Deep State Candidate: Did You Know Joe Biden’s Great Grandfather Worked For The East India Company

ER Editor: We also recommend GreatGameIndia’s piece they link to below, on the subject of Dominion Voting Systems, whose machinery is at the heart of US voter fraud allegations. Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian crown company, which means it is state-owned but also owned by the Crown within Canada, i.e. the Queen. Interestingly, such companies also have far less government intervention and legislative oversight. This makes us smell a rat, given the MI6 / Christopher Steele link to Russiagate perpetrated against Trump (MI6 is not supposed to exist officially; the Queen personally funds it). We can also find Charles happily shilling for the WEF’s Great Reset. And of course, the Clinton Foundation is connected to Dominion, which gave the Foundation donations back around 2015. Need we say more.
Rhetorical question: does ANYBODY make it to be a potential leader of a country without some deep, far-reaching connections?

Deep State Candidate: Did You Know Joe Biden’s Great Grandfather Worked For The East India Company

The media has been in an overdrive projecting US Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s connections to India. But did you know that Joe Biden’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather worked for the East India Company (ER: also known as the British East India Company – BEIC)? Not many are aware that, after the so called dissolution of the British Empire, the company just went underground and resurfaced with new identities. It is known by many names – Empire 2.0, the Deep State, the Hidden Hand, the New World Order etc. Through these seemingly modern structures, the Empire has been recently exposed rigging the 2020 US Elections through one of its Crown Agent companies, aptly named Dominion Voting Systems.

ER: Wikipedia has this to say about the BEIC:

The company ended up seizing control of large parts of the Indian subcontinentcolonised parts of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong after the First Opium War, and maintained trading posts and colonies in the Middle Eastern Gulf called Persian Gulf Residencies.[5]

Originally chartered as the “Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East-Indies”,[6][7] the company rose to account for half of the world’s trade[when?],[8] particularly in basic commodities including cottonsilkindigo dyesaltspicessaltpetretea, and opium. The company also ruled the beginnings of the British Empire in India.[8][9] In his speech to the House of Commons in July 1833, Lord Macaulay explained that since the beginning, the East India Company had always been involved in both trade and politics, just as its French and Dutch counterparts had been.[10]

The company received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth I on 31 December 1600, coming relatively late to trade in the Indies…

Deep State Candidate Did You Know Joe Biden's Great Grandfather Worked For The East India Company
Deep State Candidate Did You Know Joe Biden’s Great Grandfather Worked For The East India Company

Joe Biden’s India Connections

US Presidential candidate Joe Biden during his maiden visit to India in 2013 had mentioned his distant relatives living in Mumbai. A couple of years later, he reiterated that there were five Bidens living in Mumbai, whom he was related to.

Jerome Anthony of CNBC-TV18 spoke to the Bidens in Nagpur and Mumbai to find out whether or not they are related to Joe Biden and what was their correspondence with the then Senator.

Ian Biden, his sister Sonia Francis nee Biden, and their mother Angelina Biden are based in Nagpur. So is Ian and Sonia’s first cousin Rowena Biden. Ian said that a letter written by his maternal grandfather Leslie Biden to Senator Joe Biden in 1981 discussed ancestors John Biden and his wife Anne Beaumont, who were married in 1781. CNBC-TV18 has a copy of the letter but is not publishing it on request.

Leslie Biden along with his brother Arthur and his family in Surrey England. Image Joe Biden family
Leslie Biden along with his brother Arthur and his family in Surrey England. Image Joe Biden family

John and Anne had six children, one of them was Christopher Biden, born in 1789. His son was John Christopher Biden, who had a son named Colonel Horatio Biden, who had a son named Samuel Biden, whose son was Charles Horatio Biden (married to Edith Marie Biden, matron at Mayo Hospital in Nagpur).

Joe Biden's great grandfather Charles Horatio Biden
Joe Biden’s great grandfather Charles Horatio Biden

Charles and Edith had two sons. Leslie Biden and Arthur Biden. Leslie was the person who had written to Joe Biden in April 1981, and he received a response. two weeks later.

