Official Message from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on Those So-Called ‘Nuremberg Trials 2.0’

ER Editor: We had posted what turned out to be fake news about there being a zoom call this past Sunday, July 4, where one could see the start of court testimony in the so-called Nuremberg Trials 2.0. What Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s recent social media message on Telegram (below) establishes is that he is not involved in anything like this, that this myth had been created in the first place with likely dubious motives, and that the zoom call of last Sunday had to be fake. We apologize to readers for passing this along.

We originally found this information about the zoom meeting at the Great Reject site. It has since published an English version of Fuellmich’s refutation message on its Telegram channel. We recommend steering clear of the following site, however, where the message seems to have originated:

This is the website of Fuellmich’s investigative group (English version): Investigative Corona Committee Germany

The website of Fuellmich’s law firm opens with a message relating to this medical site, perhaps of interest to readers:


Far below is the message in German that we found on Reiner Fuellmich’s Telegram channel in the past day or so. The German message has been faithfully transcribed; what follows just here is a machine-translation into English of the German message, which is a little awkward in parts:

For months, false reports have been circulating that the Committee or Dr. Reiner Fuellmich were in charge of hundreds of lawyers and medical professionals and that a Nuremberg 2.0 was being initiated.

We always dissociated ourselves from these assertions and see in them, on the one hand, error that has multiplied; in the beginning we suspect, however, it was a purposeful campaign to damage reputations.

The committee and in particular Dr. Reiner Fuellmich are not involved in such a project.

Various lawsuits are pending in Germany, which originate from the Fuellmich law firm. Also, a network of international lawyers is actually providing legal advice in Corona matters, but there are no plans to restart the Nuremberg lawsuits. The Committee’s vision is to establish an International Corona Court, but its realization is currently purely conceptual.

Please refer to official sources of the Committee for verification of reports of this magnitude.

RA Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, click here for the channel @ReinerFuellmich


ER: Transcribed from Reiner Fuellmich’s Telegram channel 

Nurnberg 2.0? Fake News!

Seit Monaten kursieren falsche Berichte, dass der Ausschuss oder Dr. Reiner Fuellmich die Leitung von hunderten von Anwalten und Medizinern inne hatte une ein Nurnberg 2.0 in die Wege leiten wurde.

Wir haben uns von diesen Behauptungen immer distanziert und sehen darin einerseits multiplizierten Irrtum, im Ansatz vermuten wir aber eine gezielte Kampagne zur Rufschadigung.

Der Ausschuss und im Spelziellen Dr. Reiner Fuellmich sind nicht an einem solchen Projekten beteiligt.

Es laufen verschiedene Klagen in Deutschland, die von der Kanzlei Fuellmich ausgehen. Auch wird tatsachlich ein Netzwerk internationaler Anwalte in Corona-Angelegenheiten juristisch beraten, aber es bestehen keine Plane, die Nurnberger Prozesse neu aufzusetzen. Die Vision des Ausschusses liegt bei der Errichtung eines International Corona Court, dessen Verwirklichung aktuell aber noch rein konzeptionell ist.

Bitte orientieren Sie sich an offiziellen Quellen des Ausschusses zur Verifizierung von Meldungen dieser Grossenordnung.

RA Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, hier geht’s zum Kanal: @ReinerFuellmich



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10 Comments on Official Message from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on Those So-Called ‘Nuremberg Trials 2.0’

  1. I think it’s worth leaving it here, even though I’m quite sceptical, about the fact itself. There’s a recent interview from James Delingpole on his delingpod series, with Gregory Paul Martin. Martin claims he’s the astrologer for Dr. Fuellmich, and he claims he advises him on the correct timing to go forward.

    Listen starting around 6:45 until around 8:00 mark.

  2. We’ve seen those videos ourselves with Fuellmich, but it’s been very hard to get concrete information on what is going on. What you say about the trial beginning in July was what we heard, too. Which is why we originally published the zoom link to the alleged court case. But again, hard information is hard to come by. And they are a lawyer’s office, not a media communications group. I’m cutting Fuellmich some slack.

  3. English not being my first language l may have missed something: ER now, after almost one year, says it used an unreliable site to divulge Dr. Rainer Fuelmich involvement in the class action for crimes against humanity (Nuremberg trial) – what about all Dr.Fuelmich’s live interviews on BitChute, and others, where he says he is fully involved with it and even admits the trial would begin in early July? Unless they’ve used a very good actor l don’t see how it’s possible for him to deny it. l may be wrong in my assumptions, of course, and would like an explanation about it, otherwise my faith and trust on ER will suffer a massive blow and all other news will never be taken seriously again.

  4. Many initiaties ongoing in France too, including lawsuits, but most importantly from all the People, I just have no time to report.

  5. Yes, like this initiative: lawsuit to the International Criminal Court from an association agaisnt the french government for crimes vs humanity:

    All documents and information available on their site:

    If you wnat to be part of it, contact them they will send you the documents to fill and to send to the ICC.

  6. Nice to see that he confirms that no lawyer is doing anything of this kind against the criminals behind the covid scam…

    We were afraid for few seconds that they will come after them and stop the madness…

    However, a French association has officially made a complaint to the ICC against the scumbags of the French government and health officials for crimes against humanity.

    More here:

    It’s been sent, yet it remains to be seen if it will be held and if anything will happen.

    They encourage people to assist and add their names and signature to this effort. the more people will participate in this lawsuit, the more chance it has to produce something.

    It’s for France but can be replicated everywhere. And no need to be French to be part of it.

  7. Thank you for the correction. I have 3 remarks: Leave the city and never use a cell phone again. Above all : Trust your intuition. You will be guided once you are in motion.

  8. Hopefully the people behind the website are not going to do huge harm. But there seems to be weird things going on with them. Alex Jones apparently did a segment on Nuremberg 2.0 (the video is up on the website, so if this is just a way to damage reputation, even Alex Jones fell for it).

    There are good initiatives in almost every country happening though, that need support from people that value liberty.

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