who didn’t even try to present himself for the elections in 2017. But with macron, we have somebody that the French hate even more than Hollande.

    He simply can’t win the election. He won’t even make it to the second round.

    This is why he is going to cheat and rig the vote.

    And as the majority of the French people have proven that they were cowards, ignorant, weaklings and idiots since 2 years (they have one of the most fascist dictatorship on earth and yet a minority fight it), it won’t be difficult for the macon’s regime to make the idiots believe in santa claus again…

    They will try to rig the elections, this is not a question, it’s a given. Will they use Dominion? If they do, then it’s another proof of fraud.

  2. @scopadicapra If you got hard evidence that “dominion clearly will rig elections” I’d personally like to know what you have.

    Of course I followed the 2020 US elections as well. And the sudden increase in votes for Biden at certain time intervals is very suspicious. But it does not yet point to dominion rigging elections.
    What might bring them down is that the voting machines were attached to the Internet. Which is a violation of the american voting law. There’s other evidence as well, like the video evidence of people pulling crates from under the tables in the middle of the night, or people copying the same paper multiple times, dead people voting, etc, etc.
    The cases are moving through the courts, we need to have patience. Last important thing is that a jury trial will look at the evidence, which means ordinary people will decide on the evidence.

    However, we can not yet say “dominion rigs elections”. But I understand where you are coming from!

  3. You don’t need to shout. We will be keeping our eyes open for this. However, what do we publish when there’s as yet nothing to say except suspicion? We’re very aware of Dominion and the problem with that.

  4. This illegal arrest is linked to the lawsuits she initiated against the fascist regime and its criminals in govt and media.

    But there is also McKinsey scandal, the criminal firm behind all the covid fascism has been caught defrauding the tax system in France.

    they are tax evaders and it’s not good for the dictator macron before the mock elections.

    Whichh brings us to the main subject:






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