Costa Rica Filing to Ban the Jabs: Full Main Case Must Be Heard Before Ban Can Be Issued [VIDEO]

 ER Editor: We published on this yesterday, November 9, which was the date of the oral hearing against the Covid ‘vaccines’ (biological weapons) in a Costa Rican court, the aim being to get them banned immediately. Costa Rica is part of those countries under UN jurisdiction; other countries would therefore have to recognize a court ruling made in this country.  

Nuremberg Hearing: Costa Rica May Ban the Jab!

The plaintiffs at Interest of Justice were seeking initially to get an immediate ban (under what is called below a ‘precautionary measure’) on further use of the shots, with the main case to be heard in court subsequently. The hearing on the 9th was to illustrate the illegality of the injections, as well as any harmful effects, which would support the decision to ban. Unfortunately, an immediate ban was not forthcoming because of legal technicalities. Interest of Justice explains why below.


Dr. Ana Mihalcea was one of the expert witnesses in the Costa Rica court hearing yesterday to get Covid vaccines banned. This is her take on the article below via e-mail overnight:

Here is an update on the hearing. We are in for filing the main case, which will be huge. It appears the stream was censored, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. What a day! Thank you for your support. We will not give up.


See this interview with the Interest of Justice team by Dr. Joseph Sansone yesterday following the court hearing —



The Judge Was Extremely Concerned, BUT The Court Denied The Precautionary Measure Today And Told Us We Must File A Full Main Case To Stop The Covid [non] Vaccine Experiments On Humans.

They said we had a decent case but some issues were moot due to how long ago the case was filed & due to our imprecise wording when we filed, boxing us in. They are sending us to redo it as main case.

ER: Here is the Rumble video available of around 35 minutes, in Portuguese. Unfortunately there was no live-streaming.

We tried to get those damned bioweapons off the market, but the precautionary measure to stop the experimental non vaccines was heard today and NOT granted due to mere technicalities!

OK everyone, the hearing is over and the court did NOT grant the precautionary measure.

Don’t worry though because we lost on mere technicalities, which has nothing to do with the issues of experimentation or illegality and we can file a MAIN CASE to win.

The court sent us to file a MAIN CASE to prove the nullity and told us we still have that as an option.

The judges appeared very serious and sympathetic – but they were correct, we wanted new decrees annulled, but they said they can’t suspend any new decree after from when we filed the injunction. We filed a year ago, so apparently some issues became moot.

We can ask again to stop the shots in a new action & we learned a lot from the governments position today. Interestingly only one government agency argued the product is really a vaccine – all others looked nervous and did not disagree. That’s so damn important to know.

All in all, we are not too bummed because the court said we still have a main case which we need to file asap & we really think we can win it!

It was partly due to some issues of our lack of technicality when filing, because this court has very particular rules we weren’t very good at following, because we are not Costa Rican trained attorneys, and it was partly because it was filed so long ago that the court could not rule to suspend any new decree issued after we filed it back on October 7, 2022. Also, some of the original issues of the children’s mandates were moot and already suspended.

The court treated us with respect and dignity and took us seriously. Our attorney said the judges usually yell and get domineering, but to us they seemed quite sympathetic.

The experts were on standby but not called. The court insists we can file a main case.

The court was very clear it’s not that we don’t have a case, we do, it’s just that the court believes we need to file the main case to actually prove the experimental non-vaccine harmful nature of these products.

In the main case we can start over with a more precise and current request for a precautionary measure to stop the shots. It’s certainly not over and just beginning.

After the hearing IOJ, the experts and the attorney had a meeting and we intend to draft and file THE BEST CASE ON PLANET EARTH AND WIN IT.

This hearing is just the beginning. IoJ stands for our motto, “why be the resistance, when you can be the PERSISTENCE!” This hearing was NOT useless even though we didn’t get what we requested. In fact, it helps everyone understand what the Government’s stance is in relation to the facts presented and a wonderful thing happened where only one agency insisted these products are vaccines. All other government agencies did not dispute that these are still experimental and therefore not vaccines.

The judges told us that we can still file our main case. 

We believe we can win by restarting with a full case in the administrative contentious court, which has the jurisdiction to fully annul the non vaccine experiments.

IOJ, the experts and the attorney had a meeting after the ruling to confirm that we will join forces to draft and file THE VERY BEST CASE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD and we are all determined that we will win this in the end! You can help by donating to help fund the MAIN case to take covid vaccines & all mRNA off the market and be part of the solution. IoJ will not stop until this problem is solved. The judges agreed we have a main case to file. Let’s DO THIS!




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  1. Censored, of course! I thought it was poor streaming abilities somewhere.
    That’s why I couldn’t watch it here in Canada.

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