Nuremberg Hearing: Costa Rica May Ban the Jab!

ER Editor: This article refers to a hearing in Costa Rica happening today, November 9, 2023. Readers may be interested in following this story through the substack account, Interest of Justice

TOMORROW Is Court ORDERED Nuremberg Hearing! It’s NOT A Vaccine! It IS An EXPERIMENT! Stop The Shots!

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Nuremberg Hearing: Costa Rica May Ban the Jab!

On November 9th there is a hearing in Costa Rica that may lead to a ban on the jab.

A group called Interest of Justice has pursued this legal action. In this oral hearing, a judge may actually prohibit the distribution of the C19 biological weapon injections. This is important on multiple levels. First, it may save countless lives in Costa Rica. Second, it may have a ripple effect by inspiring other jurisdictions to prohibit the distribution of these biological and technological weapons. Finally, if investigations lead to indictments, defendants may be extradited from other countries.

Expert witnesses for the trial include Dr. Michael Yeadon. Dr Michael Yeadon is a retired pharmacologist and was a former vice president and chief scientist at Pfizer. Dr. Yeadon has publicly stated that the C19 injections are biological weapons. Dr. Yeadon has asserted that this is part of a global depopulation campaign. Dr. Yeadon warns that billions may die due to the C19 biological weapon injections campaign. Dr. Yeadon has spoken out against the supra national coordination that led to lockdowns, and also states that the C19 injections were deliberately designed to maim and kill. Dr. Yeadon speaks in detail on these topics as well as the importance of active resistance to digital IDs, Central bank digital currencies, and the mRNA weapons of mass destruction.

Ana Mihalcea, M.D., PhD, is also testifying as an expert witness. Dr. Mihalcea is a colleague on the board of directors of National ARM. Dr. Mihalcea has been documenting the existence of what appears to be self assembling nanotechnology in the injections using dark field microcopy. Dr. Mihalcea has reported her view that the AI is hijacking the energy of the cells and replicating biosynthetic cells. She has documented the AI building hydrogel structures, which form blue fibers that appear to develop into rubbery biosynthetic blood clots. Amazingly, Dr. Mihalcea documented the self assembly in the blood from an eight month old cadaver. This may indicate that both the replication of biosynthetic cells and the shedding of this technology is continuous.

Illegalities, as well as the detrimental effects of the C19 injections, will be discussed on November 9th. After this oral hearing, Interest of Justice will have 15 days to file the main case.

The group states:

We hope to stop the negative effect of the so called vaccines on the population and also expose the environmental hazards it has caused, including that it affects the DNA or genomic sequencing of mankind! The negative effects can only be stopped by taking it off the market.

On September 13, 2023 the appellate court approved the appeal for the oral hearing to be held on November 9th. The oral hearing will address the following topics:

The vaccine as applied with no informed consent constitutes the crime of serious undue experimentation in violation of Nuremberg Code Articles 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, Article 10 of the medical morality code and Articles 78, 79 of the Biomedical research law

The WHO definition of vaccine is illegally applied, allowing for import of a WHO EUL listing product which authorizes the covid-19 non vaccine experimental biological agent, omitting the legislative intent and definition, to illegally allow authorization and import of the covid-19 non vaccine toxic biological agent known to cause harm and administered by alleged “vaccine” delivery system

The DOD is withholding the reports they admit to having on the “experimental biological agent covid-19 vaccine” and asking IOJ for more time to delay and deny the info

A biological agent is a bioweapon by definition and the definition of biological agent which is intended to cause harm is incompatible with legislative intent for a vaccine which is to prevent a disease by stopping transmission, not prevent serious illness and death from the disease after its transmitted. This is illegal.

New facts are allowed up until just before the public hearing.

Apparently, if the Costa Rica court bans the jab and indictments follow, defendants may be extradited from other countries.

Prominent human rights and medical freedom attorney, Todd Callender stated:

This is the first UN recognized jurisdiction to have such a proceeding, which is important because the applicable international criminal law arose from UN Conventions among other international bodies including the Hague Accords.  In all respects, Costa Rica is a contracting party to these multilateral conventions, which means that all the other treaty partners must recognize and grant comity to these proceedings.  

In effect this means that a verdict by the Court could result in extradition papers being filed and pursued for Defendants outside the country…. if those defendants are in any MLAT partner nation then they are subject, at least in part, to the jurisdiction of the Costa Rican courts.

While it is possible that the court may prohibit the distribution of the C19 biological weapon injections on the 9th or shortly afterward, this legal process will likely be drawn out. However, if the court does the right thing, it could send shockwaves across the world. Partly because there will be a panic among these international criminals that have perpetrated these crimes against humanity, but also because other jurisdictions will be prompted to act.

The so called Roger Bannister effect is a bit clichéd. Once Roger Bannister ran the four minute mile, breaking a psychological barrier, others followed suit. There are multiple other explanations for this occurrence; however, there is truth to the effect. A similar effect was documented by Ash’s studies on conformity. Once the truth was revealed, others saw it too. A decisive action by this court could potentially jolt judges, prosecutors, and politicians out of their learned helplessness. It may also ignite public demand for action.

We have seen this to some extent with the ‘Ban the Jab’ resolutions circulating in local Republican parties, declaring the C19 injections to be biological and technological weapons. National ARM’s Grand Jury petitions have also been having a psychological effect, even if not yet a tangible effect. Each action builds on another action. Vires Law Group’s recent legal brief delivered to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody adds more pressure on the AG to do her job.

It is unclear what the results of this hearing will be. However, it looks like the most tangible legal action to date.

The hearing will be livestreamed. Register to receive the feed.




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