GcMAF: The Genie is Well and Truly Out of the Bottle

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

The video below, of a recent interview by Ian Crane of David Noakes and Lyn Thyer, offers an update on the legal persecution (strong language intended and justified) of Noakes and Thyer by the British and French authorities for their manufacture, use and sale of GcMAF, a protein that the body naturally produces and which effects the natural curing of disease including cancer.

David Noakes recently completed 5 months of incarceration in Wandsworth jail in London, and has been released under surveillance by tagging. Both of them now face being extradited to France, although the British judge’s ruling on this has not yet come down. In France they would likely spend more than 2 years in detention just awaiting the start of their trial. French jails are known to be the worst in Europe; the case against them has no evidence to back it up. Noakes makes the important point that EU laws applicable in Britain enabled this persecution to happen. Much is discussed in this video, including:

  1. The free trials Noakes and Thyer made of GcMAF to stage 4 (terminal) cancer patients and the high rate of success.
  2. The solid scientific research that backs up GcMAF’s efficacy in curing disease and cancer.
  3. The 1939 Cancer Act (UK) which prevents doctors from being able to discuss other treatment options for cancer, including DIET.
  4. How Big Pharma controls the political landscape via its henchmen on the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Regulating Authority) so that laws regulating medicines means non-Big Pharma competitors are automatically shut out.
  5. The work of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet using GcMAF on autistic children; his murder following the raid on his office; the deaths of many more doctors.

As Ian Crane observes, ‘the GcMAF genie is out of the bottle’. Please visit this site – mhracorrupt.st – to sign the petition demanding the closure of this so-called medicine regulating body that simply serves as a front for Big Pharma’s control of our bodies.

We also recommend this piece we ran in February, 2018, titled Cancer & Autism: Mysterious Deaths of Alternative Health Doctors Who Have Real Cures Not Approved by the FDA.



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  1. The powerful people and organisations that suppress this knowledge are, without doubt, murderers!!All in pursuit of power and money.
    I console myself in that, as they lie on their deathbeds the will they suffer,for they will have to face their maker===not a pleasant prosspect.

  2. I feel so disheartened by this. It just let’s everyone else know if they discover anything good for humanity that it has to be a secret and only shared among close personal friends. Which is a shame . Big pharma cares about no one , only money. Thus the government actually cares about nobody! Maybe someday people will realize something needs to be done about our so called leaders.

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