Karen Kingston: The Spike Protein Has 7 Variations, Snake Venom is Two of Them [VIDEO]

ER Editor:  There are a number of interesting short videos on Stew Peters’ Rumble channel not to be overlooked concerning the snake venom hypothesis behind ‘Covid’. This is one of them, with Karen Kingston doing yet another deep dive on the patents. Notes are below.

In other recent videos, Peters has made the observation about how supposedly supportive doctors (in one he names Pierre Kory, the avid proponent of ivermectin protocols) are surprisingly and suspiciously quick to denounce a theory well worth investigating. We can only agree with him. So many you would think would be eager to get to the bottom of this have waved their hand dismissively. It really makes you wonder.

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Here are our notes on the 10-minute video clip below:

Kingston has noted two alarming things. First, they always told us that the full sequence of the virus was not available but that is not true. It has been fully isolated and sequenced. A study out of Wuhan (see screen: “Tested lung fluid (broncoalveolar) from 8 hospitalized patients … Dec. 23-27, 2019”) shows that they sequenced the fluid from patient lungs. The problem was, they couldn’t find a match among all those patients. But what’s most alarming is that it was supposed to jump from a bat to humans (see chart on screen). But you can see that the sequences came from bats from different areas of China, from mice from different areas of the world including the US, different humans who had MERS, and also a hedgehog from Germany. So it’s CLEARLY NOT FROM NATURE. It’s made in a lab and these sequences (shown on screen) take up over a decade of when they’re tracing them.

EcoHealth Alliance told us in their pitch to DARPA that they had over 180 genetic sequences and nearly 10,000 samples of different coronaviruses. So they basically TOLD US they were going to MAKE the virus.

In 2020, Indian researchers said HIV had been found in the spike protein. The University of Pittsburgh (ER: the murdered researcher Dr. Bing Liu was from this university, but his name does not appear on the study Kingston shows us) sequenced a full spike protein (“Suprantigenic character of an insert unique to SARS CoV 2 spike”) from samples from 38 European patients in early 2020. They were looking for hyperbinding, hyper reactivity of the proteins that were causing excessive inflammation in the body. They didn’t believe the protein was causing the multi-inflammatory syndrome. They were looking for toxins because it looked like the people had been poisoned. Their symptoms were not like those of a coronavirus (common cold). So when they sequenced the PRA part of the spike protein (see screen), they found cobra venom, krait venom, rabies (containing a very harmful bacteria), and HIV glycoprotein 20. 

So when people were being told that the virus hadn’t been fully sequenced nor had the spike protein, this was a lie – they had.

But there’s not just one spike protein. The patent shows 7 (seven) different variations from 7 different species in the spike protein. Why does the spike protein have a SEPARATE patent if it’s produced from mRNA? They should be combined, i.e. one and the same. Two of 3 names on this patent are Barney Graham from NIAID and Jason McLellan from Moderna. They report that it was filed in April 2019. Yet both men didn’t have access to the spike protein sequence until January of 2020. How did they file the patent for the spike protein 8 months earlier, and why are there 7 different sequences?

So yes, there is evidence of snake venom in the spike protein. There’s also evidence that the spike protein can be made independently of it being injected via the mRNA. In the patent, Graham, McLellan &etc. added 2 prolines (ER: amino acids) to stabilize the spike protein, which can be made with one of two types of snake venom, rabies or HIV. They also exposed it to liquid nitrogen to freeze it, so why do we need to store vials at minus 60 degrees? Why is there a separate patent for the spike protein? Why is the spike protein called “SARS-CoV-2”? In the furin cleavage site, you can insert any peptides and sequences you want to put in there, i.e. whatever toxins you want.  And why in 2017 did the NIH file a patent called ‘vaccine nanotechnology’? (See the quote on the screen about how ‘in some embodiments, the small molecule is a toxin … chemical weapon … hazardous environmental agent’) And why in the master patent for mRNA (Moderna’s world patent under section 0402) does it say ‘in some embodiments’, the vaccine can deliver a ‘cytotoxin’, a toxin that destroys and annihilates cells, which is what you’re seeing with thrombosis that causes damage to cells, thrombytopenia, etc.

The patents themselves say the vaccines are bioweapons.

The spike protein is man-made, containing recreated venom, HIV or rabies in the envelope that allows for penetration into the nucleus of a cell. So basically you can do genetic editing of people. Why did Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan laugh and say that some monkeys in the lab had HIV? Why was it put in the RNA technology unless you want to use that part (HIV) to penetrate the cell nucleus? Which you’d do if you had gene editing technology. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

Peters: Who holds the answers to all these questions? Who do we invite on the show first?

Kingston: The president of the company ‘GeoVax Inc’, based in Georgia (US state), whose patents were licensed for the spike protein and the mRNA technology. He put the agreements together for all the Pharma companies. It’s a new company OWNED BY VANGUARD.




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