Monkey Business in the French Elections? Looks Like It

ER Editor: We’re borrowing material here from two sources: Qactus (notice the spelling) and LeMediaen4-4-2 to basically point out the discrepancy in the vote count as noticed on mainstream TV coverage and the final, registered count. Plus some other tidbits such as Betrayer-In-Chief Jean-Luc Melenchon, a so-called left-wing presidential contender in the first round.



Estimate (projection) of the results of the second round at 8 pm VS complete and final results communicated at just after 1 am. (ER: Hint – they are almost identical 5 hours apart.)

Emmanuel Macron: 18.6 million   VS    18.77 million

Abstention: 13.7 million  VS  13.65 million

Marine Le Pen:  13.3 million     VS     13.29 million

White votes & Draws:  3.2 million  VS  3.01 million

We are being told how they can be so precise at 8 pm on the evening of the vote when, at the time of this projection, only 4% (FOUR) of the results at the polling stations were known. We can therefore legitimately wonder if the results are not already known in advance …

Here is the video extract where Marine Le Pen is at 14,432,396 votes (as seen above in the image). That is 1,134,636 votes MORE THAN THE FINAL RESULT:

Here the journalist affirms that he is connected directly with the Ministry of the Interior, and we see that at this time, Marine Le Pen has 13,899,494 votes:

And despite the counting that continues, she finally has 13,297,760 votes! Does anybody have an explanation for this?



Translation: Mélenchon’s party has clearly contributed to the election of Macron. Terrible responsibility.

ER comment: Jean-Luc Melenchon is France’s perennial ‘far-left’ politician. He’s a powerful orator and a freemason since 1983. Average Joes look to him as a defender of the people. As far as we’re aware, he’s never done anything in his adult life except be an outspoken ‘left’ politician. As former presidential candidate Francois Asselineau notes, Le Pen’s 2022 presidential programme has a 75% overlap with Melenchon’s causing respected journalists and historians to label Le Pen as ‘left’ and not ‘far-right’. Despite that, despite the fact that Melenchon, a very smart man indeed, knows that, he urged his supporters to vote for Macron, i.e. that there shouldn’t be a single vote for Le Pen is actually how he phrased it. The tweet above (look for Melenchon’s name on the left side) shows that a large number (42%) of his supporters went to Macron – following Melenchon’s recommendation; a slightly larger chunk abstained (45%); and a far smaller number (13%) voted for Le Pen entirely of their own accord. Hence some people are holding him somewhat responsible for Macron’s win, not without reason.

Melenchon makes a public spectacle of himself from time to time on the pretext of being outraged or of being unjustly treated, etc. It was his last public outburst in early 2019 that got the Grand Lodge freemasons to speak out against him. Here’s an old photo, which we are assuming is authentic:


LeMediaen4-4-2 has this to say about Melenchon’s role. His party is called La France Insoumise (LFI – France unbowed). It’s important to remember that Le Pen has always been called fascist, so it’s been a real surprise to some awake, aware ordinary people that Macron has turned out to be the fascist:

How Macron won and why the people lost

To summarize the defeat of the French, the drawing below will say more than all the analyses. The theatrical return of anti-fascism, which makes a pact with Macronist fascism, was transfigured during these elections through the historic betrayal of Mélenchon. When we speak of theatre, we rely on the words of former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin: We have never faced a fascist threat, all anti-fascism was just theatre.” And in this theater, LFI perfectly played its role in the service of the one who manhandled France and will continue to do so for the next five years. If you are still looking for real Insoumis among the Mélenchonnistes, they are in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana and Mayotte (ER: who voted pretty decisively for Le Pen) and must today feel betrayed by “La France insoumise”.

For Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who already sees himself as Prime Minister (remember that it is the President of the Republic who appoints the Prime Minister): “Marine Le Pen has been beaten and this is very good news for the unity of our people. . »

A glimmer of hope

What will we become in the next five years? Well, all is not lost, at least in the stock market. There is a safe haven, an investment with a bright future! It is Unilever, more precisely Vaseline®. Vaseline is petroleum jelly. Currently, the Vaseline® Unilever share price is €42 with a yield of 4%. With Macron’s social management and the sanctions against Russia, we can expect an almost certain increase. Thanks to our elected president and his Prime Minister Mélenchon, Vaseline® has become a safe haven, an investment for the future!


And finally — LINK TO IMAGES

Translation 1: I’m an employee at the Ministry of the Interior. I’ll give you tonight’s results. Macron will get 58% of the votes against 42% for Le Pen. It’s a scoop, to be verified tonight.

Reply: You already knew the results at 12:53pm Sunday April 24. It’s cheating. 

2nd image: This screen shot of BFMTV / RMC election results up to 8:18pm on Sunday, April 24 showed Le Pen with 57% of the votes, Macron with 43%, and a massive abstention rate of 57%.


POSTSCRIPT – One twitter user noticed that her result had gone down even further:

Translation: at 21:10 Lepen has 13,899,494 votes; at 22:45 Lepen has 11,558,051 votes. Where did the 2 341 443 votes go?



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    Forwarded from Chloé F – canal info officiel

    Au regard des interrogations légitimes que se posent des millions de français, après avoir constaté lors de la soirée électorale sur France 2, de graves dysfonctionnements, en l’occurrence plus d’un million de votes ont disparu.
    Pour permettre le rétablissement de la vérité et le respect du choix des français, notre ami Morad El Hattab, “le Président des enfants”, a décidé de déposer un recours devant le Conseil constitutionnel en créant un “Collectif Anti-fraude”,qui sera représenté par Me Carlo Brusa et Me Maud Marian.

    Saisissons cette chance pour dénoncer cette fraude et annuler cette élection.

    👉 Le mandat rempli est à envoyer à :
    [email protected]

    NB : ouvert qu’aux détenteurs d’une carte d’électeur française 😉
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  2. Youssef HINDI
    Forwarded from
    Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent
    Le seul espoir : que les structures globalistes d’occupation de l’Europe qui nous conduisent vers la guerre mondiale s’affaissent. Le système d’occupation globaliste craint principalement une chose : la convergence de l’alliance géostratégique anti-hégémonique portée par la Russie avec un vote national d’ampleur dans une grande nation d’Occident. Attaquée conjointement à l’extérieur et en interne, la superstructure globalitaire pourrait vaciller et l’intégration mondialiste sérieusement se gripper.

    Si Macron repasse, nous irons à marche forcée vers l’intégration euro-globaliste et vers la guerre. Si Marine Le Pen est élue, nous entrerons dans une ère de perturbations systémiques, de stratégie de la tension accrue et de provocations en tous genres. Mais très clairement, l’agenda globaliste serait perturbé.

    On ne vote pas pour des convictions, pour un programme ou une personne – tout est faux en démocrature – on vote pour éviter le pire et éventuellement gripper la marche folle enclenchée depuis ces dernières années.
    Le Point
    « Les institutions européennes ne survivraient pas à une victoire de Marine Le Pen »
    La bonne dynamique sondagière de la candidate du RN inquiète les investisseurs. En cas de victoire, certains redoutent une explosion de l’Union européenne.
    4.1K views 18:00

  3. Same cuisine as in 2017 indeed.

    @gentilmoi11·32 min
    il y a une PREUVE DE #FRAUDE IRRÉFUTABLE, des député(e)s doivent demander des comptes au plus vite, faites monter l’hashtag dans les tendances
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    Crypto [email protected]_Crypto__Girl_ · 4h

    Quelqu’un peut m’expliquer COMMENT UNE CANDIDATE PEUT PERDRE DES VOIX QUI SONT DÉJÀ DÉPOUILLÉES? #Fraude #electionpresidentielle2022 #electionvolee #Lepen #MacronMenteur #Macron

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