Germany’s Days in the EU Sun – Will Trump End or Extend Them?

Germany’s Days in the EU Sun – Will Trump End or Extend Them?


Germany has more-or-less run EU policy for the last decade and a half. Today, with a political wasteland of failed policies littering Europe, the globalist idealists are in huge trouble. “Huge!” in the way President Donald Trump uses the euphemism. Here’s a candid look at the coming demise of a once noble idea. The EU, and the “Trump boost” trend to the right.

AngelaMerkelpointingAngela Merkel’s CDU is in hot water these days, and the temperature is rising. Here in the villages near Germany’s oldest city of Trier, even her most staunch supporters wonder at the refugee and other crumbling policies. Winemakers to shopkeepers, road builders and taxi drivers have begun to act very “American” in their disappointment of Merkel. Despite the propaganda newspapers and tabloids, even under the state owned TV noise, the reality of failure is sinking in. Germany, the most socialist state you can imagine, is in for a rude awakening soon. And Donald Trump may be the bucket of ice cold water on the sleepy Germans. This does not mean, however, that the globalist elite are giving up. I’ll briefly explain how many believe Germany has run other EU nations into the ground, before showing how globalist dissent signals the coming of Trump style nationalism to Europe.

German bankers and elites have exerted massive control over European peoples in the last thirty years. Truth be told, these Frankfurt/Luxembourg money lenders have been pulling the levers since more than a century now. I don’t want to bore the reader with new world order (NWO) dramas here though. An article on CNBC (ironically) can make my case for me here. The piece is about the Germans’ effort to take over the European Central Bank (ECB). A quote from author, Dr. Michael Ivanovitch’s report will suffice:

“Having thrown millions of Europeans into unemployment, poverty and destitution with the imposition of harsh fiscal austerity on countries already choking under recessionary pressures, Germany continues to challenge the ECB’s conduct of independent policies with instruments and credit intermediation channels that are strictly within its mandate.”

Germany has been the motivating force behind austerity. It should come as no surprise that it was these same bankers who lured Greeks and other emerging nations to borrow money up to the hilt. Backed by assurances like Goldman Sachs and other money changers like George Soros, the richest of the rich and powerful in central Europe took great advantage. This is widely accepted, and incontrovertible.

The problem for Germany now is that the brand of socialism that has turned the country into a virtual welfare state cannot be sustained now. Few people in the country question where the money comes from to pay for all these green pastures in Deutschland, but their apathy and acquiescence cannot support a DeutscheBanksystem propped up on the misery of others. Those who back Angela Merkel, and most of the politicians in the Bundesregierung, cannot perpetuate a bankrupt lie much longer. Germans may not care where the social programs are paid for from, but the staggering German debt, the massive German bank red ink have come at a cost to other nations plain and simple. Deutsche Bank is not the only institution on the ropes; the Germans may be sitting on a financial bubble ten times worse than the Lehman Brothers’ disaster. It’s rumored that Deutsche Bank has more than $25 trillion in over the counter (OTC) swaps and other cloudy deals with the various central banks of the central banks in Europe and abroad. Without the economics lesson, this mirrors what is going on with other western banking institutions, the IMF, the World Bank, the US Fed, in London, and etc. To simplify all this, the EU is a rapidly collapsing racket where nations like Greece, Romania, Spain, and even Italy provided a cushion for the “chosen” in the heart of Europe. Placated with constant corporate or state owned media, and a good dose of a Dutch Treat-like socialsim, Berlin might as well have been the capital of a Fourth Reich bent on control. Short version, Eastern and Southern Europe paid for central European prosperity. And now they are paying too much.

If once can accept that Germany and other rich nations in the EU did not act on behalf of the whole, then understanding why Donald Trump is such a threat is much easier. One might also understand why Russia and Vladimir Putin are such evil foes to EU politicians, if analyzing the unsustainable socialism has to “spread” in order to be maintained. Again this gets into macro-economic theories, but those among you with fiscal expertise will be thoughtful there. Turning to President Donald Trump signals and the shadow game these bankers are playing, one only needs to look as far as the globalist news sources. This quote from the far-left wing and the Washington Post tells us all we need to know about the German politics of desperation, and an alleged far-left resurgence:

“What is happening in Germany is the kind of Trump bump perhaps never foreseen by his supporters — a boost not for the German nationalists viewed as Trump’s natural allies but for his fiercest critics in the center left. The Social Democrats (SPD) have bounced back under the charismatic Martin Schulz, the former head of the European Parliament who took over as party chairman last month and is now staging a surprisingly strong bid to unseat Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

MartinSchulzAuthor Anthony Faiola spins the German political shell game nicely, if unconvincingly. The article is complete subterfuge, Martin Schulz (pictured) is yet another “yes man” for these same bankers. He is the second horse and a two horse race Frankfurt needs to win. Like the old good-cop bad-cop routine, the German people are being offered the same choice – more failing policies aimed at covering up a disaster. Faiola makes good use of mixing truth and misinformation to get his point across. Speaking about Schulz:

“His anti-Trump platform comes as Germans are questioning American power more than at any point since the end of the Cold War, illustrating an erosion of allied faith in the new era of “America first.”

Merkel is anti-Trump, Schulz is anti-Trump, media giants Bertelsmann and Axel Spring are anti-Trump, state TV is anti-Trump, and Germans have been questioning US power inside their country since 1945! Maybe the picture is more clear now: reading the news from the globalists backwards reveals the truth. Let me leave off with this. A recent poll publicized by Bloomberg said that Germans are now more concerned with Donald Trump policies than they are with those of Vladimir Putin. I’m not sure what other leaders were stuck in the German worry quiz, but okay. The FG Wahlen poll for ZDF (Merkel and the state) television showed Trump as more or less as Satan, with Putin coming in at the anti-Christ level. But the fact Bloomberg votes for Martin Schulz underneath, this tells free thinkers all they need to know. Trump is feared like a beast by those that screwed the EU up in the first place. End of story.


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