The Term ‘mRNA Vaccine’ is a Red Herring

ER Editor: We invite readers to consult Dr. Paul Alexander‘s substack regularly. He, too, is calling out the mRNA technology and in particular Dr. Robert Malone (a sample and another). Malone has threatened to sue him via backchannels if he doesn’t cease and desist, but Alexander is having none of it. A reminder that Malone is suing the Breggins and Dr. Jane Ruby for $25 million each.


The Term ‘mRNA Vaccine’ is a Red Herring

Our trusted experts are denying us the right to use the terms bioweapon and gene-editing nanotechnologies so that we are unable to even comprehend these crimes, never mind prosecute Pfizer.


May 27, 2023: If Pfizer and Moderna have no problem plastering the terms nanoparticles and technology all over their websites, why are trusted leaders and attorneys denying that the mRNA injections contain gene-editing nanotechnologies?

“mRNA technology is a good fit for gene-editing.” – Pfizer

The Term ‘mRNA Vaccine’ is a Manipulative Lie

No one was injected with a ‘biological lipid’ or ‘mRNA vaccine.’

The term ‘mRNA vaccine’ is intentionally being used as a red herring in order to manipulate our minds into believing that the COVID-19 vials contain biological agents. The terms ‘vaccine’ and even ‘gene-therapy’ are being used to makes us falsely believe that the mRNA injections are at a minimum, therapeutic in some way. They are not.

Pfizer doesn’t even refer to their mRNA gene-editing technology as a therapy, because mRNA is NOT a therapy. mRNA technology is a harmful and deadly bioweapon platform for purposes of transhumanism that’s been sold to global civilians as ‘mRNA vaccine technology.’

Words Influence Thoughts

Words influence our thoughts. If our ‘trusted leaders’ continue to make a mockery of terms such as nanotechnology or bioweapon, then victims who have suffered injuries and losses due to the mRNA technology injections will never have the words to even conceive of the crimes committed against them. Never mind being able to articulate crimes in order to prosecute Pfizer or Moderna in a court of law.

While doctors are entitled to their opinions, by not challenging their unfounded opinions with evidence and facts (due to fear of being sued or ostracized) the medical freedom movement is being terribly misled.

Have we created our own Anthony Faucis that can not be questioned and who wish to dismiss those who do question our ‘trusted leaders?

Dr. Ryan Cole dismissed Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger’s evidence of nanoparticle technologies and graphene oxide in the COVID-19 vials during an expert panel discussion, and called the nanotechnology evidence a red herring and distraction from the medical freedom cause.

While more than 265 million Americans were injected with gene-editing bioweapon nanotechnologies as part of the largest global-criminal-biological experiment on humans in history, our trusted experts are denying us the right to use the terms bioweapon and gene-editing nanotechnologies so that we are unable to even comprehend these crimes, never mind prosecute Pfizer.

Are the terms ‘bioweapon’ and ‘nanotechnology’ being mocked because the actual desired outcome is to never completely remove the mRNA bioweapons from our communities and to never prosecute Pfizer?

Are Trusted Experts Invested in Humanity or Transhumanism?

Big Pharma, biotech, and other organizations and individuals who are invested in this gene-editing nanotechnology refer to this demonic invention as mRNA vaccines or gene therapies only because no one would have ever agreed otherwise to be ‘vaccinated’ if they were told that the shots contained gene-editing nanotechnologies.

Is Dr. Malone Invested in Humanity or Transhumanism?


20 MAR
Is Dr. Malone Invested in Humanity or Transhumanism?

March 18, 2023: It was decided years ago to lie to global citizens about the end-game use of gene-editing nanotechnologies and the convergence of the digital world with the human body. Biotechnology is quite literally the science of turning technology into new life forms and … CONTINUE READING

If one credible mRNA expert would be honest with the American people and tell the world that they were NOT injected with an ‘mRNA vaccine’, but that they were injected with a gene-editing bioweapon nanotechnologies, I believe humanity would wake up to the fact that we were all unknowingly forced into the largest criminal human experiment ever conducted in the history of mankind. Forcing permanent non-human biological and mechanical genetic mutations to the human genome is not ethical.

If left unstopped, transhumanism (or Directed Evolution) and the use of mRNA technology will lead to the creation of new biodigital chimeric species and the extinction of the human species. mRNA technology is not for the benefit of humanity. mRNA nanoparticle technologies are weapons of mass destruction.

Share this information with law enforcement and local government to have the COVID-19 injections removed from your community.

DEMAND: Immediately Stop Access to COVID-19 Injections Across All Florida Counties

22 MAY
DEMAND: Immediately Stop Access to COVID-19 Injections Across All Florida Counties

This is a draft template is for the urgent DEMAND that local law enforcement and governments remove COVID-19 bioweapon injections from their county. In this example template, I use Florida V-Safe statistics, insurance data, and state law to notify Florida county officials that enabling the access to chemical, biological, or radioactive weapons is a Class 2 Felony… CONTINUE READING




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1 Comment on The Term ‘mRNA Vaccine’ is a Red Herring

  1. There are independent investigations into the ingredients of the mRNA vaccines used for COVID-19, but interestingly no mRNA was detected or found in them. So if not mRNA, why aren’t people wondering what was injected into them?

    Don’t people realize, they were lied to? They were told effective and safe, and they all knew it never was – given jab, after jab 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on. Everyone knew the safety was a bold lie, never tested, wait until 75 years later to be told it, there wasn’t even a mention the studies were conducted in Shanghai China, as if everyone would take their word for it.

    And yet, even after three years later, it’s obvious this scam was a criminal fraud and where are the lawsuits, the accountability of those killing people for money? How many doctors looked the other way, the attorneys, the police, they all knew what was happening was a crime against humanity.

