Is Macron Voluntarily Letting Melenchon Win the Legislative Elections?

Does Macron voluntarily let Mélenchon win the legislative elections?

Something is intriguing in the strategy followed by Emmanuel Macron against the NUPES (ER: far left coalition led by high-ranking Freemason, Jean-Luc Melenchon): everything is happening as if, since Mélenchon’s call to vote for Macron in the second round of the presidential election (ER: a shock and wake-up call to a lot of people), the President has been on minimal service vis-à-vis his rival and as if to let him win or, in any case, achieve the best possible score. After Marine Le Pen’s indulgence for Macron, it’s Macron’s indulgence for Mélenchon. It makes you wonder if this timidity is not based on a completely self-interested calculation. Even on an at least tacit agreement.

(ER: It makes you wonder if this isn’t an orchestrated strategy among three mainstream political leaders.)

This Tuesday, while Macron’s chances of winning a presidential majority are dwindling and his candidates are in full swing, the President is quietly flying away this afternoon for Romania, and perhaps for Kiev. Apart from his outing yesterday at Satory for an arms fair, he should be absent from the interior radar throughout the week, leaving the field open to Elisabeth Borne (ER: the newly appointed, lacklustre, globalist PM) to face her rival who thus has a boulevard on which to install his themes.

Mélenchon rushes into the breach

Let’s recap: on the evening of the first round of the presidential elections, Mélenchon took care to call for a vote for Macron in the clearest possible way (ER: he called on his supporters to make sure they voted for Macron, not Le Pen, for the second and final round; Le Pen’s program was very similar to his own), to immediately follow up on his proposal to become Prime Minister. In doing so, he granted an easy victory to the incumbent.

Once his re-election was recorded at the ballot box, Macron announced a change of method, then… nothing. He literally left the field open to the leader of the left. The government was only formed very late, at the end of May, with instructions not to speak nationally.

Incidentally, the subsidized media gave delirious speaking time to the NUPES (far left coalition) candidates. At the end of May, for example, ARCOM noted that the NUPES had benefited from 30% of the airtime, and the left as a whole 50% .

We understand here that after serving Macron’s soup for the presidential elections, the subsidized press cartel served the soup of Mélenchon and his alliance to promote his victory. The concentration of the media and their support by the state serve a purpose.

NUPES and its mathematical problems

On the evening of the first round of legislative elections (last Sunday, June 12), mathematical reality singularly sheds light on the debates that have been ongoing for a few weeks.

Thus, we count, for the second round:

  • 272 NUPES’ duels against Together! (Ensemble!, Macron’s party)
  • 59 duels NUPES against RN (Le Pen’s party)
  • 26 duels NUPES against LR (centre right globalists)
  • 107 RN duels against Together!
  • 19 duels LR against Together!
  • 8 triangular

These few figures show the common interest that Mélenchon and Macron have in uniting against the National Rally. A small short scale against Marine Le Pen allows the NUPES to hope for a good fifty seats against the RN thanks to the support of Macron and, conversely, the support of Mélenchon against the RN allows Macron to hope for a good hundred cheap seats.

In short, in the mathematical hypothesis where the duels NUPES against Together! would end in a draw (i.e. 136 seats for each), an at least tacit agreement between the two parties to beat the RN gives the following situation to the Assembly:

  • At least 236 seats for Together!
  • 186 seats at least for the NUPES

Contrary to appearances, NUPES and Together! therefore have an interest in cooperating to share the assembly. Each will get higher payoffs by only waging apparent war, but tacitly allying to beat the RN.

Why Macron prefers a relative rather than an absolute majority

This natural cooperation between NUPES and Ensemble! (provided it remains hidden to deceive the voter, of course) is justified by political considerations.

As we know, faced with his European partners, Macron must enter a phase of reductions in deficits, and therefore in public spending. It is also for this reason that he systematically returns to the question of retirement at age 65. For our neighbours, who have all made an austerity effort, French social deficits indeed sound like a provocation.

We also know that Macron is, at heart, a civil servant with a low propensity to cut public spending. His first term showed that abundantly.

A nice way to get out of this looming quagmire would be for him to have only a relative majority, with a strong challenge to European budgetary orthodoxy by a strong opposition formed around Mélenchon.

So, when it suits him, Macron could go to Brussels with a majority of circumstance to demand new spending. And when Brussels is too rigorous, it could argue the weight of the opposition to discard…

There is no other way to explain this departure, in the middle of the highly disputed between-tours, of the President to Eastern Europe.




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4 Comments on Is Macron Voluntarily Letting Melenchon Win the Legislative Elections?

  1. @Michael

    “There’s (fake) duality on small topics, but not on topics that matter.”

    Yes, exactly. Fake and noisy duality on small topics, but complete agreement on war and parasitism, a spectacular incompetence and psychopathic greed.
    (By the way, Mélenchon always was a defender of China, and, cherry on the cake, a sexual predator.)

  2. (ER Editor) Agreed – fake differences to keep the left/right fake opposition alive. But cohesion on the big, globalist themes.

  3. @Danse Your political analysis makes sense to me. Although my distance from French politics is too great, I recognise what you are saying with my own country the Netherlands. There’s (fake) duality on small topics, but not on topics that matter. The result an ever continuing move toward globalism, erosion of nation states, elections be damned.

  4. I am stunned at the superficiality of the conclusion by Verhaeghe, like often.
    Mélenchon is a tool that is introduced to serve the utter destruction of all remaining memory of the rights French people had since de Gaulles’s “5th Republic”. In the name of equality or whatever key words.

    In addition, Melenchon with all the noise he makes is a huge perfect smoke screen to continue focusing media and people on dramas fabricated all over the place in order to maintain fear, despair, predation and division, all in the name of the protection of Earth (hence his surname “Khmer vert”). The aim is to prevent People from thinking and seeing the invisible forces behind the curtain that need to be enabled to take them to total slavery.

    First, a part of the few who voted Mélenchon will believe there is hope or at least a minimum opposition. They will lose precious time believing in this apparent new “war” on the political field, that is already clearly a fake war, but one that serves like all other wars to occupy minds, so they might be entrapped in the predators’ net. Spiritually also.

    Mélenchon is just an addition to the predators’ arsenal, to whitewash and complete the nefarious decisions taken by Macron under the disguise of socially people-friendly mottos like “equality”, “creating a new world” (“6th republic”), all fake. Just the reverse of the same coin.

    Macron was: “you will own nothing and I’ll sh*t on you and you will be unhappy”
    Mélenchon is the new method: “you will own nothing but it is for your good because I love you all and you will smile because smiling is mandatory”.

    ===The pretense to be under pressure by his “opposition” vis a vis the EU is nothing compared to the new level of lies the predators plan to use against the People to destroy their lives and prevent Human beings from taking back their POWER.===

    You might be interested in listening to the investigations conducted under hypnosis by the European team Grifasi, unfortunately less in English than in French where you can compare the results of various research into each subject, but I really recommend you throw an ear, and Michel van der Kemp too.

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