Dr. Peter McCullough Reduces Macron’s Fascist Vax Policy to Rubble

ER Editor: First, kudos to Xavier Azelbert at France Soir for having got Dr. Peter McCullough on to comment on Macron’s anti-scientific fascism the day after Macron made his announcement. We think the ‘f’ word is entirely appropriate here. France Soir offers its own comment on the video interview, which we’re republishing below. We’re also leaving readers with some big takeaway ideas here, which of course are applicable to public healthcare policy in all of our countries. 

McCullough’s statements are a shocking and refreshing contradiction to the nonsense we’re being fed.

As a reminder, Macron is imposing vaccines on healthcare workers by September 15 if they want to work; during August a vaccination pass (or a negative test that all of a sudden we must pay for ourselves) is being introduced on the entire population for entry into the most basic and SOCIAL of places such as restaurants, bars and shopping centres. People are talking about how they are going to buy food as major supermarkets are often found in shopping centres. It is believed that employment conditional upon vaccination will be applied to everybody. Healthcare workers and entrepreneurs are up in arms, naturally; there is fear and unease among many others. MPs still have to vote on these measures, but it isn’t expected that they’ll vote them down.

Here are some of McCullough’s ideas in response to each of Macron’s assertions:

  • Macron – ‘Delta variant is 3X more contagious’: in the test tube, it’s slightly more contagious compared to the alpha variant, but IS NOT MORE CONTAGIOUS IN THE COMMUNITY. ‘In the test tube’ means it’s THEORETICAL. Countries like France and the US have reached herd immunity so this variant can’t pass so readily. This assertion is false.
  • Macron – ‘if we don’t act now, the number of cases & hospitalisations will increase rapidly from August’: there are the Delta, Lambda and Alpha strains and these strains are found among vaccinated and non-vaccinated alike, but the numbers start from a LOW BASELINE. Both vaxed and non-vaxed can get these BECAUSE THE VACCINES DON’T WORK AGAINST THESE STRAINS.  THE VACCINES ARE SIMPLY OBSOLETE AT THIS TIME. These new variations are mild and aren’t like the original Wuhan strain. They’re easily treated.
  • Macron – ‘all vaccines in France protect us against the Delta variant …’: UK data show that in 90,000 Delta infections, 42% have been fully vaccinated. So the vaccines don’t work against Delta. The Lambda variant is the same according to the data. The virus has outsmarted the vaccines. The newer variants have escaped the vaccines so there’s no reason to vaccinate at this time because they don’t work.
  • All cases are mild right now whether people have been vaccinated or not; there are no serious forms of the virus out there. 
  • Macron – ‘vaccines are the only way to return to a normal life’. It’s not true. In the US, 48% have been vaccinated; 52% haven’t been because of safety concerns. We’ve had record mortality and hospitalizations post-vaccination. A report from a lead consulting group to the WHO has concluded that the vaccines being used in Europe are NOT SAFE FOR HUMAN CLINICAL USE. So vaccines can’t be the path back to normal life because they’re not safe and they don’t work against new strains well enough. In the US we’re back to normal life without the vaccine. So in the US we’ll have a small rise in cases. These cases ARE influenced by asymptomatic testing. WHO told the world on June 25th to stop asymptomatic testing. France and the US are still doing this, so we know the case count is inflated by at least 40% from false positives. We need to stop this and just focus on sick patients with early treatment; variants are mild. Vaccination is not needed to return to normal life.
  • Macron – ‘the first vaccinated people will soon see their antibody level drop and their immunity decrease’.  This isn’t true. Even when people’s antibodies are completely gone, studies show that natural, T-cell immunity will last for decades just like it did with original SARS. So the naturally immune will have a robust response. This confers herd immunity. But as vaccinated have continued to get infected, enough herd immunity has been built up to NOT have to vaccinate.
  • Macron – ‘future variants could be even more dangerous than Delta’. As the virus mutates, it always gets LESS virulent. Today’s variants are mild, but they’re coming about BECAUSE OF VACCINATION. More dominant strains with less genetic diversity are coming out among the vaccinated – vaccines put evolutionary pressure on viruses.
  • Macron – ‘we must vaccinate everybody everywhere to end the pandemic permanently’. Coronavirus is from the common cold family – we all get these, so we’ll never get to zero cases of this. It will become indistinguishable from the common cold. Some countries are not vaccinating at all or only at low levels, such as Japan (18% uptake) because of safety concerns. The lack of safety and efficacy of vaccines is limiting their use. We should just focus on treating the most sick and let the virus degenerate into the family of the common cold.
  • Macron – ‘we’ll have to live with the virus’ and ‘we have to vaccinate everyone’. Those two statements are contradictory. Yes, we have to live with it but it will be mild and treatable if needed. It’s going to become part of the common cold family.
  • So what about Macron’s requirement to vaccinate all healthcare workers? We’ve had no major healthcare system outbreaks since the beginning because sufficient precautionary measures have always been taken. And healthcare workers know to stay home if they’re sick: asymptomatic people don’t transmit disease. There has never been any major hospital outbreaks; only in nursing homes have there been outbreaks. Perhaps only some high-risk care home workers who are themselves vulnerable should consider vaccination, but that’s it.
  • There could be safer vaccines coming. All Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have serious safety warnings – there have been thousands of deaths and hospitalizations following vaccination. But Novavax has an antigen-based vaccine coming out with ZERO genetic manipulation. It could be just as good as Pfizer, etc. but without the risk. Any vaccine MUST BE as safe as a flu shot for it to be used in this way. We can’t have more French die after vaccination or become hospitalized due to immunological, blood, neurological or cardiac problems. It’s not worth it at this point in time.

