RFK Jr. – His Positions and Affiliations

ER Editor: Despite the obvious likeability factor of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for Democrat party presidential nominee, and for his highly informative site Children’s Health Defense (which, however, is avoiding all mention of graphene oxide and nanostructures in the vaccines), a few reasonable questions are being raised about his views and policies. Below is a selection.

We particularly recommend the Dr. Peter Breggin piece at the end, which raises troubling questions over an apparent connection between RFK Jr. and Dr. Robert Malone (as well as Steve Kirsch), whom we have reported on rather disfavorably for several things, including being an arch shill in the medical truth movement and a deep stater through and through. See Malone. Breggin does a masterful job of reading around Malone.

This is the smart and well-informed Dr. Paul Alexander (who relentlessly calls out Malone), tip-toeing around the issue here:

Trump operates in a vastly differently universe than John Kennedy ever did & Bobby Kennedy Jr. should know this; his uncle had the media on his side, had the deepstate and agency employees in DC


We’ve heard a rumor, which isn’t by any means stupid, that both DeSantis and RFK Jr. are being politically courted by the white hats (certain readers will know what we mean) in order to bring political opinion among the general public to the CENTER, instead of as it is right now, hopelessly divided. Both men have their own problematic histories, it should be noted.


Here is a People article on RFK Jr’s son, Conor, who went to fight in Ukraine against Russia briefly (RFK Jr. admits this in an interview with Tucker Carlson linked to below):

What to Know About Conor Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy’s Grandson Who Says He Fought in Ukraine

See also this —

Ukrainian Flags Adorn the Kennedy Family Compound as Kerry Welcomes Nation’s Former First Lady

This gesture CANNOT be made without knowing about the ACTUAL Nazis and their ideology that drive the Ukrainian government and military. Ukrainian culture is steeped in it.


According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Climate Skeptics Should be Put in Jail

RFK Jr. and his team of lawyers and editors wrote an excellent exposé on Dr. Mengele 2.0 entitled, The Real Anthony Fauci.

But if you read his book carefully, you would have noted that while he provided charts showing that the major vaccines were all introduced after the respective diseases they were supposedly preventing were all but eradicated, he still did not reject these dangerous and ineffective poisons. He also intimated that AIDS was Dr. Mengele 2.0’s first crime against humanity, but then concluded that the disease most likely is in fact real.

There have been rumblings that RFK Jr. is also anti-2A. (ER: 2A = 2nd amendment, the lawful right to bear arms)

His most redeeming quality currently is that he is an anti-vaxxer when it comes to the COVID-19 slow kill bioweapons, as well as his position on mandates, lockdowns and masks.

His position on Ukraine is utterly misguided and naive. (ER: We don’t know what 2nd Smartest Guy means here precisely although RFK Jr. refers to the ‘illegal invasion’ of Ukraine by Russia, which it is certainly not, and for Americans feeling ‘compassion’ for the Ukrainians, which does sound naive. See RFK Jr’s interview with Tucker Carlson here for these remarks)

But what about his take on the Great Reset’s endgame PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE?

ER: See this piece from early 2020 — Robert Kennedy, Jr says climate change will bring “major disruptions” to civilization

Twitter and its “free speech absolutist” fraudster “owner” are still blocking Tweets on Substack, but you may click the below image to watch this deranged Democrat presidential candidate reveal his true tyrannical proclivities:

ER insertion:

This controlled opposition nutjob is going to lock up all kinds of Americans “domestic terrorists” if he is ever installed as President. And he will join the One World Government puppets in Washington State and attempt to further subvert what is left of the Constitution.

Do NOT get conned by yet another puppet politician.

Do NOT comply.



ADDENDUM: According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Climate Skeptics Should be Put in Jail

New apparatchik same as the old apparatchik…


And RFK Jr. was always for the lockdowns after all, because “climate change:”

This man is a death cultist that supports the WEF, UN, CIA, CFR, Rockefeller, et al. One World Government agenda.

Do NOT comply.



ADDENDUM 2: According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Climate Skeptics Should be Put in Jail


As the old saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:”

Do NOT comply.



