France Erupts After a Cop Kills a 17 Year Old Driver

ER Editor: Another story (we published this yesterday) needs to be put out on the 17 year old French kid who got pulled over by two motorbike cops and fatally shot by one of them in a small street leading to a train station Tuesday morning. The event, both before and after, has been captured by several witnesses, which have been compiled into a tweeted video below. It’s worth watching. The police actually used language where they threatened to shoot the kid while his car was stationery and posing no threat to them. It’s not a huge surprise that the young man got scared and took off. But barely had his acceleration started than the cop shot him in the chest. So riots have broken out across France, which is the thrust of today’s news stories.

As ever, politics gets involved where fashionable colored celebrities such as star footballer Kilian Mbappe choose to denounce this act of police violence probably because the young man comes from an Arab family. The right are complaining that kids such as Lola, the 12 year old white girl in Paris who was brutally murdered by a woman last year with no legal place in the country, get ignored by the woke left. (After Migrant Murder of 12-year-old Lola in Paris: Autopsy Results Shock France) And so it goes. Political ‘recuperation’ as the French call it, to label those who make political mileage out of such events either for or against.

An investigation must take place into this shooting and death, but the witness videos don’t show the police in a favorable light at all. Plus, the video clips don’t corroborate the police officers’ version of events, who claimed they were in danger and that the driver was somehow going to kill them by hitting them with his car. Even if you can’t read the French subtitles, it’s worth watching what was captured on video. Here’s a quick summary of the important part —

One cop says to the young guy, ‘Je vais te mettre une balle dans la tete’ (I’m going to shoot you in the head) and the second cop says ‘shoot him’. At this point, the young driver seems to set his car in motion to leave (the car is not threatening the policemen), and then the armed cop rapidly shoots him once. The narrator says that their words indicate an intention to kill. The second witness video shows one of the cops hitting the bonnet of the car, a video that disproves what the police were claiming about the incident (see above). The car driver continues on his way for a brief distance but crashes into a pole where he’s found dead. When one of the passengers in the car gets out and surrenders to the two motorbike police, who have just arrived, notice the immediate violence of the cop toward the young man. This is standard in France. Firefighters and ambulance staff can’t save the driver, of course, and then we hear neighbours shouting at police for their cold-blooded killing. The woman heard shouting is an immigrant most likely given the area, although not necessarily; the policeman replies, ‘yeah, go back to Africa’. An ambulance driver, who seems to know the victim, lets rip at the police (‘you can see he’s got the face of a child! For a problem of not having a licence! I know this kid. I saw him grow up!) The 38 year old cop who shot the driver was taken into custody, charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Translation: What really happened at around 8.30am on Tuesday in Nanterre when a police officer shot a 17-year-old boy, Nahel, after he refused to comply? We take a look at what happened before, during and after a police action that was far from above board.

Twitter threads — #emeutes  #Nanterre  #Nahel   #Nael

Translation; The riots spread throughout the country last night, particularly in the Paris region and the Lille metropolitan area where the situation was chaotic (map on Telegram).

Translation; The riots spread throughout the country last night, particularly in the Paris region and the Lille metropolitan area where the situation was chaotic (map on Telegram).
The drama in Nanterre made us forget the implosion of the Titan (submersible) which made us forget Wagner’s rebellion which made us forget Marlène Schiappa’s scandal which made us forget the pension reform scandal which made us forget Sarkozy’s conviction. Welcome to Macronia!


‘Revolt’ with Molotov cocktails hits France

More than 70 people have been detained for rioting, police said


‘Revolt’ with Molotov cocktails hits France

More than 70 people have been detained in Paris suburbs as the riots sparked by the death of a teenager in a police shooting continued into the early hours of Thursday.

Protests broke out in the Paris suburb of Nanterre on Tuesday, but have since spread to other major cities, including Toulouse, Lille, Lyon, and Nice. Rioters bombarded police with fireworks, set garbage containers on fire, and torched several cars.

Local journalists said Molotov cocktails and stones were thrown at police vans.

