Lola Daviet: 12-year-old schoolgirl from Paris was brutally murdered by Algerian migrants

The brutal murder of 12-year-old Lola has left all of France in dismay. Six North African migrants, some of whom have been forced to leave the country, are now suspected of committing the crime. The fact that this departure was not carried out effectively arouses the justified anger of the French against the government of President Emmanuel Macron. After the result of the autopsy became known to the media and the public, the already heated social mood in major cities like Paris could now completely escalate, Matthias Nikolaidis reports .

So far it is a crime with no apparent motive. And that is precisely why it has evoked so much reflection about the background. On Friday afternoon, 12-year-old Lola Daviet was reported missing by her parents after failing to return from school. Normally, on Fridays, the family went to the village of Béthune, three hours north of Paris. When Lola was late, the parents were immediately alerted. The father decided to check the video recordings of the entrance to the house. It showed Lola entering the house with a stranger.

The police began a search, but found only a pair of wire cutters and tape in the underground parking garage of the apartment building in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. In the evening, a homeless man found the body in a plastic suitcase, placed in the courtyard of the apartment building. The suitcase smelled strongly of chlorine. Inside, the girl was tied up and gagged. The numbers one and zero were scribbled on her body.

Lola had been strangled, but her throat had also been nearly cut. In addition, her body showed signs of “torture and barbarity”. There erre wounds on her neck. The theory is that she was taken to the basement of the apartment building, raped, tortured and then strangled before her throat was slit.

According to witnesses, the homeless Dahbia B. would later enter the house alone, only to leave with the suitcase an hour later. She is said to have asked several witnesses for help carrying the heavy suitcase. “She seemed a little crazy,” the witnesses said.

Main suspect led “marginal existence”

24-year-old Dahbia B., who lives on the street but reportedly has several contacts in the capital, is considered the prime suspect. Two young men and another woman, the sister of the prime suspect, Friha B., who lives in the same block of flats as the victim and her family, were initially believed to be the perpetrators. Later, there was talk of a total of six suspects, all of Algerian descent, who were taken into custody. Éric Zemmour gave the names of the four, which can also be found in Le Parisien ‘s report.

Zemmour speaks in this regard of “Francocide” and refers to a Twitter profile that promotes the motto “French Lives Matter”. It is indeed an unfortunate coincidence that Lola died two days before the second anniversary of the death of Samuel Paty, which Zemmour, along with other activists, also commemorated this weekend. (ER: Samuel Paty was a high school teacher who got brutally murdered by the Allu Akhbar crowd on a Friday afternoon. And we hate to say this, but it provided an excellent distraction in the media for a lockdown that the Macron government announced to start on the following day. Where DID these knife-wielding ‘terrorists’ disappear to?)

Official sources are now talking about the “marginality” or “strangeness” of the perpetrators. In research circles there is talk of a “senseless murder against a background of marginal existence”. Here too there are psychological problems of the homeless Dahbia B.. These are of course only the outermost features of a criminal act, which can hardly contribute to the detection or explanation of it.

Once again, an obligation to leave the country was not enforced

On Monday, only the suspected main perpetrator, Dahbia B., and a 43-year-old man were brought before the investigating judge. Both were born in Algeria. Dahbia B. had come to France in 2016 with a residence permit as a student. After she was temporarily detained at an airport on August 21 because she no longer had a valid residence permit, she was ordered to leave France, a so-called “obligation de quitter le territoire français” (OQTF) was pronounced, as reported by Le Figaro, among others. The main perpetrator should therefore have left France within 30 days.

Both in social media and in the newspaper commentary columns, more and more citizens are turning against their own state. The French state has made itself complicit in this crime and in countless similar crimes. The authorities are seen as complicit. Republican Éric Ciotti is also one of the harsh critics of this laxity in migration policy. Marine Le Pen called for finally not only to find the “immediate culprits”, but also to put an end to the “political follies that make these crimes possible”.

The Mayor of Paris and the Minister of Education at Lola’s School

Another suspect initially considered (and perhaps still being considered) was 33-year-old Amine K. The young Algerian appears to have not been in France for long and was taken in by a compatriot in his flat on the outskirts of Paris. Amine K. lives in Paris without valid papers and is unemployed except for small jobs. According to his roommate, he has not caused any further problems. However, Amine K. spent most of his free time drinking at a street intersection.

The homeless Dahbia B. is said to have offered a witness a deal: he should help her with an operation in the field of “organ trafficking” and receive money for it. The reliability of the witness is questionable, but it does not seem completely nonsensical that the homeless woman thought to earn some money this way after the crime was committed, even though it remains unclear how that was supposed to happen. The homeless woman’s lawyer denies this scenario. Nor is it a cruel ritual.

On Monday morning, the district mayor visited the Collège (roughly equivalent to a Dutch secondary school) where Lola Daviet had attended. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Education Minister Pap Ndiaye – both members of the multicultural lobby – were also at the school to participate in a minute of silence. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin called Lola’s parents to express his condolences. Citizens laid flowers and cards in front of the Daviet house and lit candles or expressed their grief in drawings.



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