For a variety of items, including the, ahem, Kennedy ‘tendency’, see —

ADDENDUM 3: Another Former Associate with Jeffrey Epstein Files to Run for U.S. President in 2024

RFK Jr. has been listed as a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’, and admits he flew on Epstein’s plane twice…


ER: A reminder that Dr. Robert Malone, who only came out about the mRNA vaccines – his invention supposedly – once they had been administered quite broadly and had already made money, is suing the Breggins and Dr. Jane Ruby EACH for $25 million. For daring to criticize Malone’s position on mass formation psychosis in the case of Dr. Breggin. Malone is receiving a hammering in the substack account of Dr. Paul Alexander currently.

Breggin has just recovered from a bout of Covid pneumonia; his wife, Ginger, was also sick.

Robert Kennedy, Steve Kirsch, and Robert Malone – What’s It All About?

“I have historically worked with people who have been truly Deep State intelligence community”… Robert W Malone MD

One of Robert Malone’s initial wealthy benefactors is Steve Kirsch, who participated in Malone’s early introductory media appearance before freedom-loving people on Dark Horse Podcast on June 19, 2021. Since then, Kirsch and Malone have frequently appeared or been associated together in the media. We have wondered if Kirsch is helping to fund Malone’s unrelenting travel, hundreds of media appearances, films, and other activities — a virtual unending whirlwind of campaigning with no specifically named goal or outcome other than to gain and consolidate influence over worldwide healthcare matters.

Kirsch and Robert Kennedy

Kirsch is not only very supportive of Malone but has become personally involved in Kennedy’s future career. Kirsch has recently announced, “I’m forming a Super PAC to Draft RFK Jr. to run for President.” The campaign quickly kicked off on April 19, 2023.

In the meanwhile, Robert Malone became deeply involved with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his organization, Children’s Health Defense (CHD). Kennedy, a verifiable hero, was kind enough to endorse our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, as the deepest dive into the global conspiracy behind COVID. According to Kennedy:

“No other book [than the Breggins’] so comprehensively covers the details of COVID-19 criminal conduct as well as its origins in a network of global predators seeking wealth and power at the expense of human freedom and prosperity, under cover of false public health policies.”

In the act of great generosity and a determination to share the truth, Kennedy gave us this endorsement a mere month or two before the publication of his own amazing book, The Real Anthony Fauci. We admire Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and appreciate his support for our work exposing organized global predation.

Kennedy’s book concludes with a flash of brilliant light into the relationship between Warp Speed and its true sponsor, the Department of Defense. The last subtitle in Kennedy’s book is stunning and well-documented: “COVID-19: A Military Project.”

Yet Kennedy’s newsletter, The Defenderfeatures an interview with Robert Malone on August 1, 2022, that discloses how closely and for decades Malone’s work has been tied to the Department of Defense and other Deep State funding. According to Malone:

“I have historically worked with people who have been truly Deep State intelligence community. I have decades of experience in biodefense. I have been deep in the belly of the beast.

“I have won literally billions of dollars for my clients in grants and contracts. I have managed hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and contracts in the vaccine space. …”

Infiltrating the Breggins

The problematic Kennedy and Malone relationship has actively sought out and entangled itself with us.

While Robert Malone is suing us for $25 million for alleged defamation — the first and only time in six decades of reform work that anyone has made such an accusation — our business and friendship circle has been actively infiltrated by supporters of Robert F. Kennedy and Robert Malone. Their purpose appears to have been twofold: firstly, to get us to lay off criticizing Robert Malone, even though he’s the one suing and attacking us, and secondly, to stop us from talking about the Kennedy/Malone relationships. We believe these covert influencers are more connected to Robert Kennedy’s organization and interests than Robert Malone’s.

In particular, we shared with them the information that we had found in an important paper published in various places by Robert Malone from January through March 2020. Malone, along with first author Darrell O. Ricke, definitively demonstrated that the existing mRNA and DNA vaccines were too dangerous for experimentation on humans. When they kept postponing the release of the news, we finally published the article, “Could This Man Have Saved the World,” on America Out Loud.

Why would people associated with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. want to suppress information that Robert Malone failed to inform the world that he had known and scientifically proven since January 2020, that all DNA and mRNA vaccines are too dangerous to experiment on humans? We believe if Malone had broadcast that information any time after January 2020, it would have been picked up by the press and potentially prevented millions of COVID vaccine injuries and deaths that continue to emerge today.

