Le Pen Continues to Rise and Challenge Macron in France [VIDEO]

ER Editor: The article referred to by Alexander Mercouris in the video below is a March 4 piece from the Mail Online, titled Left-wing voters would rather let far-right Marine Le Pen get into power than back Emmanuel Macron in next year’s French elections, report claims. Which shows that, despite years of Le Pen being trashed by the MSM, making a large selection of voters hold their nose almost literally when thinking about voting for her, abstaining from voting for Macron in the 2nd and final round of the presidential voting is the increasingly preferred strategy of typical Left voters, i.e. they won’t attempt to block Le Pen by voting for him.
We remind readers that the strategies to steal the US presidential election were being suggested by Establishment/government people here, for example, to use advanced voting on VOTING MACHINES (yes, seriously). France has a strict in-person policy of bringing valid ID to the polls and doesn’t allow the types of shenanigans common to anglo-saxon countries (US and UK). Thankfully, the French senate saw through the trick and torpedoed it. That the Macron govt even attempted to push these types of electoral changes through testifies to their worry about the 2022 presidential election. See French Senate Rejects Voting Machines for 2022 by Large Majority.
Here are some main points from Alexander Mercouris’ analysis.
  • (ER: Alex Christoforou makes the important point that Macron was conjured up for the last election to oppose Le Pen. He was certainly the Establishment’s overnight creation.)
  • Le Pen has been the front runner before, but this time it’s different. She’s polling between 45% and 48% right now. In the last election, when she went head to head with Macron in the second and final round, she got 33% of the vote to Macron’s over-60%.  Now, they are roughly even in the polls. This has never happened before for Le Pen. Her vote is starting to solidify. A lot of Catholic voters, middle class people who vote for centre-right parties, are starting to swing towards her rather solidly. It’s a big vote in France. And now, we are starting to see traditional left-wing voters (not the yuppy neoliberals of today) getting behind Le Pen.
  • Voting for the Left in France has historically been different than it is in the USA. It’s all related to historical events; it’s connected to the countryside, and the Resistance was based in the countryside during WWII – these factors play into why these people vote Left. In other words, the bedrock of the French nation are starting to consolidate around her.
  • Libération‘s article (ER: it is an important ‘left’ paper but we use quotation marks because, today, it has become a neoliberal-left paper, part-owned by the Rothschilds, pushing for lockdown and vaccines, calling out America’s Frontline Doctors as ‘crazies’ for using HCQ) is important because they are saying that those who CONTINUE to identify as Left are starting to move away from Macron’s neoliberalism. Either they’ll vote for Le Pen or NOT vote against her. It’s a huge sea-change, which is starting to look real. ‘President Le Pen’ is looking like a possibility, although the French political establishment will do EVERYTHING they can do stop her. But she is now winning in places she’s never won before. She’s achieving what she’s aimed for – normalization of her party, instead of it being regarded as a dangerous fringe party.
  • Why is this happening?  The Gilets Jaunes have been a precursor of how France is going, and these people are sick and tired of neoliberalism, and are similarly sick of the EU and the dreadful response to the pandemic. Macron also gives conflicting signals about dealing with this; and he uses the police horribly against the French people – police tactics in France are considered extreme, yet he then shifts his stance on harsh lockdown. He was instrumental in slowing down the EU vaccine response. France has its own pharma labs, yet they haven’t been organized to get a vaccine ready. He and France seem to be drifting. People’s businesses are going down with pointless lockdowns. And he recently focused on Africa and how France would have to help them instead of leaving it up to Russia and China. Does he think he’s Napoleon? That’s the kind of reaction people are making. He doesn’t care about us. So support is crystallizing around Le Pen.
  • Is Marine Le Pen really ‘far right’? No. In many ways she resembles De Gaulle, who resisted the Nazis in WWII from London, even when the Communists in France were not opposing the Nazis because of the Russian-German non-aggression pact. De Gaulle was resolutely a patriot and republican, opposed to the EU single-state project and wanted a strong, independent France which pursued its own policies. He was anti-imperialist, and developed good relations with other countries, being opposed to regime change policies as well as the Vietnam War. He believed in good relations with Russia, and was strongly opposed to mass immigration on grounds of cultural dilution. Economically, he was a ‘dirigiste’, which supported small business and opposed a globalist economic order, which was starting up in the 60s to the benefit of the oligarchs. These positions seem in line with Le Pen today. So why is De Gaulle considered a democrat while Le Pen is regarded as the opposite? She is unequivocally not some sort of far right monster.
  • Will Le Pen take France out of the EU? Historically she talked about taking France out of both the EU and the euro. Mistakenly, she has changed policy on this. The kind of economic policies and immigration controls she prefers are not consistent with staying in the EU and eurozone. She has made the tactical calculation that she needs to moderate these stances to offset the middle class, elderly Catholic voters who don’t want to quit the euro because of the threat to their savings, etc. De Gaulle, of course, would never have capitulated.
  • So we have a simple binary choice for France – Macron or Le Pen. What would another Macron presidency mean for France, in case the Establishment succeed in preventing her? The fact that they will fight so hard to prevent her shows that they don’t trust her about-face on issues like the EU and the euro. The recent case against Sarkozy seems to be an Establishment attack on him so that he cannot challenge Macron for the presidency. For the moment, they are determined to keep Macron. If he wins, he would see it as a mandate to create ‘more’ Europe. Germany’s new leader, Armand Lascher, is a personal friend of Macron. So Macron will go for a single unified tax policy, a single unified eurobond policy, a single European army submerging the French military. He’ll also double-down on green policies, which originally provoked the Gilets Jaunes’ protests (which will continue). He will also pursue identity politics and looser immigration controls. It will be Macron on steroids, pursuing policies that the US Democrats would be comfortable with! It IS a binary choice: a sovereign France as of old (Le Pen) or globalist, neoliberal France (Macron). The remarkable thing is that the traditional French left has completely disappeared – it has no force right now. The old style French socialists, who were always deeply patriotic (!) have actually more in common with Le Pen than with Macron. Which is why they’re now turning against Macron.


Le Pen continues to rise and challenge Macron in France


Episode 904

Le Pen continues to rise and challenge Macron in France

The Duran: Episode 904

Left-wing voters would rather let far-right Marine Le Pen get into power than back Emmanuel Macron in next year’s French elections, report claims





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