Devolution: a Path to a Better Future?

ER Editor: ‘Devolution’ is a fairly current term that we hear in discussions in the American liberty-patriot-truther community. Journalist Michel van der Kemp begins to tackle this topic for those of us who may not be familiar with it. And a rich and unfolding topic we suspect it to be.

It’s not exactly a provable phenomenon, but the dark path the globalists had planned for us, as Kemp mentions below, simply hasn’t transpired. As bad as things seem to be, they could be far far worse: we were promised destructive 5G towers everywhere and smart devices, with the internet of things surveilling us (likely linked to the Covid vaccine ingredients in millions of people’s bodies); a digital banking system linked to the rest of our personal and medical information that could be used to condition our social behaviour; endless lockdowns with our groceries being delivered; a full-on economic collapse as a result. Obviously endless vaccines, even more toxic chemtrails, etc. As bad as things currently are, especially for the injected, a number of critical infrastructure changes simply haven’t happened. After three whole years.

Instead, we’re hearing rumours of the completion of the Quantum Financial System, beginnings of an RV or currency re-evaluation involving certain countries, while more and more countries are flocking to BRICS using sovereign, gold-backed currencies. The world seems to be directed more by Russia and China toward peace and a new geographical ordering (yes, involving Ukraine and Taiwan), instead of the financially bankrupt western deep state toward war. Meanwhile, tectonic shifts are occurring in the MSM involving CNN, Twitter (Tucker Carlson’s new home?), BBC, etc. A coronation allegedly happened with so many bizarre events that one wonders if it’s merely a piece of theatre meant to wake people up, while our leaders are pictured in masks or with CGI. And the WHO announces its very own New World Order for us all, which just sounds ridiculous. Awake and aware people know a major number of reveals are just around the coroner.

What is going on?


Devolution: a Path to a Better Future?


Over the past three years the world has been waking up to the fact that there are factions in our governments that want us to go into a very dark future.

If it is up to the likes of Klaus Schwab and his Young Global Leaders, we will be eating bugs, own nothing and have brain implants that they will control. At the same time, we are seeing those same people fail in sometimes inexplicable ways. It seems clear, to some of us anyway, that they are being opposed by people who want nothing of what they are selling. There are those who call these opposing groups White Hats and Black Hats.

White Hats and Black Hats is an interesting way to describe a battle, between so-called good people and evil people, that we believe is going on. But it doesn’t describe the process that people on the good side are using. With this article we seek to describe a possible process that some patriotic Americans have dubbed ‘devolution’. Before we look at what devolution is, let’s first look at some historical background.

In March 2017 President Donald J. Trump visited the home of former president Andrew Jackson in memory of his 250th birthday. Afterwards Trump gave a speech outside the Hermitage, Jackson’s home in Nashville, Tennessee.


Trump, in this speech, described the great personal sacrifices Andrew Jackson and his family made for the country. He also said that Jackson opposed the elite, and he asked “Does that sound familiar to you? I wonder why they keep talking about Trump and Jackson, Jackson and Trump.”

What President Trump did not mention was much of the remarkable political career of Jackson, perhaps because Americans are assumed to know that history. The rest of the world is probably less familiar. So let’s see if we can figure out the similarities between Trump and Jackson.

The political career of Andrew Jackson

In 1824 Jackson, on behalf of the Democratic-Republican Party, was one of four candidates for the presidency of the United States. The other three were William Crawford, Henry Clay, then Speaker of the House, and John Quincy Adams. None of the four candidates got the majority, but Jackson won the popular vote. Clay finished last. Because he thought Jackson to be “unfit to be president”, he threw his support towards Adams, who then became president. As a reward Clay was given the role as Secretary of State.

Outraged Jackson supporters began raving against what they thought to be a corrupt party. They saw Washington insiders stealing an election from Jackson.

By 1828 the Democratic-Republican Party no longer existed. One faction was called the Democratic Party, led by Jackson, the other wing was called the Whig Party.

Once again in 1828 Adams and Jackson went head to head. But despite a fierce media campaign from Adams’ side, Jackson beat Adams 5:1, and in 1829 Andrew Jackson was sworn in as seventh President of the United States. And in 1832 he won a second term. Jackson became the first populist president because he appealed to the man in the street, not the elite.

