Bishop Viganò: “the Globalist Elite Has Failed In Its Assault”

Bishop Viganò: “the globalist elite has failed its assault”


Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò returns to speak and this time he does so on the occasion of the second Philosophy festival held in Venice yesterday and dedicated to the memory of Monsignor Antonio Livi.

Viganò during the pandemic farce was a point of reference for many lost Catholics. A rock to cling to during the storm that shook the whole world and raised even more, if possible, the smoke of apostasy in the Vatican. While the world fell prey to an unprecedented authoritarian stranglehold, this insane and criminal plan to establish a world dictatorship was not condemned behind the walls of the Vatican.

On the contrary, if there was anyone who was ready to sing the praises of the New World Order, it was Jorge Mario Bergoglio. On the other hand, however, the voice of Monsignor Viganò rose calmly and firmly, denouncing this imperialist design and denouncing the conspirators who had taken part in it, both in civil and ecclesiastical institutions. If many people have managed to preserve their faith, they probably also owe it to all the efforts made by the former apostolic nuncio to the United States who constantly and tirelessly fought to keep the tradition of the true Catholic Church alive.

In this last letter, however, Viganò points out a new element. The plan, as conceived by the architects of Davos and the Bilderberg Group, failed. The world has not entered a global authoritarian grip as the most influential men of the spheres of globalism would have liked. The pandemic farce has stopped practically everywhere. The restrictions have been gradually raised even in Italy, the country that has suffered the most ferocious attack from these powers due to its history and culture inextricably linked to Catholic and Greco-Roman roots; roots deeply detested by Masonic circles since they embody everything that the Masonic religion despises.

The world has entered a new phase which can be defined as de-globalization. Rather than concentrating on a supranational level, power is gradually returning to the nation states. The consolidation of the BRICS and the disengagement of the United States from globalization that began under the Trump era, and never stopped, is turning back the clock of history. And Monsignor captures this change by writing about the “failure of the elites” who have seen their original intentions go up in smoke.

It is the members of the globalist camp themselves who take note of their defeat and recognize that history has now taken another direction. However, Viganò urges us to use this period of quiet to rebuild what was destroyed in previous decades. Once we abandon the liberalism that has been the cause of the world without values ​​that has advanced from Vatican II onwards to its “apogee” during the coronavirus terrorist operation – in which there has been a dehumanization of institutions unprecedented in health and politics – that natural process of rehabilitation of the country and its institutions will begin. The pandemic coup d’état was only possible because a vacuum of values ​​was created, which, especially in the case of Italy,

If Italy had preserved its religion, its identity, its culture and its morals, all this would never have taken place. And this is the teaching that Viganò urges to draw from the last two years. Repent of the mistakes and sins committed and begin the path towards a gradual rebirth. And this rebirth, Viganò notes, cannot fail to pass from “putting God back at the center of our life”. Once this journey has been undertaken, “all the rest will come by itself”. Monsignor has paved the way. All that remains is to follow it. These are the full words of his last speech.


Speech by Mons. Carlo Maria Viganò

At the II “Antonio Livi” Philosophy Festival

Saturday 25 June 2022


                                                                                                                                                    The snare is broken

                                                                                                                                                     And we are delivered.

                                                                                                                                                                      Ps 123, 7


I am pleased to be able to send my greetings to the participants of the second edition of the Philosophy Festival dedicated to the dear memory of Mons. Antonio Livi. Your presence on this day shows that the wishes formulated in July of last year are beginning to materialize with the commitment and collaboration of many willing people. To all of them, as well as to the organizers of the Festival, go my encouragement and the assurance of my prayers.

This reflection of mine – more than two years after the beginning of the great psycho-pandemic farce and the coup of the Great Reset – will not, however, have the dark connotations of my previous intervention, and will rather be based on an evaluation of events which, to simplify, we could define realistic, in a positive sense. It is not exactly optimism, because this exaggerates in positivity what pessimism exceeds in negativity. Realism seems to me more correct and corresponding to the truth.

The first reason for this “positive realism” is based on the theological virtue of Hope: we know with filial confidence that the Lord grants us all the means necessary to deserve Paradise, and that he does not expose us to any tests, except those that with His Grace we can overcome. Our little victory over the temptation to sin is a victory of God: omnia possum in eo qui me confortat, I can do everything in Him who gives me strength (Phil 4, 13). We are therefore not speaking of a human feeling based on an illusion, but of an awareness based on the promise of the Savior: sufficit tibi gratia mea, my grace is enough for you (2Cor 12: 9).

The second reason for looking positively at the present is perhaps more subjective, but in my opinion should not be underestimated. These two years of global delirium have shown us the true face of the adversary, revealing who acted out of thirst for power, who for profit, who following a criminal plan against God and against man. We know well what scandalous conflicts of interest lurk at the top of the authorities; we are well acquainted with those who have sold themselves to neo-Malthusian globalism, supporting a narrative as clearly false as it is delusional; we are all well aware of those who, from the seats of Parliament, from the editorial offices of the media, from professional associations, from trade unions and even from churches, have become complicit in countless violations of natural rights, as well as responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the world. And we know by name those who with cold cynicism have planned the pandemic to be able to inoculate a gene serum that irreparably compromises the immune system, makes men and women sterile, causes abortions in pregnant women and causes young people to die of heart attacks. The horrors of Nazism and Communism pale in the face of the merciless cruelty of the theorists of world depopulation, according to whom – Cingolani in the head – four billion human beings should be eliminated. It is unthinkable that such a crime, committed everywhere with the same coordinated actions and under a single supervision, will go unpunished. And if he will certainly be punished by the hand of the Most High, in whose presence the victims of globalist eugenics cry out.

