UN Demands Ban on Trump-style “Nationalist Populism”

UN Demands Ban on Trump-style “Nationalist Populism”


UN Demands Ban on Trump-style “Nationalist Populism”

BRINDISI, Italy — The United Nations is seriously stepping up its campaign to undermine free speech, online freedom, and a surge in opposition to globalism worldwide. Pointing to what it calls “international law” against racism and “intolerance,” the UN is demanding a global crackdown on fundamental human rights as well as what is described as “nationalist populism.” In particular, the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment must go. As part of the attack, political and economic ideas the UN hates — populism, concern about corrupt elites, nationalism, individual liberty, borders, and more — are also now officially in the UN’s crosshairs. Basically, opposition to globalism and open borders is now racism that must be crushed by government, according to the arguments made in a new UN report to the UN General Assembly and the UN “Human Rights Council.” Christians and conservatives have a giant UN bullseye painted on their back.

The threat to the most basic liberties and national identity from the UN is deep and broad. And it is becoming increasingly obvious. From disgorging reports demanding laws criminalizing freedom of speech, to re-appointing an actual Chinese Communist to run the agency they hope will regulate the Internet, the UN is getting bolder in its escalating assault on even the most basic freedoms. It even labeled British politicians and media as racists this month for challenging an unhinged UN “investigation.” The UN attacks also come amid growing efforts by the European Union and Big Tech giants to censor the World Wide Web — and to silence all critics of globalism, homosexuality, open borders, Islam, and more. However, as that happens, the globalist would-be speech controllers are increasingly being defied and ridiculed by the public around the world.

Screenshot 2018 11 12 MsAchiume jpg JPEG Image 200 324 pixelsThe latest shoe to drop in the UN war on speech came from fringe leftist activist Tendayi Achiume (shown), whose formal title is literally “UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” According to her biography at UCLA, the assistant law professor’s work focuses on “the global governance of racism and xenophobia.” In other words, she is a globalist and a professional race hustler hoping to implement global speech controls. Another one of her interests is flooding what remains of Western Christian civilization with massive immigration from alien cultures, part of what she calls “Migration as Decolonization.” Achiume, identified by the UN as a Zambian, also has worked for South Africa’s notoriously corrupt judicial system dominated by the African National Congress (ANC) and its South African Communist Party controllers.

In a new report to the discredited UN “Human Rights Council,” Achiume claims “ascendant nationalist populist ideologies and strategies pose a sobering threat to racial equality by fuelling discrimination, intolerance and the creation of institutions and structures that will have enduring legacies of racial exclusion.” Translated into normal English, for Americans who do not inhabit the tax-funded world of far-left academia, Achiume is claiming that the agenda promoted by U.S. President Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and many other national leaders, is racist and illegal. Ironically, the UN “human rights” outfit is literally dominated by mass murderers and tyrants — the regimes ruling Cuba, China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and more all sit on it. And so, the U.S. government recently withdrew.

But the sentiments expressed in the new report are not new. Indeed, the report celebrates attacks by anti-Trump activist and former UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights” Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, a prince for an Islamic dictatorship, against a number of popular elected leaders. The report says Hussein, who resigned in disgrace over scandalous persecution of whistleblowers and protecting child-raping UN officials, “rightly” took a “bold stand” by “publicly denouncing” them. Among the victims of Hussein’s vitriol: Norbert Hofer (Austria), Miloš Zeman (Czech Republic), Marine Le Pen (France), Viktor Orbán (Hungary), Geert Wilders (Netherlands), Robert Fico (Slovakia), Nigel Farage (pictured – United Kingdom), and Trump. Italy and its new anti-establishment alliance in power are singled out repeatedly in the new report.

Hussein compared Trump’s “tactics” to ISIS and called the president “dangerous,” suggesting Trump could be prosecuted for his comments exposing the “fake news” media. The new UN report, meanwhile, describes Trump’s rhetoric as “xenophobic,” “misogynistic,” and more. “In the United States, President Donald Trump’s xenophobic nationalist populist rhetoric has consistently stigmatized and vilified migrants, refugees and racial and ethnic minorities,” the UN report claims without citing examples, suggesting that Trumpism is a violation of the UN’s “international law.” Why the same taxpayers who elected those leaders should be forced to finance the UN’s increasingly unhinged attacks on their own elected leaders was not made clear. But the fact that the UN believes Trumpism and similar viewpoints should be made illegal was perfectly clear.

Populism is defined in the report as concern over corrupt, conspiring “elites” working against the people. “Generally speaking, the ideology of populism focuses on societal cleavage between unaccountable or corrupt elites and the people, a general populace viewed as exploited or neglected by those power-holding elites,” said the UN report, without acknowledging that such a situation exists — provably so — not just in America but worldwide. “Nationalist populism often successfully advances heteronormative, patriarchal visions of the nation, and a version of traditional values.” Populists also do not approve of the murder of unborn children, euphemistically referred to in the report as “reproductive and sexual rights.”

In other words, anyone concerned about global elites building a totalitarian “New World Order” while undermining morality is a populist, and therefore an evil racist and potentially even genocidal. At least that is what the UN and its fringe “special rapporteur” want people to believe. And because racism, intolerance, and discrimination are supposedly banned by what the UN calls “international law,” the UN and many of its member governments and dictatorships feel not just entitled to wage war against “populists” and “nationalists” — but obligated to. Basically, the UN and the shady characters that congregate around its disgraced “Human Rights” apparatus — communists, socialists, Islamists, radical LGBT activists, dictators, abortion advocates, and others — seem to have realized that their narrative is coming apart at the seams.