As president one of his first tasks he took upon himself was to fire dozens of federal employees, including thirteen district attorneys, charging that they were incompetent or corrupt, or both. He fired more employees than all of his predecessors together.

Jackson was very concerned about the upcoming industrialization and the growth of faceless corporations. Ordinary citizens started to lose traditional jobs in farming communities. The president was particularly unhappy with the Bank of America, whom his supporters called the Monster bank. The bank had an increasing stranglehold on people’s finances, and the political sphere. He raved about paper-credit, and only saw value in cash and gold. His opponents argued that the US was build on credit.

At the end of Jackson’s first term, Henry Clay and allies passed a bill in the House that was to extend the bank’s charter. Clay thought that Jackson had no choice but to sign the bill if he wanted to get reelected. But Jackson chose to fight. He said: “The bank is trying to kill me, but I will kill it.” Jackson vetoed the bill.

In order to get reelected Jackson founded the Democratic Party. It was the end of the Democratic-Republican Party. Because Jackson’s opponents liked to satirically portray him as a jackass, to this day the donkey is still the symbol of the party.

To the American people he explained the veto:

“It is to be regretted that too often the rich and powerful bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes. When the laws undertake to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society, the farmers, mechanics and laborers, who have neither the time nor the means of securing life favors to themselves, have the right to complain of the injustice of their government. We can at least take a stand against any prostitution of our government to the advancement of a few at the expense of the many.”

Jackson got reelected in a landslide. He interpreted the outcome of the election as a mandate to destroy the Bank of America and ordered the government to remove its money. The establishment under the leadership of Henry Clay thought the president to be out of his mind, engaging in illegal acts. Clay ordered, for the first time in history, the president to be censored.

But truth trumps censorship. (ER: pun intended)

In 1837 the bank’s charters expired and its doors closed.

A stolen election, a populist, a fighter against the elite, man of the people, fierce censorship, a storm. Trump and Jackson. Jackson and Trump.

Image from Emmanuel Hapsis for


Strictly speaking, devolution is the reversal of evolution. In politics, devolution means the transfer of power, usually from central government to local government. The objective reader recognizes the progressive worldview in the definition. By using the word devolution, however, the picture gets painted that we are returning to the forest to swing from branches like apes. A ludicrous idea. Conservatives are not against progress, but they simply recognize that everything new does not automatically equate to it being good; and going forward does not necessarily mean running away from where you are.

The term devolution today has been used in the American patriotic movement to describe certain current political events. Jon Herold, aka Patel Patriot, has written an excellent 24-part devolution series on his substack, and together with other patriots, he puts out a bi-weekly podcast on the video platform Rumble called the Devolution Power Hour.

Herold describes that when Covid-19 happened, Trump called it the worst attack on the nation, worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. In case of an attack on the nation, Trump was required to act. In the months around the start of Covid-19, Trump signed several executive orders that point to a Continuity of Government plan.


President Trump, with assistance from the United States Military and other key individuals throughout our federal agencies, caught our foreign adversaries aiding the Democrats and even some RINOs with the theft of the 2020 election. This is bigger than just mere corruption and scandal.

This is an act of war.

Biden was allowed to assume office but it’s not what it appears to be. How much control does Biden really have? The policy decisions being put forth by the Biden regime will be reversed because fraud vitiates everything. They are basically playing house.

Their time “in office” will only lead to more people wanting Trump back. That is the whole reason Trump had to walk away. The MSM had created such a divide in this country and tensions were so high that if Trump would have prevented Biden from being inaugurated, it would have resulted in a small scale civil war. Trump needed the country to wake up to the corruption and false promises of the political establishment.

Under “devolution,” Biden has no meaningful operational control over the military (I will cover that in a future post) and the team operating “devolution” won’t let any real harm come to us while the battlefield is prepped for whatever reveal is coming.

Devolution describes, and has partially predicted, the turbulent times we have been going through.


Every once in a while in history it becomes necessary to save capitalism from the capitalists, because when left to their own devices they accrue so much power that they will ruin the economy.

Both Jackson back then and Trump today saw that accountability is necessary to save the system.



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