Last year our gaze was turned with great apprehension to the evolution of events, which apparently followed the agenda of the globalists of the World Economic Forum in an apparently unfailing way. More and more people understood that they were faced with a plan – indeed, let’s call it with the appropriate term: a conspiracy – hatched by conspirators without morals, but they felt helpless and overwhelmed. Even we, although we were very clear from the beginning what was happening, had many reasons to fear an exacerbation of the dictatorial regime that was establishing itself. And the Russian-Ukrainian crisis at the beginning of the year seemed to confirm this upsurge. We received confirmation, a few days ago, from none other than Bergoglio, that well before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, NATO wanted to provoke Moscow’s intervention to have a pretext to impose the ecological transition, following the sanctions of the international community. The pandemic for social control, the war and the economic crisis for the green change, social credit, the abolition of private property, universal income.

These globalists are so predictable in their raving delusions of domination that they arouse indignation in those who hear them talk of philanthropy as they exterminate, sterilize or make chronically ill millions of people; solidarity and social justice, while theorizing the exploitation of cheap labor and causing a disastrous rise in unemployment; of ecology, while polluting the planet with billions of useless masks or with the lithium batteries of electric cars. And if you notice it, it seems that they demand an act of submission from their supporters, so the more absurd and illogical or even contemptuous the reasons they give to legitimize their decisions, the greater must be the abdication of reason and the servile submission of the will in the subjects.

Heterogenesis of ends: precisely those who have dazed us for decades talking about freedom, conscious choice, the right to criticize, conscientious objection and civil disobedience today show themselves to be zealous executors of the most ridiculous health provisions, of the most absurd hygiene rules, of the most vile discriminations. And with the same blind obedience, the apostles of anti-fascism today go hand in hand with Pravij Sektor and the Azov battalion, while the leftists who yesterday denounced American imperialism and Italy’s dependence on NATO now exalt the government skills of an actor cocaine addict enslaved to the deep state, who harnesses neo-Nazi symbols and celebrates as national heroes of anti-Semitic war criminals.

I believe that multiple elements can make us believe that the assault that the globalist elite had planned with the Agenda 2030 and with the Great Reset has failed . This does not mean that the war is won, but that Providence has deigned to change the course of events as if to give us a last chance at repentance, an opportunity to make amends for the errors and sins committed, and to remedy them.  Certainly the pseudo-pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis have pushed many souls to multiply their prayers and penances, imploring from God a truce that allows humanity to wake up from the narcosis in which it has sunk for decades, if not centuries.

The failure of the elite is confirmed by the admissions of many of its exponents, who already take for granted the end of globalism. The fanatics who still try to hold the crumbling psychopandemic edifice together have not realized that their bosses are leaving them to fend for themselves; others, with the typical intuition of the courtiers, hasten to reposition themselves in view of the now urgent change of narrative. It will soon be admitted that the pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis were part of a global subversive plan, carried out with the complicity of world leaders, rulers, heads of state, politicians, journalists, doctors, professors, magistrates, forces of the order, clergymen.

But precisely because this betrayal is now overt; precisely because the lies that have been spread have revealed themselves in their falseness and pretext; precisely because it has been understood that it is the current authority that is irreparably corrupt and corrupting, a desperate reaction is to be expected, a backlash: because they have nothing more to lose, and they know that what they do not get today with one last gasp, they won’t get it tomorrow, when their conspiracy is universally known and universally cursed.

It is not, as I said, a victory: it is a truce that allows us to play our part in the reconstruction process that awaits us all. A process that must be moral even before material, of the heart before that of the mind.

The collapse of global society and the end of false revolutionary bipolarism (right / left, USA / USSR, liberalism / socialism, progressivism / conservatism) will require a collective commitment, in which the Catholic component must play a leading role, to be leader. But to be protagonists, to compete in the political arena, it is necessary to have a solid religious, moral, intellectual and political formation. Having ideals, holy and heroic ideals, animated by each person’s desire to sanctify themselves in any area of ​​their life, from study to work, from family to social commitment. And I say sanctify oneself, to be pleasing to God who for this purpose created and made us in the image and likeness of him.

Society must be restored to its spiritual dimension, healing the centuries-old wound inflicted by secularism, liberalism and communism. Christ the King must reign over the Italians even before over Italy. The Catholic laity is called to give witness to their Faith on two fronts: a social one, rebuilding what has been destroyed, restoring what has been left to collapse. Schools, universities, professions, trades. An intimately Christian heritage of civilization.

The other front must be that of the formation of those who serve the community. We educate our children to be good Christians and good citizens, good fathers and mothers of families, honest workers, an example of edification for others. We teach them not to be ashamed of professing to be Catholics, and not to consider it a dishonor to love their homeland. We train rulers who think of the common good and not of their own advantage; who do their duty knowing that they must be accountable to the Lord.

And let’s not forget how many, in these two years of collective madness, have not bowed to the diktats of an authority enslaved to the elite. May their example be a spur to young people, who need models of consistency, and to the future ruling class, which will be called to replace this generation of fearful courtiers and cowardly conspirators.

Ultimately, this is the real change in recent months: having discovered that progress, fraternity, inclusion, resilience, sustainability are only lies that behind an appearance of horizontal solidarity conceal a great deception, a fraud, a criminal plan. Having understood that there can be no brotherhood where the common Father is not recognized; that there is no solidarity if one does not love God and one’s neighbor for love of him; that true freedom is neither will nor license, but the faculty to move within the confines of the Good; that the State, as a society made up of citizens called to be children of God through Baptism, cannot profess to be an atheist or non-denominational, but must rather publicly recognize the submission of civil authority and all its members to the supreme authority of God, and to conform his laws to it. Because this is God’s will: Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. (Mt 7:21).

Let us put God at the center of our life, at the center of the family and society, at the center of the Church. Everything else will come by itself.




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