Is Global Trade Order on Verge of Collapse?

Global Trade Order on Verge of Collapse?


Global Trade Order on Verge of Collapse?

Reaction to President Trump’s pending tariffs on steel and aluminum from China and the E.U., as well as his tough demands on both Canada and Mexico in the ongoing NAFTA renegotiations, has been that of panic among globalists and their establishment media pundits. Many in the international community are clamoring that the end of their beloved Bretton Woods system of globally managed commerce and overlapping regional governance-building “trade” schemes is at hand.

On Friday, Trump warned about possible new sanctions on cars from the European Union via Twitter:

Based on the Tariffs and Trade Barriers long placed on the U.S. & its great companies and workers by the European Union, if these Tariffs and Barriers are not soon broken down and removed, we will be placing a 20% Tariff on all of their cars coming into the U.S. Build them here!

On Sunday, the president again took to Twitter, reiterating his commitment to putting American workers first and no longer letting the United States fall victim to an international system that benefits other countries at America’s expense.

“The United States is insisting that all countries that have placed artificial Trade Barriers and Tariffs on goods going into their country, remove those Barriers & Tariffs or be met with more than Reciprocity by the U.S.A. Trade must be fair and no longer a one way street!” Trump tweeted.

Trump’s ultimatum for fair trade that is reciprocal and equally beneficial to the United States is causing many overseas observers to panic, fearing an end to their globalist trade regime.

Anxiety in Asia

“The rules-based order that had guided much of the world since World War II has broken down. It has most definitely fractured on global trade, and, after a tumultuous G-7 meeting this month, followed by an unprecedented summit meeting in Singapore, appears to be changing for global diplomacy as well,” Narayan Ramachandran — the former head of Morgan Stanley in India from 2007-2010 — wrote early Monday morning.

And the man being blamed for breaking down the much revered “rules-based order” is none other than President Donald Trump, who Ramachandran describes as being a narcissist, while romanticizing an affinity for Henry Kissinger.

“US President Donald Trump is publicly taking on his allies and talking with his adversaries. Global diplomacy has always had a healthy dose of ego and personality (remember Henry Kissinger?) but when a country’s long-held principles and positions become hostage to narcissism and whimsicality, you have the makings of disaster — most particularly when it comes from the most powerful country on earth,” Ramachandran complained.

In the eyes of those who regularly promote the idea of a new world order, everything that can go wrong is going wrong.

Why this fear? In the case of Ramachandran, he believes that “India is one of the greatest beneficiaries of the older [meaning the current, globalist] order.” He further explains how India “stands to benefit from open trade of goods and services” by surrendering its own national sovereignty and independence in exchange for becoming more “integrated within the global system.”

According to Ramachandran, “As a consequence, pressures to ‘transfer’ wealth within India’s borders will increase.” Apparently that’s the “consequence” of Trump instead not transferring America’s wealth abroad through continued imbalanced trade agreements that erode America’s sovereignty and prosperity.

Without the transfer or spreading of America’s wealth abroad in the form of foreign aid, subsidized loans to foreign governments provided by American taxpayer money, or unfair trade agreements in which the American worker is greatly disadvantaged by cheap overseas labor, countries such as India will be forced to put their own house in order. And that is a terrible thing for those who’ve grown to love the tightening shackles and chains of interdependence.

Fears From the Far East

Regarding Trump’s tariffs on China, the East Asia Forum (EAF) — a globalist nonprofit organization — similarly warns:

“The world’s two largest economies are skirmishing around the brink of a global trade war. This dangerous development puts at risk the international trading system that underpins prosperity in the global economy.”

And like Ramachandran, EAF goes on to present Trump’s policy as the culprit behind this pending doom to the new world order’s trade agenda. “The US administration’s ‘America first’ agenda has brought uncertainty to the global economy,” the EAF stated. In other words, Trump’s unthinkable policies of putting American interests first, rather than those of the “global community,” undermine the entire world economic order.

EAF briefly concedes that “Adjusting to China’s rise was always going to be difficult to manage for the United States, its allies and the established order.” However, despite the admitted “difficulty” of the Asian communist power ascending to world leadership, the problem is really Trump, the EAF contends. “But President Trump has raised the stakes and multiplied the risks,” added the EAF, chastising the president.

Outlook From the World Trade Organization

In a separate lamentation published on the EAF website over the weekend, Director-General of the World Trade Organization Roberto Azevêdo likewise writes of his fears about the possible end to the “global trading system.”

Defending the world order system, Azevêdo contends, “You could argue that global trade governance has actually been the quietest success story of the post-war era…. It’s important to remember what we could stand to lose if the current tensions lead to an unmanageable escalation of tit-for-tat trade policy actions.”

Liberty-loving constitutionalists jealous of their nation’s sovereignty and independence likewise recognize what the globalists and Insiders “could stand to lose,” and it gives us reason to rejoice and to press ahead with optimism.

Azevêdo claims that the World Trade Organization has performed a vital service for the new world order in dictating how nations ought to run their domestic economic policies in conformity with globalist objectives:

The multilateral trading system, as embodied in the World Trade Organization (WTO), has been very effectively doing the job that it was created to do for many years. It has secured a foundation on which countries can base their economic planning with confidence — so much so that countries sometimes appear to take the stability and predictability of the trading system for granted in their economic planning.

Azevêdo continues, “Imagine, however, if we were suddenly presented with a scenario where the system started to falter.” Yes, it would be a dream come true, a huge victory for both national sovereignty and individual freedom.

“If tariff levels were no longer bound at the historically low levels we see today, if we could not rely on members honouring their services commitments, or if the system of settling trade disputes was to erode, the consequences would be dramatic,” Azevêdo warns.

Onward with Optimism

Here are many of the recent victories for national-sovereignty advocates, likely bringing much anxiety and insomnia to the global economic planners who desire to erase national borders and enslave the world population:

• U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

• Trump’s announcement of the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord

• Withdrawing U.S. membership from both UNESCO and the United Nations Human Rights Council, which are run by communists and despots

• Potentially reducing NAFTA to two separate bilateral trade agreements with the possibility of getting out of NAFTA altogether

• U.S. refusal to sign the 2018 G7 Communique

• Britain’s 2016 Brexit vote and pending full withdrawal from the European Union

• The growing euroskepticism and desire to withdraw from the EU across Europe

• Continued exposure and growing awareness of the Bilderberg meetings and also of the Deep State in the United States, and

• Continued introduction in Congress of the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to get the United States out the UN.

A leading organization in the fight to secure America’s sovereignty that has been credited by both friends and foes alike for laying the groundwork of educating the American people about many of the important issues that helped elect Donald Trump to the White House is The John Birch Society.

As a constitutionalist education-action nationwide organization, The John Birch Society has an array of action projects dedicated to the United States withdrawing from the UN and NAFTA, warning of a future North American Union akin to the European Union, and stopping the so-called free trade agenda designed to facilitate the international merger of nations.

Anyone interested in doing something to help stop the global trade order undermining American prosperity and liberty should consider getting active in the Society. Learn more about JBS at or for membership options.


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