France’s Constitutional Council Rejects Citizens’ Claims of Election Fraud Due to Outdated Law

ER Editor: One more surprising element in the French election story showing how thoroughly corrupt the country is.

We had reported how, following last Sunday’s presidential election, it quickly became apparent that there had been shenanigans with the electronic vote-counting process, as shown by vote counts on one of the government-sponsored TV channels, France 2. (We don’t mean that voters were using voting machines, simply that the electronic compilation of the vote on TV via the Ministry of the Interior had problems.) Le Pen had been somewhat ahead, then suddenly lost a chunk of votes while Macron stampeded to a 4 million vote victory by night’s end. See Monkey Business in the French Elections? Looks Like It. An appeal on behalf of citizens was filed by several lawyers: Request to Cancel Results of the Second Round of the French Presidential Elections.

Now it seems that the Registry of France’s Constitutional Council won’t accept these submissions. Why? Because the outdated law only allows a candidate or a representative of the state to challenge election results. Citizens are excluded! We predict even more suspicion over Le Pen’s weird “I’m-the-loser-but-it’s perfectly-OK” attitude, as she is not likely to issue any challenge to the results. Benjamin Fulford gave us a reason on Monday why this might be.

And yes, it is mentioned by one of the lawyers below that the SERVERS hosting French national, sovereign business, in this case election results of France’s Ministry of the Interior, are hosted by an AMERICAN company in Ashburn, VA. And in fact, the data of other French government ministries such as defense and intelligence, &etc. are held on the same servers. It APPEARS that OVH servers in Roubaix, France are holding all government information, but it’s not the case.

France may be waking up very fast.


Fraud in the presidential election: the registry of the Constitutional Council refuses to transmit the citizen appeal


The presidential frauds feed many concerns and many rumors hastily qualified as conspiracy by the subsidized press which openly called to vote Emmanuel Macron. Curiously enough, the registry of the Constitutional Council seems to have taken it upon itself to declare inadmissible the appeal filed by several lawyers, including Carlo Brusa and Maud Marian (and many others) on the famous France 2 affair. Serious questions about the commitment of the famous Constitutional Council, which is gradually ruining the reputation of independence that it had more or less managed to preserve up to now.

Everyone has heard of this famous inconsistency between the results displayed, on election night, by the public channel France 2, presented as being directly linked to the Ministry of the Interior, and the final results given… by the same Ministry of the Interior, a few tens of minutes later, where Marine Le Pen had mysteriously lost more than a million votes.

In fact, the electoral law provides that only a candidate (or a representative of the State) can contest the results of an election after the closing of the polls. Here we come across an oversight or a gap in French law: citizens are strangely excluded from the control of a central process in democracy.

The French results processed… in the USA!

As Maud Marian, co-editor of the appeal against the presidential election result, points out, this legal gap poses serious problems in view of the evolution, and especially the computerization of the electoral process itself.

With regard to voting machines, his colleague Tarek Koraitem has already explained to us the troublesome legal problems: illegal installation of voting machines, vagueness about the procedures for checking these machines, complete uncertainty about their operation and their regularity.

Regarding the computer processing of the results after the counting, Maud Marian raises another embarrassing point: the aggregation of the results by the Ministry of the Interior escapes all control, and takes place on servers… hosted in the USA, under American control!

Those who remember the disputes at the time of the counting of the results during the last American presidential election will not be reassured.

Law has not kept up with technology

As we can see, French electoral law is obsolete and completely ignores the problems posed by the technological innovations that have occurred since the adoption of the Constitution in 1958… Which makes for a heck of a lot of changes to integrate.

Maud Marian, Carlo Brusa, and the group of lawyers who prepared the appeal before the Council, have the merit of proposing “praetorian” developments, that is to say, decided by the judge, to adapt the law to its weather.

Very surprisingly, this request, which seems legitimate, is currently blocked by the registry of the Constitutional Council, which has announced its intention not to forward it to the Council. Such a refusal can only feed suspicions and, as Maud Marian points out, democracy has every interest in purging the electoral process of any toxic suspicion.




