French Immigration Protest Group Génération Identitaire To Be Dissolved

ER Editor: We published this on the group Génération Identitaire on September 1, 2019 – Three Young French Identitarians receive harsh prison sentences for Alps border action. This was our introduction, which describes the protest action GI took back in April 2018, which in turn landed 3 of its organizers in jail for up to six months:

Back in April of 2018, around 100 young people of the right-wing youth group Génération Identitaire staged a type of protest and border check at an alpine pass in the Alps near a town called Gap, a typical point through which illegal migrants enter France from Italy. They handed over 4 illegals to the authorities according to reports. They were clearly marked by their royal blue outfits and banners (see image). As the FreeWest Media report indicates below, three of its principal members have each received a 6-month prison sentence, considered to be very harsh as well as political, but sadly in keeping with the draconian police and judicial treatment of the Yellow Vests in the last few months, which has been condemned by international bodies.

A group led by General Antoine Martinez, called ‘Volontaires pour la France’, said the following in a communiqué of this past week, supporting the action of the young people and criticising the response of the government:

Before the State’s incapacity to apply the laws of the Republic to stop the illegal entry of migrants, the State being unable to guarantee territorial integrity in accordance with Article V of the French Constitution, the young Identitarians had decided to conduct, symbolically and peacefully, a publicized operation at the Col de l’Echelle in April 2018. They thus showed that it was possible to protect the borders if there is a will to do so.

Martinez goes on to criticise the double standards at play. The UN Migration Compact signed in Marrakech at the end of last year permits illegal migrants to act in such a manner with total impunity, yet patriots who want to defend their borders and culture are not permitted to do so, even though the UN Migration Compact is claimed to be non-binding.


Now, as of last Friday, the group has been targeted for dissolution and has 10 days to respond. See this tweet from RFI (MSM language alert):


Just a few days ago, Marine Le Pen went head to head on TV with French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. Out of this duel came headlines saying that Darmanin had been tougher against Islam than Le Pen! An election approaches in 2022 and Macron’s party will be desperate to make sure Le Pen doesn’t win (she’s had a slight lead in the polls of late, which isn’t hard to do given the government’s radically dictatorial, scaremongering approach to the virus problem. We still have a 6pm curfew every day, even when people are trying to get home from work). Out of this TV event also came the group’s dissolution.

Attacking Islam while shutting down Génération Identitaire would seem to be the Macron government’s way to neutralize the Le Pen vote while drawing in those à la Soros who think that having a reasonable, restrictive immigration policy is out and out racism. Playing both sides.


This is the reaction by GI that can be found on the site Volontaires pour la France:

This Friday, February 12, 4 police officers officially notified the president of Génération Identitaire of the government’s intention to initiate the dissolution of our association.

This scandalous announcement is not based on any serious fact. First of all, we are accused of forming a “private militia”. The Minister of the Interior thus criticizes our action “Defend Europe” in the Alps, even though we have been completely discharged, and the one in the Pyrenees, which did not cause “any disturbance to public order” according to the prefect of the Region.

Gérald Darmanin also accuses us of “inciting hatred”, a vague concept that only aims to criminalize any opposition to the migratory invasion and for which we have never been condemned.

We will, of course, use all legal avenues to invalidate this iniquitous decision that violates our elementary liberties.

You can count on us. We will not give up and we will fight to the end.

More than ever, we need you.

Help us by signing this petition now and spreading it as widely as possible around you.

This is the link to their site:

On their site they reveal a recent lie made by the government and its general posturing:

On January 5, 2021, the authorities had supposedly closed the Col du Portillon, on the French-Spanish border, for “migratory and terrorist” risk. Génération Identitaire wanted to make sure this was not the case… and was able to verify that it was not the case. Clearly, the Minister of the Interior cannot stand that his pseudo-toughness turns out to be a show-off once again.

While Gérald Darmanin manifests his will to ban Génération Identitaire, let us recall that of the 132 Islamist mosques listed in France, his ministry has closed only 9.
While France is confronted with an unprecedented risk of jihadist attack, the priority is to fight against Islamism, not to persecute those who fight it.

Let us denounce the political masquerade of this government which wants to dissolve a perfectly legal association in order to conceal its failures in all domains.


Below, Christian Vanneste of the site Boulevard Voltaire gives us a useful perspective on what this means.


Who will be offended by the dissolution of Identity Generation?


The less politicians show themselves capable of solving problems, the more they take refuge in staging, confusing the two meanings of the word actor and considering citizens as spectators. The so-called public television service obediently lent itself to this evolution by offering a duel between the president of the Rassemblement National (ER: Marine Le Pen) and the Minister of the Interior (ER: Macron stooge Gerald Darmanin). But for the minister and the creation of his image, the show did not end with the broadcast. Shortly afterwards, he initiated the procedure for the dissolution of Génération identitaire.

One can understand the maneuver: just as the minister avoided stigmatizing Islam alone and suggested that Catholic traditionalists or evangelical Protestants could also present risks, he had to censor Génération identitaire, hostile to Muslim immigration, just as he had attacked BarakaCity or the recently dissolved CCIF. One detail undoubtedly escaped him: if Islamists commit attacks against the French, no “identity” group has committed an attack against a French person, or even an immigrant. This hypocritical desire for balance is a shabby act of politicking that instrumentalizes the law while at the same time distorting reality. Clément Weill-Raynal observes that Génération Identitaire militants have never been condemned, nor do they advocate or practice violence, unlike the small antifascist groups or the Black Blocs, which are hardly touched.

Many of the media do not take offence at this dissolution. For a long time now, single thought and political correctness have led to a decline in freedom of expression in France and with the complicity of many “journalists”. This time, the injustice and discretionary nature of the measure have taken us completely out of the realm of democracy and the rule of law. The freedom to express one’s opinion and the freedom to demonstrate to defend it are constitutional rights. Their limitation may have been increased, but neither the ideas nor the actions of Generation Identity are subject to sanctions. There is no racial hatred, since it is against excessive and insufficiently controlled immigration that the association demonstrates, not against a particular ethnic group.

But can’t Islamophobia be blamed on them? Islam is not a race but a religion. The increase of its presence on our territory obviously poses problems. Saying this is not a crime but an opinion. Is it expressed in violence? No. Moreover, the Justice Department has recently released the members of the association for their actions in Poitiers and in the Alps. Do they disturb public order? Not even, since these demonstrations are purely symbolic and systematically avoid a relationship of physical force. Are they accused of being a militia? Do we know what they are? An armed group in recognizable dress seeking to enforce its law instead of the forces of law and order, like the watchmen of the lost neighborhoods of the Republic or the Chechen group that came to attack those in a neighborhood of Dijon. Génération identitaire is exactly the opposite: small unarmed groups of unarmed people raise a banner in order to symbolically underline a lack of public order in our country: the fact that the borders are not guarded, that illegal migrants are numerous in certain places, that racist and clearly anti-French demonstrations that are at the same time hostile to the police can take place.

Whatever our convictions on Islamism or immigration, the dissolution of Génération identitaire signals a drift of the current government towards a state where the law is no longer the same for all, where the patriotic Frenchman is stigmatized more than the one who hates our country and says so loud and clear by brandishing his national identity card. To oppose this dissolution is to defend democracy and the rule of law! It is also defending France!




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