What is the source of Malone having so much protection, influence, and power even within an “anti-vax” organization?

Kennedy/Malone Connections at a Glance

Kennedy has put the Children’s Health Defense emblem on the cover of Malone’s new book. Kennedy is almost certainly responsible for getting Malone his biggest media bonanza as the single scientific and moral commentator for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas bizarre undercover video interview of a Pfizer executive. Kennedy is very close to James O’Keefe, even doing a recent wilderness trek with him in celebration of O’Keefe’s wildly successful Project Veritas indictments of Pfizer.

Perhaps to establish Malone’s future political credentials, Kennedy’s newsletter, Defender, introduced Malone to the world as the new expert on Fifth Generation Warfare on December 20, 2022. The title is “Malone to RFK, Jr.: Americans Have Been Subjected to ‘Military-Grade Information Warfare.’”

Kennedy’s support of Malone has now increased Malone’s visibility as the face of the health freedom movement around the world. Meanwhile, Malone has busied himself since he arrived at the edges of our movement by attacking health freedom leaders and organizations, including Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH; Harvey Risch, MD; Judy Mikovits, MD; Paul Alexander, Ph.D.; and The Wellness Company. These attacks have seriously setback and demoralized the loosely formed community. He has also brought his now infamous $25 million defamation lawsuit against us that has intimidated and outright silenced many people.

Returning to Steve Kirsch, who has inserted himself so deeply into the health freedom movement, for a time promoting the extremely dangerous antidepressant fluvoxamine (trade name, Luvox) for treating COVID-19, a therapeutic approach that I openly opposed based on my own published research and my forensic and clinical experience. The Columbine shooter, Eric Harris, was prescribed and taking this drug at the time he committed the mass murder. At first, I thought Kirsch must be a health professional — but he’s a tech multi-millionaire worth an estimated $250,000,000 as of 2007.

Kirsch, along with Kennedy, has done work in adding to public awareness about the hazards of genetic vaccines. The two of them appear at rallies together.

Why A Kennedy Presidency Backed by Malone Could End Hope for a Conservative Revolution

Donald Trump has disappointed many people who otherwise support and even love him by not retracting his support for his extraordinarily misguided and harmful COVID-19 policies. The evidence indicates that President Trump was actively conspired against while in office. One of his few trustworthy COVID advisors, Paul Elias Alexander, Ph.D., describes in his book, Presidential Take Down, how the people closest to Trump kept the truth from him and urged him not to challenge the globalist narrative. One of the actual perpetrators, Deborah Birx MD, shamelessly describes in her book, Silent Invasionhow she consciously subverted and obstructed President Trump’s COVID policies by conspiring with his political enemies, lying to him, and doctoring his memos and orders.

President Trump’s failure, in retrospect, to reject his previous COVID policies may be the major impediment to his victory in 2024. In a close presidential election, a Democratic candidate like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is identified as having more traditional Democratic values, would attract many to choose him over Joe Biden. Kennedy, who has been very critical of the vaccine mandates and other COVID policies, would certainly distinguish himself from Biden and Trump in this respect, giving him great potential advantages as a presidential frontrunner.

The problem is that people who surround any Democratic leader today are more eager to undermine and destroy people wrapped in red, white, and blue rather than to work with them toward increasing human freedom. Today’s progressivism, along with globalism, is the very source of the ongoing destruction of the Free World and Western Civilization.

ER interjection: Couldn’t the Democrat Party fall almost instantly with just a few well-placed revelations …? Isn’t this waiting in the wings? In fact, why would any reasonably well-informed person presume to stand for a party that is *this* close to collapse? 

Given public outrage over much that has occurred during COVID-19, Kennedy as a presidential candidate might benefit from the backing of Robert W. Malone MD, who advertises himself as the scientist who “invented the mRNA vaccines.” This combination could be lethal to Donald Trump’s attempt at a second term, especially if Trump continues to defend his vaccine policies.

Malone has already remarked that he would not turn down a high government post under any upcoming administration. After bragging about his positive relationship with Anthony Fauci in the past, Malone is now attacking Fauci’s decisions. What position would Malone be offered by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?