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4 Comments on France’s Constitutional Council Rejects Citizens’ Claims of Election Fraud Due to Outdated Law

  1. Fraud short overview :
    (Reminder : this has been going on at this scale since Sarkozy 2007)

    #Elections Résumé: Je crois que j’ai bien dévié des sujets #Covid, apparemment je n’ai pas encore perdu tous mes followers donc merci d’être encore là
    Donc s’il y a une fraude, je dirais plutôt DES #fraudes. Il faudrait plusieurs actions qui semblent anodines si on les considère séparément, mais qui permettent ensemble d’avoir un impact suffisant pour faire gagner environ 1.649.000 voix, la différence entre Macron et Marine le Pen.
    Pour résumer mes posts:
    Macron à 28%, pourquoi on doute? LREM à 7% en 2021 aux régionales
    Abstention, vraiment? Les médias l’annoncent alors qu’on a des files partout
    Bizarre ces scores de Macron de 40% à 48% à l’ouest de Paris?
    Contraintes et stratégie si on voulait frauder:
    Influence des médias (je sépare cela d’une fraude):
    Fact Checkers & Twitter veulent censurer les questions de fraude (rien que ça ça me convainc d’un truc louche )
    – Possibilité de fausses procurations, faux électeurs ou usurpation de procuration?
    – Fraude rendue possible par une mauvaise gestion de listes électorales, surtout depuis 2017 avec la fin des contrôles citoyens, du contrôle des communes des listes électorales (avec l’assouplissement des mandataires d’une autre commune) avec la centralisation à l’INSEE
    – Pourquoi les militants EnMarche cherchent activement à obtenir des procurations?
    – Procurations pour les seniors, contestation d’autorisation de récolte de celle-ci par les directeurs d’EHPAD, rejetée par le Conseil d’état
    – Machines de votes qui avantagent Macron de 2.5 points (attention au fake de Dominion )
    -500.000 personnes ont reçu 2 cartes de vote
    -226.692 personnes radiées sans info
    – Possibilité de grosse erreur qui fait annuler les votes de votre bureau
    – « La fraude est impossible il faudrait trop de complicité? » Pas si problématique
    – Résultats changés après dépouillement et PV, lors de l’envoi à la mairie/ministère (Hypothèse du méchant président du bureau de vote)
    – Résultats changés lors du calcul des totaux remontés, au niveau de la mairie/ministère (#Hypothèse du méchant employé au ministère, cela peut aussi concerner les votes de l’étranger, comment sont-il contrôlés?)
    – Urne non scellée, votes de « procuration » ajoutés par après, bureaux de vote fermés quelques minutes (cela semble très risqué et anodin mais on a plusieurs échos du genre
    La question, si on additionne ces possibilités, est-ce qu’on peut modifier 1.649.000 de votes?
    (edit: notez que si on fait perdre des voix à l’adversaire par procédés similaires ça réduit l’écart à atteindre aussi, merci José
    C’est la faute des vieux.
    Des Mélenchonnistes.
    De Zemmour. Des abstentionnistes. De ceux qui ont voté.
    Je vois tout le monde se taper dessus suite aux résultats du 1er tour. C’est précisément ce qu’ils veulent.
    Si le gouvernement nous ment depuis 2 ans…
    60.6K viewsedited
    Apr 16 at 16:38

  2. Momotchi #Fraude #Elections LES éLECTIONS SONT TRUQUéEs

    🔥🔥🔥#Fraude #Elections

    Coucou les fact-checkers & #France2

    Donc les millions de #votes disparus de #LePen en direct ce dimanche 24/04 étaient dû à un bug comptant certaines communes en double?

    On a vérifié pour vous. Ca ne concerne que 270 voix 😅

    Au plus grand écart:
    2.874.345 votes perdus pour LePen
    contre seulement 268.733 perdus pour Macron.

    Vu le rapport des voix et la correction, ce sont des communes qui ont voté à plus de 90% pour LePen qui ont été impactées.
    Leur somme de votes devrait atteindre 2.8 millions.

    Alors on a compté. C’est très facile il suffit d’ouvrir ce doc

    Il n’y a que 270 votes. 270.
    Si je suis sympa, à plus de 80% on n’a que 5440 votes.

    Il reste +2.7 millions de votes disparus sans explication. 😁

    Source: site officiel des résultats au niveau des communes
    47.9K views23:11

  3. Deja Vu .. 2020 US Election … Crooked Bastards
    Obama, Soros, Trudolf, Merkel, Zelensky, and sLobbering sLo-jOe Ride again.

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