Leaked video shows Canadian union leaders planning to thwart tomorrow’s One Million March 4 Children protests

ER Editor:  There is a Million March taking place across several Canadian cities tomorrow morning, Wednesday September 20, for children, in protest of the sexualization of children through the cultural Marxist LGBT, etc. agenda.

Led by Muslim parents, the march is being thwarted, or attempted to be so, by union activists as the LifeSite News report describes below. If we needed any more confirmation that our unions everywhere have been sold out by the globalists, this is it.

A union meeting on zoom from Ontario was recorded – the video and full transcript are below. It not only reveals the agenda of disruption, but also their morally superior, paranoid attitude toward normal people – parents – that they seem so far removed from. The globalist strategy to divide and conquer has worked very well indeed in the case of these people. 

Here’s the link to the schedule of protests —


Here’s a flavor of what the protest is about —



Check out the beginning of the zoom video call posted below. It’s incredible how these pro-LGBT union activists automatically assume the moral high ground, that everybody else – the ‘far right’ –  displays ‘hate’, refusing totally to recognize the problem normal parents have with having a sexualized agenda being thrust down their children’s throats. Then there is a conflation of LGBT ‘rights’ with indigenous history, painting both groups as victims. Sadly, these people really do live on a different planet. They’re probably vaccinated and seek the return of masking.

Vancouver-based journalist, Odessa Orlewicz, reveals in her tweet below that the video discussion was given to 80 other independent outlets and a transcription was made of the meeting. See this link for the full transcript —

The Meeting OFL Tried to Hide – Planning to thwart Sept 20 Parent Protests

Here is one website link for tomorrow’s march by Canadian, ex-military truther, Brad Wozny —  One Billion March.com.

Other links —

X Twitter Account – 1 Million March 4 Children



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Featured ImagePro-family activist Josh Alexander (middle) being pushed by pro-LGBT activist in CalgaryJosh Alexander / X


On September 16, members of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), Canada’s largest labour federation, gathered on a zoom call to strategize how to intimidate participants in the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination in schools set for this Wednesday.  


“Disrupt, demoralize, destroy, bully, intimidate… is the key message throughout the meeting,” pro-family Canadian Odessa Orlewicz said before uploading the footage obtained by independent investigators. 

Set to take place Wednesday, September 20, the Million Person March is a coast-to-coast protest gathering Canadians of all ages, races, and religions to defend children from LGBT indoctrination in schools. 

The protest, organized by Muslim Canadians, has adopted the slogan, “Leave our kids alone,” specifically in regard to gender ideology, age-inappropriate sexual content in school libraries, and LGBT propaganda. 

The protest is planned for cities across Canada. Information for events in each province can be found here. 

The meeting, directed by OFL Executive Director Rob Haplin, featured various OFL leaders attempting to find ways to disrupt the upcoming protest, while voicing alarm that pro-family protests and values are spreading.  

OFL President Patti Coates began the meeting lamenting that pro-family legislation has been passed in various parts of Canada and called on LGBT activists to “come together to fight against the rise of hate and we’re seeing it in province across province.”  

“And so, what we’re seeing is a far-right, extreme response to inclusive education, teachings that have anything to do with the 2SLGBTQI community,” she claimed.  

Lee-Paul declared that LGBT activists need to have a “very strong response, countering these protests” to stop them from spreading, comparing the protests to “the type of hate and rhetoric that we see coming from the United States.”  

“We need to be co-conspirators,” Yolanda Badesi, the OFL’s Director of Human Rights, said. “We need to do this counter-protest and our own protests in a way that is systematic, that is organized, that is ready to go in a moment’s notice.” 

“What is unique about this is that it’s now being under the guise of being led by parents, it’s being led by the guise of being led by religious faith, and it’s being led by religious faith and some sort of ethnic communities,” she continued.

Badesi provided specific instructions for disrupting the pro-family march. She told LGBT protestors to arrive early to the planned protests “so that we are occupying the space, that it becomes our message, and that we are then establishing ourselves.” 

“So, we are not going into their protest, that we are already there, and we have established ourselves,” he added. “Make sure that you have a megaphone, mic, music, flags, posters, banners, tan sheets. We know how to do that.”  

“Take it up physically with the amount of people you have,” Badesi continued. “Take it up with the noise you’re using. Take it up with the flags and the signs that you have with these messages of love and positivity.” 

The LGBT activists outlined their plan begin their counter protest in Ottawa at 9:00 a.m. on the Supreme Court of Canada lawn.  

The OFL has since released an official statement endorsing much of what was discussed in the leaked video, outlining their plan to stage protests across Canada in an attempt to stop the pro-family protests planned for Wednesday.  

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition told LifeSiteNews, “It’s really despicable that the elitist leaders of the Ontario Labour Federation are organizing behind the scenes to take away parental rights, and to promote the sexualization of children.”   

“The OLF represents about 1 million trade workers, and I’ll wager that most of them are parents and grandparents who support the values and goals of the MillionMarch4Children,” he added. “How would those members feel about their union dues being utilized to organize attacks against parents and their rights?”   

He further pointed out that the union leaders referring to one another as “comrade” must “be seen as an admission that they are communists who still support the brutal, murderous vision of Lenin and Stalin, the Soviet dictators of times past.”  (ER: A bit far-fetched in our opinion. These people sound more led by the nose, that they haven’t really analyzed their own beliefs.)

“They don’t really care about the well-being of sexually-confused children,” Fonseca declared. “To them, they are simply cannon fodder in their war against capitalism, freedom, and the Christian foundations of our nation that have always served as a bulwark against Marxism.”  (ER: Definitely the hidden agenda)

“Parents and grandparents must not be intimidated by these union thugs and their Antifa tactics,” he urged. “Instead, it must make them came out in even greater numbers. This anti-parents’ campaign by the unions makes it clear that the LGBT mob fears the momentum of the pro-family movement and is getting desperate to shut it down.  Let’s accelerate our public street witness instead!”  

The Million Person March is planned for cities across Canada. Information for events in each province can be found here. 




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