Le Figaro reported that “a few dozen” people launched fireworks at a prison in Fresnes, a southern suburb of Paris, and attempted to break into the building before being driven away by police.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Wednesday evening that 2,000 officers and gendarmes were put on alert in the greater Paris area, 800 more than the night before, according to French media. Police also received an emergency authorization to use surveillance drones in Nanterre.

A total of 77 arrests were made, police said in the early hours of Thursday, as quoted by AFP. More than 30 people were detained in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, including many in the Hauts-de-Seine department, where Nanterre is based.

The riots erupted after a 17-year-old, later identified as Nahel M., was fatally shot by a police officer during a traffic stop. Police said at the time that Nahel had failed to comply with the officer’s demands. The young man’s mother, Mounia, posted a video on TikTok calling for “a revolt” to receive justice for the death of her son.

President Emmanuel Macron condemned Nahel’s death. “We have a teenager who was killed. It’s inexcusable, inexplicable and I want to express my sympathies and condolences to his family and loved ones,” Macron said during a visit to Marseilles on Wednesday.

He instructed Minister for Cities and Housing Olivier Klein to deliver the government’s condolences to the slain teenager’s family.

On Twitter, Macron urged the public to stay calm and thanked police officers who “are committed to protecting us and serving the republic.”

Opposition leader Marine Le Pen called Macron’s remarks “excessive” and “irresponsible.” It is up to the courts to decide what happened, Le Pen said, arguing that the president should not prejudice the investigation.

The officer who fired the fatal shot has been placed under arrest and charged with intentional homicide. Lawyers for Nahel’s mother have sought a change of venue, arguing that Nanterre prosecutors cannot be impartial because the suspect is one of their police officers.



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14 Comments on France Erupts After a Cop Kills a 17 Year Old Driver

  1. HERE WE ARE… and it’s only the beginning.
    “They” needed the smoke screen of this last psy-op in order to pass a series of freedom-killer laws. As warned by Pro fide Catholica (link in post beneath), the parliament was scheduled to shove these laws down our thoats during the first two weeks of July.

    “They” need the (north) African children to leave to their parents’ home country to have their usual rest for the 2 months summer school holidays, and us real French to be forbidden to demonstrate our opposition to dictatorship. Hence the clever timing of the psy op.

    Vigi-Citoyens 📡
    Nouvelle loi en cours de vote, octroyant de nouveaux pouvoirs au présiroi

    Pendant que la rue est en feu, les textes passent sans encombre au Parlement. Les parlementaires et médias se garderont bien de vous alerter et le pouvoir exécutif a le champ libre.

    Article 23 PLPM 2023 :
    […] l’article L. 2212-1 nouveau du code de la défense permettra (s’il est définitivement adopté) au Président de la République, via un décret en conseil des ministres, d’ordonner la réquisition de toute personne, physique ou morale, et de tous les biens et les services nécessaires pour parer à cette menace ou d’habiliter l’autorité administrative ou militaire à procéder à ces mesures.

    Le fait de refuser de déférer à la demande de recensement des personnes, […] sera pénalement sanctionné par un an d’emprisonnement et 15 000 euros d’amende, suite à l’adoption de l’amendement du Gouvernement par le Sénat.
    Le projet de loi est toujours en cours de discussion.


  2. UnisVers 𝑙’𝐼𝑛𝑓𝑜
    Forwarded from

    “Le gouvernement a fait une étrange demande, hier soir, vendredi 30 juin, aux opérateurs de télécommunications. Il leur a demandé s’il leur était « techniquement possible » d’empêcher certains quartiers de se connecter à Internet en 4G ou 5G.

    Le gouvernement a interrogé les opérateurs de télécoms (Orange, Bouygues, SFR, Free), leur demandant s’il leur était « techniquement possible » de couper la data mobile, 4G et 5G, sur certains quartiers en France (les quartiers les plus « chauds », après la mort de Nahel).

    L’idée, qui vient du Ministre de l’Intérieur Gérald Darmanin, c’est d’empêcher les personnes mobilisées dans ces quartiers de se connecter à Internet en extérieur, afin qu’elles ne puissent plus communiquer par les réseaux sociaux (excepté en wifi).