Edith Biden
Edith Biden

Ian said, “Our grandfather Leslie Biden discovered the name of Joe Biden in the Illustrated Weekly of India, Vol CII Mar 28/April 4, 1981 edition ‘American Expertise’. Joe Biden was a member of the US Senate at the time. Leslie wrote to Joe Biden where he discussed the Biden family tree. He received a reply from Joe Biden and they shared information regarding a common ancestor named John Biden (mentioned above) and his wife Anne Beaumont, who was of French origin.”

Both thanked each other for corresponding and promised to stay in touch. However, Leslie’s health deteriorated and he passed away in 1983, after which his wife Genevieve did not pursue any correspondence with the Senator.

Joe Biden’s Great Grandfather worked for the East India Company

When Joe Biden too replied, he seemed happy to have received a letter and discussed the Bidens coming to India.

After over two decades, Joe Biden recounted that he had received a letter from a person with Biden as his last name from Mumbai. It was then that he learned of his “great, great, great, great, great grandfather” had worked for the East India Company.

Leslie and Genevieve Biden. Image Joe Biden family
Leslie and Genevieve Biden. Image Joe Biden family

Deep State – the modern British Empire

A new focus on the Deep State in undermining the national interests has become a serious thought for many citizens. Not known to many, the Deep State has its origin in the British Empire and in how the Round Table infiltrated former British colonies (including India) through America. Last year, fuel was added to this fire when internal memos were leaked from the British-run Integrity Initiative featuring a startling account of the techniques deployed by the British operation to infiltrate American intelligence institutions, think tanks and media.

Did Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems rig 2020 US Elections for Joe Biden


The Deep State has been recently exposed rigging the 2020 US Elections through one of its Crown Agent companies, aptly named Dominion Voting Systems. A so-called computer “glitch” in the voting machines, flipping votes during the 2020 US Elections, has caused a major controversy. The source and ownership of the voting machines used in the elections has become an urgent issue because of real fears that hackers, whether foreign or domestic, might tamper with the mechanics of the voting system.

However, GreatGameIndia has found that the vendors and not hackers may be behind the rigging. One of the vendors, a Denver-based Canadian Crown Agent company Dominion Voting Systems has a long history of allegation of election rigging and interference in elections of various nations, including census data theft in India and interference in US Elections of 2020.

If sworn the President of the USA, what do you think the Biden Presidency would mean for India and the world? Let us know in the comments below.




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  1. Death to the filthy Royals. Time to exterminate the Windsor family bloodline and all possible heirs to the Crown.

  2. No surprise to me that Charles is up to his “Big Ears” in this world-government plot. He is merely taking up the reins from his “Mama”, as he calls her. EII, aka “Mrs. Windsor”, as I now call her, is up to her royal ears in the decades-long plot to use Quebec to dismantle Canada, and the USA by ricochet. That’s right. Quebec has never been trying to “secede”. That’s just the cover story. Quebec is really being used by the federal government of Canada to get a “Yes” in a Quebec referendum, so the federal government can oversee the complete dismantling of Canada by “negotiation”.

    The questions in the 1980 and 1995 referendums marketed as “secession” had nothing to do with Quebec independence, and everything to do with decentralizing Canada’s provinces into a region like the EEC-EU. Further decentralization of each province is planned, into multicultural city-states. Thus, the non-stop mass immigration to replace the founding peoples of Canada, by repopulating the country pending the new North American Union. That will be a red region of multi-ethnic city-states under a world government.

    Charlie’s Mama sailed into Port of Quebec in 1964 and into the Legislature on one of our founding anniversaries to urge the French Canadians to toss out our “outdated” “protocol” (as she called our constitution) and vote to break up Canada. EII offered herself to “legitimate” the breakup! She has no such legal power. You know what happened to the Stuart Kings for suspending and dispensing with the “law”. EII is trying to dispense with Confederation, the whole Constitution, the whole of Canada.

    Every visit EII has since made to Canada, every Jubilee of hers, every Canadian holiday of ours, she drops in to push “new institutions” and a new status for Quebec. All in aid of the break-up and restructuring of Canada into an EU-style regional union. US will follow suit; and if they can’t rig a Yes in a final referendum in Quebec, there’s a big take-down team in USA waiting to break THAT up. So, either we ricochet them, or they will ricochet us.

    Yes, this is the sovereign of Canada acting politically to destroy the country she is bound to protect. So, no surprise Charlie is fast at it on behalf of his WEF pals with their bogus man-made climate change. So much for the Coronation oath!

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