At present, it looks like Malone is angling to replace Fauci — but hang onto your hats and think about this: Maybe Malone could be thinking of the Vice-Presidency. Why not? He would seem stunningly qualified compared to Vice President Kamala Harris.

A President Robert F. Kennedy Jr., given his current relationship with Malone, is probably more likely to award Malone any health-related position he wants from the head of DARPA to the director of NIMH or Fauci’s NIAID. Either way, from the analyses of many individuals, including us, he should not be given power over people.

Where Is Kennedy’s Support of Our Freedom of Speech

On March 27, 2023, Kennedy and his organization, Children’s Health Defense, announced a class action suit against President Biden, Anthony Fauci, and “an ever-growing army of federal officers, at every level of the government.” CHD notes that the government aims to suppress viewpoints that it disfavors and “to silence specific speakers.”

Bobby Kennedy, in your midst, there are people — more than one — bent on suppressing the views of the Breggins — literally instructing and warning us not to criticize Malone nor to link him to you. They temporarily succeeded in slowing down our disclosures about Malone.

Why are so many seemingly powerful people so interested in Malone? Why? To protect Robert Malone? From the Breggins? — that seems a bit absurd. To protect Bobby Kennedy? To discourage people from challenging their relationship?

There has got to be much more going on here than meets the eye. What in the world makes Robert Malone so important and seemingly feared? What in the world has made us into such a threat against the powers behind Malone?

Could it most simply be that Malone and others, including many in Kennedy’s camp, have the task of disrupting the once-vibrant health freedom movement, and when they assessed the freedom movement, there were the Breggins, with their book hitting the 120,000 sales mark, standing up for a patriotic, Judeo-Christian, freedom-loving, God-imbued America that stands up against globalism, against predatory progressivism, against predatory capitalism, and against the Chinese Communists. It must have seemed like such an unexpected threat to their aims to take over, manipulate, and destroy the health freedom movement — a process that has now been unleashed as if by evil demons.

A great deal of confusion clears with the understanding that, at the time Malone became involved with the health freedom movement, it was a vibrant, highly-engaged, Judeo-Christian, patriotic movement — something with which he seemingly had little in common but which he quickly began to dominate and set into conflict. Especially with the success of our book, our many media appearances, and our refusal to shut up — we became a primary target for disrupting this glorious movement. Now is the time to retake our health freedom movement in the process of retaking freedom throughout the world.

Is Malone Creating a New Leadership Specialty for Himself?

Malone has held dearly to his initial concept of mass formation psychosis — the idea that “the masses” must bear the lion’s share of responsibility for succumbing to the worst of the official COVID-19 narrative because they hypnotized themselves into mass psychosis. He began threatening me with a lawsuit within weeks of my intellectually challenging the concept. There was nothing personal about it, and I never defamed him — I was simply criticizing his concept.

I criticized the concept of mass psychosis in my columns and the media, expressing concern in particular that it would be used to weaponize psychiatry. Diagnosing large groups of people as psychotic opens the way for one or another political faction to take psychiatric actions against them, such as involuntary incarceration and “treatment.” It also distracts from the wealthy and powerful elite who are actively dominating and exploiting the people — and have been doing so since the dawn of civilization in fiefdoms, kingdoms, slave states, and empires.

Within a few weeks of my criticizing his and Desmet’s mass formation concept, with Malone’s further elaboration of mass formation psychosis, Malone made his first-ever communications to me, all of them threatening.

Why was Malone pushing this seemingly bizarre, unscientific, and historically unjustified concept of mass formation psychosis? Why did he want to risk his credibility by making such a big issue about it, including threatening my freedom of speech?

That Malone has ambitions as an interpreter and leader of the “masses” has become clearer in recent months as Malone has increasingly described himself as an expert on modern propaganda and other means of influencing public opinion and attitudes, which others have already studied and now call Fifth Generation Warfare. Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Retired) Michael T. Flynn and Sergeant, U.S. Army (Retired) Boone Cutler have written The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare (acronym, 5GW). There is no agreed-upon definition and some doubt it exists as a real entity separate, for example, from concepts like propaganda and mind control. The emphasis is on conducting war by influencing the minds of those being attacked with reliance on modern technologies like AI and cyberattacks, as well as propaganda.

