Man-spreading: Muslim Migrants Turning Europe Male Dominated

– Editor’s note:  this article was first published on January 13, 2016

Man-spreading: Muslim Migrants Turning Europe Toward Male Side


Eleven-point-three males for every female — that’s not a disastrous business model for a nightclub but the boy/girl ratio of 16- to 17-year-old Muslim migrants entering Sweden. It’s a sex imbalance so great it has actually altered, radically, that age group’s male/female ratio for the country as a whole. In fact, because of this influx, Sweden now has 123 boys in that cohort for every 100 girls; note that China’s corresponding imbalance of 117 boys for every 100 girls was part of the reason that nation abandoned its “one-child policy.”

Overall, 71 percent of all 2015 “asylum seekers” entering Sweden were male, yet this isn’t just a Swedish phenomenon. As the Daily Mail writes, “More than 66 per cent of adult migrants arriving through Italy and Greece in the past year were male, according to the International Organization of Migration — along with 90 per cent of unaccompanied under-18s.”

malemigrantsThese new figures, which vindicate long-standing reports that males comprise approximately 70 to 75 percent of Europe’s migrants, further illustrate the hollowness of statist claims to the contrary. As an example of the latter, PolitiFact labeled essentially correct assertions on the matter made by Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina “false” and wrote, “A slight majority of Syrian refugees are female.”

Of course, while the Mail and other sources presenting the data don’t specify the sex ratio of “Syrian” migrants, two factors must be noted. First, the migrant crisis has long been billed as a Syrian phenomenon. The second is a PolitiFact politifiction: the notion that it actually is primarily a Syrian phenomenon and that we can know who hails from that nation and who doesn’t.

As the Mail reported late last year, in reality only 20 percent of Europe’s Muslim migrants are from Syria. Yet even this statistic is questionable, as it is impossible to properly vet the migrants because they come from nations lacking reliable informational databases and in which bribery can win you falsified government documents stating you’re whoever you want to be. Most significantly, this means we can’t identify terrorists among the migrant newcomers, but also that we can’t know much of anything else about them, either. And as Dr. Mudar Zahran — a Muslim refugee living in Europe who warns that we must keep the Muslim migrants out of Europe — has put it, what we’re witnessing is an “influx of all kinds of refugees from the Middle East. Many of those refugees are claiming to be Syrian in order to get the political or refugee status in Europe while they’re actually not Syrians.”

Another politifiction relates to the claim that, as the United Nations Refugee Agency put it, “More than half of registered refugees are children.” Note here that the criterion being applied dictates that anyone under 18 is considered a “child,” and, of course, the law does deem such a person a “minor child.” Yet the average person certainly associates the word “child” with a pre-pubescent individual or one not far into adolescence. That is the chasm between legality and reality: The average age of consent in the United States for sexual activity is 17. And when reporting on how actor Will Smith’s 17-year-old son, Jaden, is involved in a homosexual relationship with a 26-year-old rapper, mainstream-media outlets don’t wonder how a “child” could be allowed such freedom. Trayvon Martin was 17 when he was able to physically dominate a grown man, George Zimmerman. And when statists propose lowering the voting age (sometimes to 14), they don’t market the effort as “child suffrage.”

Yet there’s another factor: Masquerading as younger is no longer just for Jack Benny and vain women. As the BBC wrote in September, “Vulnerable groups, including unaccompanied children and rape victims, get priority” with respect to refugee status in the European Union. The United States and Canada have similar policies. And given that authorities often have no way of verifying the ages of these unknown-quantity individuals, it’s beyond doubt that some are lying about their age to win entry into Europe.

Yet despite leftists’ claim that a boy can be a girl if he feels female, one of the few things we can know about the migrants is their sex. And the migrant demographic reality is troubling not only because of the numbers but also because “young” and “male,” along with “Muslim,” are part of the typical terrorist profile. There’s more to consider, however, according to Texas A&M University’s Professor Valerie Hudson:

But fear of terrorism might not be the only reason to be leery of highly abnormal sex ratios among the young adult population. As my co-author Andrea Den Boer and I argued in our book, societies with extremely skewed sex ratios are more unstable even without jihadi ideologues in their midst. Numerous empirical studies have shown that sex ratios correlate significantly with violence and property crime — the higher the sex ratio, the worse the crime rate. Our research also found a link between sex ratios and the emergence of both violent criminal gangs and anti-government movements. It makes sense: When young adult males fail to make the transition to starting a household — particularly those young males who are already at risk for sociopathic behavior due to marginalization, a common concern among immigrants — their grievances are aggravated.

In other words, “An idle mind is the Devil’s playground.”

Of course, words such as “marginalization” indicate a politically correct mindset. And reading Hudson and some other commentaries on the sex-imbalance story, one can get the feeling that while it’s a newsworthy topic, it’s also a neat dodge. After all, it’s quite unfashionable to entertain the idea that Muslim migration could pose problems. But males are fair game.

And keeping the focus on males can keep it off Muslims.

Hudson, for instance, does discuss the threat to women and the European feminist status quo in her article, mentioning how Sweden has a “feminist foreign policy” and then asking, rightly and rhetorically, “[But] can Sweden really consider its migration policy to be feminist?” She confines herself to exploring the matter within the context of the migration’s maleness, however. Yet would the mainstream media be discussing such threats right now had it not been for the organized New Year’s sexual assaults by Muslims in Cologne and elsewhere?

Hudson concludes with the line, “For Sweden — or any other European country — to wind up with the worst young adult sex ratios in the world would be a tragedy for European men and women alike.” This is perhaps true. We might note, though, that characterizing, and perhaps stigmatizing, people based on innate qualities is supposed to be an unpardonable politically incorrect trespass. Given this, why is it legitimate to discuss problems possibly inherent in a sex but not those possibly inherent in a belief?


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