    Le gouvernement n’a pas confirmé cette information.

    Si la demande du ministère de l’Intérieur était mise en place, ce serait une première en France.

    En retour, les opérateurs de télécommunications ont aussitôt fait savoir au gouvernement que couper l’accès aux data via la 4G et 5G était « techniquement irréalisable ce soir », mais « faisable par la suite ».

    Ils ont cependant tenu à préciser :

    qu’il ne serait sans doute plus possible d’appeler les secours, en cas d’urgence.

    que la plateforme très haut débit de la police et de la gendarmerie, PC Storm, ne fonctionnerait pas.

    que, sur le plan juridique, c’est illégal, sauf si l’Etat d’urgence était décrété.

    Et pour être en parfaite légalité, la loi État d’urgence devra être modifiée.

    Pour le moment, l’Elysée renonce à faire appliquer cette mesure. Mais Gérard Darmanin fait pression.
    Si la situation se tend, les souhaits du Ministre de l’Intérieur pourraient bien se réaliser.”
    Là-bas si j’y suis
    Urgent | LÀ-BAS Express | Là-bas si j’y suis
    Darmanin veut empêcher les quartiers de se connecter aux réseaux sociaux par tous les moyens.
    Jul 2 at 08:30

  3. Cherry on the cake : the lawyer of Nahel’s family, Yassine Bouzrou, has played as an actor in a movie that was made in 2022. You might be interested in the script :,_2022)

    Hilarious : Algeria reminds France of her duty to protect their nationals…
    Émeutes après la mort de Nahel : l’Algérie rappelle à la France son «devoir de protection» envers ses ressortissants

  4. Yes, as said I have no longer access to twitter, but I checked on the mainstream media and it looks like the same person

    So we have a murder on one side and an empty vessel on the other. Highly inflammatory “coincidence”.

    FYI useful information on the state of mind of african children (the fist link concerns also largely north african children), explaining how they turn their anger outwards, agains “France”.
    I will never forget how a young Algerian who could have been my son explained to me (after me firmly calming him down) that he HAD to rape me : “you are too “high class””… and the real explanation when I shouted “do you realize I could be your mother ??” : “oh, my mother… she never took care of me, she never loved me, she had me when she was 15″…
    His mother was forced to get married and raped, and he suffered the consequences, so why not take revenge on a french lady coming back home from tango dancing late at night ?

    La carte des émeutes de novembre 2005 confirme le profond malaise des immigrants africains, par Cecilia Gabizon
    Par Le Figaro
    Publié le 29/06/2006

    A 13 ans on m’a mis du piment sur… TEMOIGNAGE | HLPRD
    Holy Production

    Reportage Afrique – Côte d’Ivoire: le «pimentage» des enfants, une …
    6 févr. 2022La pratique, répandue, consiste à punir un enfant turbulent en lui frottant le visage, le corps ou les orifices corporels avec du piment, du poivre, ou du gnamanckou (gingembre)

  5. Today I have no longer access to Twitter (I am not registered)
    Please see this video of the mother of Nahel demonstrating :

    Victoria Tedeschi
    Le niveau de malaise de ces images.

    On dirait qu’elle est entrain de porter la flamme olympique avec Assa Traore en invité exceptionnelle face à la foule en délire.

    Pas une marche blanche à la mémoire de son fils. #Nanterre
    4:50 PM · 29 juin 2023

  6. Marshall law would come handy in order -among other benefits- to cancel further elections in France… and was written in the schedule of the Rockefeller 2010 Lockstep document on how to impose dicatorship.

  7. Deliberate provocation that confirms an amount of the cops operating in France are designed to be killers, as we have had more than enough proof during the demonstrations in recent years.

    Now we see confirmation that the parasites want to ignite in France the same kind of events as BLM in the US. This is the main reason why they have prepared the incendiary zionist agent Eric Zemmour for the media front scene in creating a fake political party. Push to maximize POLARIZATION. Duality prison.

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