Macron’s Globalist Program for Dummies

ER Editor: France has its two rounds of presidential elections next month, and while we don’t doubt for one second that it’s been manipulated and/or will be in various ways, we do somewhat doubt journalist Eric Verhaeghe’s total confidence in Macron’s re-election. At least, not if there is SOME honesty in the process. See An Unfavorable Poll for Emmanuel Macron Gets Deleted by RTL.

Notice that 2 years of lockdown and firings for not taking the injection have already damaged the middle classes, causing lots of small businesses to go under. The economic part of his program will cause additional hardship on the same class, à la World Economic Forum agenda.


Macron’s program for dummies

ER: ‘Health’ minister and trained doctor Olivier Veran, shown above with Macron, actually proposed reclassifying Vitamin D in order to limits its availability to the public. We kid you not.


We offer you here a complete decryption of Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy letter for the presidential elections next month.

We quickly skim over the introduction of the letter where Emmanuel Macron draws up a necessarily glowing assessment of his first term, barely mentioning some lack of experience.

But the transformations undertaken during this mandate have enabled many of our compatriots to live better, France to gain independence. (ER: Just the very opposite could be claimed to be true.)

This announcement seems very audacious. Everyone will judge the relevance of this statement by their own yardstick.

It is above all the sequel that interests us.

Macron and globalism

Unsurprisingly, Emmanuel Macron persists in the globalist and Europeanist strategy that brought him to power.

To justify his orientation, he takes up this famous sentence which asks us to bury the idea that France could be great by itself, which to ratify the principle that it must now give way to a supranational unity.

We are experiencing upheavals of incredible speed: threat to our democracies, rising inequalities, climate change, demographic transition, technological transformations. Make no mistake: we will not respond to these challenges by opting for withdrawal or by cultivating nostalgia.

In other words, we will only save France by avoiding nostalgia for what it was, and by resigning ourselves to a future where digitization, the “rescue” of the planet, the arrival of foreign populations, force us to bury our identity.

I am a candidate to invent with you, in the face of the challenges of the century, a unique French and European response.

We understand the framework in which Macron fits: in the idea that the preparation of the future necessarily involves a “European response”, France allegedly no longer having the critical size to exist internationally.

Macron will therefore remain the candidate of globalization.

A 100% Great Reset program

In the introduction to his program, Emmanuel Macron takes care to summarize the essential proposals of the Great Reset, whether in the tax and pension field as we commented on this morning, or in the “hard” of the vision theorized by Davos:

In order not to allow ourselves to be imposed by others on the technologies that will punctuate our daily lives tomorrow, we will also have to continue to invest in our innovation and our research in order to place France in the lead in sectors which, such as renewable energies, nuclear, batteries, agriculture, digital, or space will make the future and allow us to become a great ecological Nation, the one that will be the first to get out of dependence on gas, oil and coal.

Ah! the ecological transition! what a cream pie! So tomorrow’s key sectors will be renewable energies, nuclear power (ecologists are suffocating there), batteries, agriculture, digital technology, space. And our ambition is to become a “great ecological Nation”.

Schwab in the script.

Not a word about the old industries: automobiles, metallurgy, textiles. All of this died, of course, in favor of a globalist fashion that no one can say will ensure the slightest beginning of profitability.

Macron’s social component

The outgoing President speaks of productive reconquest through work, a convoluted expression which one wonders what it can mean.

This reconquest leads to a social program:

We will ensure that all the children of France have the same chances, that republican meritocracy once again becomes a promise for everyone. For this, priority will be given to the school and to our teachers, who will be freer, more respected and better paid. (ER: We can attest to the perennially poor payment of teachers, and to the fact of cultural Marxism and other globalist topics creeping into the curriculum under cover.)

Whoa! What promises, heard so many times, and which have never yielded anything. One can think that they integrate the capital paid at 18 years (for example 10.000€). They are obviously coupled with a promise of revaluation of teachers, and with more freedom and respect.

Take! Macron would embark on the autonomy of establishments? Wait and see…

On the strictly “social” aspect, we will retain this enumeration of somewhat hollow ideas:

We will invest to allow everyone to live old age at home as long as they can, to make retirement homes more humane. We will relentlessly pursue our work for the inclusion of our compatriots with disabilities. In terms of health, we will operate the prevention revolution and push back medical deserts.

The key measures that are emerging are therefore a major investment plan in retirement homes, and long-term care insurance to facilitate home support. In the field of health, the prevention strategy would be developed. (ER: Let’s recall that’s where the ‘virus’ hit and where elderly people were injected with life-ending drugs.)

Again, we’ve heard this so often…

Towards a moral and authoritarian episode

For the rest, Emmanuel Macron should take advantage of his next five-year term to consolidate the Chinese-style social credit that he started with the vaccination pass:

A citizenship, which is not only based on rights, but on duties and a daily commitment.

We understand what this means: only those who obey presidential morality will be recognized as citizens. The others will be downgraded.


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