Why Malone Has Been Attacking Us So Violently

Ginger and I were probably the first people in the health freedom movement to stand up to Malone in the public square despite his personal and legal threats of retaliation. We continued to criticize his concept of mass formation psychosis, and when we realized how frequently he tried to bully people into stopping their criticism of him, we listed some of the numerous people he has been attacking and intimidating.

The list of those attacked by Robert Malone, which continues to grow, includes many of the most dedicated freedom fighters in health freedom leadership, such as Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH; Harvey Risch MD, Judy Mikovits Ph.D., The Wellness Company, its founder, and outstanding medical staff. It includes one of the greatest free speech platforms, America Out Loud, and its founder. In short, Malone’s attacks span the most dedicated and liberty-loving people and organizations in the health freedom movement.

Malone’s Fear Strategy

Malone missed several court deadlines for serving us with the suit and received some automatic extensions. This was a shrewd way of holding the suit over us without his going to the expense and the considerable risks of exposing himself to discovery in court in an active suit. But we will no longer be intimidated. We increasingly realize the political importance of shedding light on this man who seems, in our opinion, to have successfully muzzled and dismembered much of the health freedom movement in America and perhaps worldwide with fears of being sued and accusations of treating him unfairly. From doctors to journalists, and other outstanding social commentators, everyone we know who has considered being critical of Malone has wrestled with fear of his legal threats and his personal attacks, and most have chosen silence.

However, after our criticisms, and our refusal to back down when threatened by Malone, many other people worldwide have come forward to critically examine his politics and his dogma of mass formation psychosis. Malone’s inspiration, Mattias Desmet, has also been facing increasing criticism from serious analysts.

Meanwhile, watch for our forthcoming separate and more thorough analysis of Malone’s speech in Sweden on Fifth Dimension Warfare. There are far better alternatives for human communications than Malone’s advocacy of Fifth Dimension Warfare — Learning how to skillfully mislead and manipulate people with clever ruses and fear. Instead, there is following God and our Founders and their great messages and documents. The goal remains to refound America in opposition to collectivism, globalism, and the mounting evil that surrounds and distracts us from fighting back against collectivist, authoritarian, and totalitarian bosses.

We will have difficult times ahead; the predators are on the move. We will be afraid sometimes and inspired at other times. But ultimately, we must stand together against the predators and for our mutual freedom. This is how it has always been for us humans and how it will always be if we are to remain inspired to be free.

Originally published on America Out Loud.



Featured image, Malone: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02483-w

Featured image, RFK Jr. (older): Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson found here – https://todaynewsafrica.com/robert-f-kennedy-jr-asserts-ukraine-war-brings-russia-closer-to-china-posing-a-significant-geopolitical-threat-to-the-united-states/


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  1. As I said Pam, tortured families, heavily targeted in order to manifest basically division…

    RFK Jr. said he has no support from a great part of his family, so I don’t know how far the position of several members of this family towards the Ukrainian flag and dictators impacts RFK Jr., who has also a doublespeak about his son fighting in Ukraine (anger and then some kind of pride).

    JFK was not PERFECT either. He realized at the last moment he had been had by the deep state about Cuba.
    Still he stayed as a milestone on the long road to truth. That’s what in my mind men should be expected to be: not gods, not saviours = not perfect.
    Not all black, not all white.

    With Pierre de Gaulle’s clear stand for the old French-Russian friendship, one of his brothers found it necessary to publish a statement claiming the de Gaulle Foundation had nothing to do with Pierre’s views whatsoever…

  2. Great work, thank you Pam. The move to the center in order to depolarize the US public would be a good thing at least for a start.
    I noticed many comments of Americans under video interviews of RFK Jr. who wrote they are republicans and would vote for RFK, others who had given up voting as democrats and wrote they would vote again, for him.

    There exists also a possibility that RFK is rising a huge hope within the country, and is forced to give up shortly befor the votes : another method of the deep state to create a morals devastating schock.

    These bloodlines who are supposed to deliver “leaders” on our planet are usually plagued with entities and influences that make the members of these families live torturous lives with addictions and force them to act in contradiction to their own will…

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