    Forcing people to take foreign experimental injections that never meet safety standards, when known treatments were banned – was enough to resist. Why was ivermectim banned given it was already proven to be safe for more than 30 years globally, and during COVID it was proven yet again to save lives, not in a small study, but with more than +250,000,000 individuals without a side effect, for which no mainstream media covered the story.

    The war upon humanity comes from the top level down upon us all. The wealthy own just about everything, and they are not stopping there. They want to transform humanity into controlable biological robots to enslave us. At this point who cares about money, then the wealthy are about to hack humans to working for free for life?

    Nobody can look back and say, we didn’t know, we didn’t realize, as the writing was all around, the forced mandates, the vaccine passports, the lockdowns, the social distancing of 1 meter, even the wearing of face masks – are made zero sense given a 99.998% survival rate without treatment.

    Nobody even cared how influenza was stolen away to be relabelled as COVID-19… it’s like influenza suddenly left planet Earth, all together, and nobody wondered why? The RT-PCR testing was from the beginning a fraud – it never knew if you were contagious or not, because it never could detect if you had an infection or just last years exposure to the so called common flu. Talk about a fraud testing measure, and that’s just being polite and nice about it.

    Then there is the wording, vaccine, which are built on more lies. Just look at the ingredients used in all vaccines – nothing healthy. So health is built with injections of dirty polluting poisons? Our innate immunity doesn’t function without being told how to work? How did humanity live before vaccination then – pure luck, random chance and everything was only an accident for our species to exist in a world full of viruses and bacteria?

    Funny or strange in how nobody isolated SARS-CoV-2, and yet everyone knows all the offspring (what the news labels as varients). Anyone investigating the evidence, will know the governments lied, they covered up the truth, and they never apologized. Now they are trying to prevent us from debating, discussing, from talking about what they did to us, as if we don’t have the right to even ask!

    If your one of the injuried, by the jabs, there is no help. They take no responsibility for what they did. The governments gave away our sovernight, making deals of no liability, so they couldn’t be held accountable.

    Now we are told to accept eating insects, don’t farm, don’t travel, don’t reproduce offspring, as if any of this was better, and it’s not for the human species at all.

    We must be very ignorant not to see any of this – or fatally blind not to care what they did to us. They took away our human rights – our medical rights, our social rights, our economic rights, even our last visits to the dying family members and our beloved ones – it was never about a pandemic. All these actions were attacks upon humanity from the top level down – those who have the most wealth (money), as they used their power to control the mass media, the government officials, all the other ways to push people into taking kill shots, to crush our spirits, depriving us of our souls and yet the battle here isn’t over.

    In this battle, the wealthy know some people will resist, so they want more control over us all, CBDC applying social credit scoring, this war isn’t about corrupt Ukraine, it’s about our human existence to exist.

    Why would the weathly need humans when they can be transformed into hackable biological robots – that can be reprogrammed? No retirement, no healthcare, no pension, no salaries, just blind obedience to every order given without debate, without discussion, no resistence, and therefore nobody to say no to this degradation of humanity.

    Ask yourself why would anyone wealthy want to do this to humanity, because they are doing it, and we ought to understand why. Do you think it has anything to do with them fearing death, wanting to live forever? Is it possible, that they want our young body parts to extend their life – as the underground organ market has never been bigger … Could it be they think of themselves owning just about everything, that they think of themselves as like a god? Surely, with a god complex, it would be possible to understand why they are doing this to humanity.

    Just who are the VanGuard shareholders? Why does humanity support letting money become their lord, their king, the reason to work rather than to cherish what we all love and respect in their hearts?

    It’s simple, the wealthy -1% divide the rest of us against each other, so we never focus on defunding the wealthy, so they never get this type of power to control over all of us.

    As long as we are fighting amonst ourselves, they win. They know to blame each of us for anything, the color of our skin, anything to distract us from the truth. The mass media news was used to shape opinions, knowing when you install or indoctrinate beleifs into people, you control the population – like telling everyone scarifice yourself to save the lives of others – which means disregarding your own life. If anyone was to do such a thing, you better be dam sure it was truly worthy, like you knew giving your life up was not for a lie, a fraud, right?

    And yet, there was no verfication, nobody proved anything, it was just lie after lie, so bold. Who could accept and beleive standing 1 meter apart would prevent airborne contagious aerosols from such a short distance given how even dust blows across the oceans over thousands of kilometers.

    Nothing told by the government about SARS-CoV-2, was true. It has all been lies, and they are attempting to tell us, saying so is disinformation, and they it’s hateful, and anything else they can blame us than to be held accountable for their lies.

    If the jab worked, what went wrong with the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and sixth? Nobody is counting here – how many before anyone realizes they never worked?

    The same story with the face mask, why did every manurfacture in the world refuse to certify their products to block and or filter out any so called virus on this planet Earth? Because they all knew in advance, viruses are measured in nanometers, not microns. The face masks are sold for 5 micron, 3 micron, and 1 micron sizes which never protect anyone given these holes are 5000, 3000 and 1000 times larger than viruses.

    Everything was a lie, and yet nobody can hold the government accountable for lies? It’s no wonder the governments are pushing censorship, keep the sheep ignorant. Ban discussions, declare debats illegal. Another words, deny education – don’t inform the public of available known treatments that work, just tell them there is only the kill shots – by calling them life saving vaccines – and which lives can anyone prove any of those jabs saved anyone’s life? Nilch, nada, none.

    But we all can count the vaccine deaths, and that’s why they are hiding those deaths, denying those died by the jabs. So this article is important, because it lets us call those jabs for what they really are, bioweapons – they never healed, never cured, never protected, but they did harm, injury and murdered. That’s a bioweapon in the simplist terms.

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