The Achiume report goes on to argue that despite some tyranny, “left-wing” populism is really no big deal, because it is “oriented toward internationalism” and groups people into “social classes” rather than viewing them as distinct nations, peoples, religions, and so on. Meanwhile, “right-wing” varieties of populism such as those emerging in Europe and the United States support nationhood rather than globalism, and therefore must be combated by the UN. In particular, the report and its author claim “multiculturalism” is under threat from right-wing nationalist populists and that this multiculturalism must be expanded and preserved über alles. Basically, only National Socialists (Nazis) and racists do not love globalism, multiculturalism, and open borders, the tax-funded report argues, absurdly. And they are very dangerous, supposedly.

Yet, as an example of the horror unleashed when these “nationalist populists” rise to power, she pointed to demands for photo ID to vote. Seriously. Another example of the terrors waiting to befall humanity if “nationalist populists” take power is the “Stop Soros” Act in Hungary, aimed at reining in the subversion and mass illegal migration being funded by the extremist U.S.-based billionaire. Finally, the report warns that “nationalist populists” often oppose feminism and “gender mainstreaming.” A “far-right” presidential candidate in Austria even had the nerve to say that “the legal definition of marriage presumed the intention to produce and raise children.” And some female politicians in America argued that the slaughter of unborn children should be outlawed! Oh, the horror!

Part of the reason that resistance has escalated to the UN-backed New World Order agenda is that “new forms of media,” particularly online, have helped rouse the public, the report warns. And so, governments must actively work to stop it. “States,” the report says, meaning governments, have a “legal obligation to combat the structural effects of nationalist populism.” Indeed, they must go even further. According to the report, “international law” supposedly “requires” governments to combat not just actual discrimination, but even “de facto or unintentional racial discrimination.” And because everything the UN does not like is defined as racial discrimination or intolerance, including support for “populism” or “nationalism,” governments all over the world are required to wage war on everything and everyone the UN hates. See how that works?

Governments must also ban “hate speech” or other forms of expression that might “incite” to “discrimination” or “intolerance” against immigrants, homosexuals, Muslims, individuals confused about their gender, and so on. Indeed, the UN report is packed with demands for banning all sorts of speech — even indirect or symbolic speech that might be in code — that the UN claims is banned under “international law.” Of course, the First Amendment specifically prohibits any government prohibitions on speech. And yet, even though American taxpayers are by far the largest financiers of the dictators’ club, the UN demands their Constitution and their God-given rights be trampled. Ironically, the whole concept of “hate speech” was first promoted by the mass-murdering regime in the Soviet Union to ban speech it hated.

Now the UN has taken up the cry. “Action is required by more states to implement anti-hate speech laws and ensure equality and non-discrimination including online, in accordance with international human rights law,” claimed Achiume, the fringe left-wing UN rapporteur behind the report, in a press release. “Criminal and civil penalties alone will not put an end to racial and xenophobic intolerance. A state’s first step must be explicit recognition that the proliferation of nationalist populist mobilizations and Neo-Nazi groups threaten racial equality.” Technology companies must do more to censor and silence Christians, conservatives, and others who oppose the UN agenda, she suggested, calling for a ban on “extremist, sensationalist, conspiratorial” news and material as well. And “education” to combat “nationalist populism” is also needed, the surreal report concluded.

Meanwhile, a separate UN bureaucrat last week accused British lawmakers of racism for ridiculing the UN’s ongoing “investigation” into “poverty” in the United Kingdom. “Unfortunately several recent visits to the U.K. by UN Special Rapporteurs have been marred by misleading, hostile and occasionally racist reportage,” whined the UN in a statement. “At times this reporting appears to have been encouraged by MPs and on occasion government ministers.” The UN also smeared political leaders including Prime Minister Theresa May for allegedly having “undermined” their “work.” Of course, their work deserves to be ridiculed — it is practically a parody of itself! But saying that is now potentially illegal hate speech in UN world.

The same totalitarian ideologists and servants of mass-murdering dictators working to ban criticism of their evil have made great progress installing their minions up and down the “multilateral” system. In the European Union, the EU pseudo-Parliament just voted for a resolution demanding that criticism of Islam or the LGBT agenda be punished all over Europe. Meanwhile, the primary UN agency that globalists are grooming to regulate and censor the Internet, known as the UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU), just re-elected a Communist Chinese agent named Houlin Zhao for the top job. This is the same tyrant who, after his first election, claimed censorship was in the eye of the beholder.

The fact that the UN and the forces behind it have become so desperate that they are willing to demand full-blown censorship and persecution of those who disagree with their agenda is telling. It means that globalists, communists, Islamists, and others working through the UN system to wage war on Western Christian civilization realize they are losing the war for hearts and minds. Even a rigged marketplace of ideas featuring shadow bans and rigged Google algorithms is not enough. Instead, the totalitarians demand that thought criminals who believe in life, liberty, nation-states, the Bible, and more be terrorized, prosecuted, and silenced by the state. That means the good guys are winning. But the battle will be raging for a long time to come — and the outcome is by no means certain.


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