The vaccines currently don’t work enough and they’re unsafe for use in France.

  • Vaccination pass is now mandatory for everyone else starting August 1 in France. Is this applicable in the US? Vaccines don’t work well enough for a pass to work. People get infected anyway. The only solid thing is NATURAL IMMUNITY. If you’ve had Covid 19, you can’t get it again. If you really want to be strict, then only admit people into public events with proven natural immunity. Immunity through vaccine doesn’t work – it’s too porous, and you can’t build a vaccine passport based on it.
  • Would you be prepared to stand in front of the French Senate and National Assembly and speak to them about this from a scientific point of view? Yes. None of the current statements put out by the government are based on science; they exist to promote mass vaccination, which is causing great harm to the French population. This is medical dictatorship.
  • Informed consent forms in all the countries say that vaccination is VOLUNTARY. So if the French govt is mandating it, then the consent form must be changed. It is still voluntary, and no-one should be put under pressure to take it. The vaccines are still investigational, not proven to be effective, and it’s been shown to be UNSAFE in all the data reporting systems. Coercion violates the principle of the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration. We can’t force people to use investigational medical products. It violates ethics, morality and from a civil perspective, it’s illegal.
  • Side effects: Consent forms in the US say the side effects can be anything from a sore arm to death, and we’ve seen a lot of deaths in the US (over 9,000). 50% of deaths occur within 2 days after the vaccine, and 80% within a week. 86% of deaths are DIRECTLY RELATED to the vaccine (he quotes studies). This is unacceptable. A flu shot program was shut down in the US following 25 deaths back in 1976. The French still need to have a comprehensive press briefing on the safety information on the vaccines. Six months in and French people still haven’t had it.
  • Closing statement:

We need to focus on acutely sick Covid patients – there are few of them. It’s always manageable at home, no hospitalization is needed. All vaccines are obsolete and not needed because of new variations. Vaccine programs should be closed. Healthcare workers don’t need to be vaccinated.


Analysis of Emmanuel Macron’s scientific assertions by Professor Peter McCullough


During his speech on July 12, 2021, President Macron made a number of scientific assertions: “the Delta variant is three times more contagious than the first strain”; “vaccines divide by 12 the power of contamination and avoid 95% of serious forms”; yet one must “live with the virus”… All of them were aimed at establishing his decision to make vaccination compulsory for health care workers, as well as the implementation of a health pass, which more or less corresponds to a vaccination obligation. Indeed, French people who are not vaccinated have a great chance – subject to votes – to be banned from restaurants, bars, shops, travels, etc. One of the most coercive measures in Europe.

However, the burden of proof is on the person who states a scientific fact, but Emmanuel Macron did not have time to substantiate his claim in his speech.

We therefore asked an expert, Dr. McCullough, who testified under oath before the U.S. Senate, to review each of these assertions and comment on them.

This is what he does during this debriefing:


Conclusion: none of the assertions are true.

Professor McCullough goes further and states that mandatory vaccination and the vaccine pass are not necessary given the state of the epidemic, including for the Delta variant. Furthermore, he is available to French parliamentarians to testify about his expertise in a factual and rigorous manner.




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  1. I can’t buy the “cases” business. I can’t buy proceeding on the mere assumption that something exists, i.e., the virus or its alleged variants. Rule one, establish the reality or not of the basic assumption before moving on to discuss it as though it’s real.

    Logic demands that the reality or not of the virus be proven, because the entire scenario of the lockdowns, quarantines, masking, distancing, is FAKE, non-scientific and non-medical, which ought to ring an alarm. Why would the virus be medically factual if all the responses to it are not?

    In addition, we have the highly suspect EVENT 201 “predicting” the virus and closely preceding the announcement of the virus. Back in 9/11 era, we had CFR men “predict” an “attack” on U.S. soil, just 7 days before the Twin Towers were BLOWN UP by charges clearly planted throughout both structures while an elevator “modernization” company had access to the shafts for 10 months.

    There is NO virus until it is proven to exist with appropriate scientifically recognized methods. Even if some people have the impression that “something is going around”, that is not scientific method.

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