The Smug, Infantile Thievery of the Upper-Middle-Class

April 13, 2024 0

. ER Editor: Kudos once again to Elizabeth Nickson, this time for giving us an economic overview we can readily understand. ******** The Smug, Infantile Thievery of the Upper-Middle-Class Their wholesale abandonment of ethics has […]


Is Jordan Peterson’s ARC WEF 2.0?

November 2, 2023 3

ER Editor: Peterson’s controlled opposition tendencies were outed a while back, as he seemed to be speaking for the right-populist section of the community, especially for disaffected young white males, only NOT to disclose he used […]


Swiss President Berset throws in the towel, but why?

June 22, 2023 0

ER Editor: Alain Berset, now President, was the Minister of Health for Switzerland during the plandemic nonsense. He is apparently being pursued in law by retired former banker Pascal Najadi (see Najadi’s tweet below) regarding […]

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