Apocalyptic California Wildfires: UN Agenda 2030, Global Depopulation


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“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to its own ends, it is the right of the people to abolish it.”

By Ariyana Love

The 2018 wildfire season in California is the most destructive in recorded state history, with a total of 7,983 fires which have burned 1,824,505 acres and destroyed 18,000 structures, this year. Nearly 3 million acres were burned since last year and California now has the most polluted air in the world, worse than Bejing, China. But these apocalyptic “fires” are now a global phenomenon. 

On November 8th, a State of Emergency was declared for Butte County, in Northern California. November 9th, a State of Emergency was declared in L.A. and Ventura County’s, followed by San Diego County in Southern California. On November 10th, the entire city of Malibu, a 51 square km radius, was evacuated and selectively burned. Simultaneously, the entire town of Paradise was torched to the dust

Mainstream media (MSM) wants us to believe that A wildfire is hopscotching across a northern California county,” ravaging private property and homes at a rate of 80 football fields PER MINUTE?

MSM immediately dubbed the Paradise massacre a “Camp Fire,”  a name designed to downplay the severity of the attacks. While reporting the low estimated population of Paradise at 27,000 people, MSM failed to account for the overall targeted population of neighboring Concow and Magalia, in greater Butte County. The majority of the public may not even realize that the Actual population targeted, was 52,000 people. 

I urge you to study carefully, every link and video I include in this article and analyze the evidence for yourself, before drawing a conclusion. (Additional links are in blue)

These fires burn hotter and faster than any natural wildfire in recorded history. We have a plethora of evidence  that extreme temperatures, more than double that of a normal forest, or house fire have been torching people in their homes and vehicles, to almost unrecognizable remains. Eyewitness survivors testimony from Paradise corroborates this.

There is a lot of research and analysis that has been done by independent, Citizen Journalists, aplanetruth.info and inTruthbyGrace, exposing this. Thanks to them and a few other respected Youtubers, we have in-depth analysis of these weather warfare attacks, extending back to last year.

The evidence proves time and again that there is nothing natural about these fires. 

aplanetruth.info visited Paradise town last week, to conduct an on the ground investigation into the massacre. He has been providing us with interviews from eyewitness survivors, who all agree that MSM is LYING

These eyewitness survivors gave their testimony to aplanetruth.info and Deborah Tavares last Tuesday, stating that while they were trying to evacuate, authorities were blocking the roads, keeping people trapped in Paradise and left to die. 

Skyway, the main road out, was gridlocked because Paradise city had recently gone through the Agenda 21 planning process, and had taken car lanes off the road. This caused a major traffic jam while people were trying to escape. Men, women and children, were burned to death in their vehicles. Eyewitnesses say the body count is much higher than what MSM is reporting.

The burned out cars lining the roads of Paradise, are filled with human remains. MSM, eyewitnesses and a tow truck driver all reported seeing dead bodies in these vehicles. Where MSM downplayed the actual body count, eyewitnesses and a tow truck driver, told the truth.

Eyewitnesses said the burned body’s were almost unrecognizable and only when they looked at the floorboards carefully, could they see some bones left of the melted remains. The tow truck driver was allowed to enter Paradise after the massacre, in order to clear cars. He reported seeing at least 200 people dead in their vehicles, straight away after entering the crime scene.

FEMA and Military personnel have the entire area on lock down. Nobody has been allowed back into Paradise, unless they are part of clean up. However, a few people have been able to document the crime scene.

One man survived because he fled his vehicle and took shelter in a creek. He was trying to rescue his neighbors who all perished. He took this rare footage (at the end of the video) before leaving Paradise, which I think everyone needs to see:


This is not the first time I’ve documented MSM lying about body counts during weather warfare attacks.

PLEASE SEE: The Real Story of Hurricane Harvey With Don’t Comply’s First Respondents: here.

Multiple eyewitnesses have also testified that NOBODY is keeping track of, or recording body counts because as authorities said, dental records went up in flames. Forensic experts have also stated that remains of the Paradise victims “may never be conclusively identified,” due to unidentifiable remains.

Through his Paradise investigation, aplanetruth.info was able to account for about 600 people in shelters, which he visited himself and a couple hundred more who pitched tents at campsites or along the roadside. Again, this is out of an estimated 52,000 people who were “displaced,” according to The Guardian.

So where did Butte County disappear to? Where are all the supposed survivors?

Eyewitnesses from Paradise said that they only made it out alive because they evacuated immediately and were among the first to leave. According to them, those left behind, must have perished in flames. As far as we know there are roughly 50,000 people still UNACCOUNTED FOR.

aplanetruth.info gives us a heart wrenching breakdown:

American Intelligence Media interviewed one survivor named Robert, who said: 

“My ranch was burned to the ground around 7.45 a.m., only a little over an hour after it started in Pulgas, where the fire began. I barely escaped alive with my three little dogs. My cabin caught on fire on both sides and I ran through 30 foot long flames being driven by 60 mph winds in a huge vortex.”

Please watch the dash cam footage of his escape and his interview, here.

Please do not recoil in fear from this information. We need to be stronger than ever now and face what is being done to us: 

PG&E culpibility

PG&E has been repeatedly shutting off power, to targeted areas and then LYING about why they are doing it. This has caused people to be trapped in their home when they need to evacuate.

PG&E is presently doing a massive operation in Paradise in the wake of the fires. Military police and FEMA have the town on lock down and nobody is allowed to enter the town. Please see that video footage, here.

Just like with other weather warfare events, a couple days before Butte County was attacked there was a massive military drill taking place in Paradise. See link here.

Here is more on PG&E by aplanetruth.info : 

How and when the California Fires became Apocalyptic 

Let’s recap to the point where the California fires began to accelerate to apocalyptic speed. It was just after the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st, 2017. With our attention successfully diverted, nefarious dual-Israeli-nationals were profiting on the staged event: Michael Churtoff, a known Jewish Zionist spy and former DHS Director, as well as Jewish tycoon, George Soros. See links here and here.

Within days of the Vegas shooting, there were 13 fires that broke out overnight in various places across Sanoma County, California. All 13 of those fires appeared in areas that were zoned for UN Agenda 21 Redevelopment. This is according a documents brought to us by aplanetruth.info, for a citywide summary on pending development from June, 2017. That document is identical to another document from the City of Santa Rosa’s Department of Planning and Economic Development.

Remember, right after Sanoma County was hit, Santa Rosa County was targeted next. 

On the ground evidence of foul play

While we do have the documented technology to control weather, that technology which could be used to protect us from fires and hurricanes, has instead been weaponized. 

Due to the extreme heat temperatures in these attacks, MSM has had to do damage control to explain the never-before-seen anomalies. For example, the whirlwinds of fire extending high into the air in what looks like dancing tornado flames, has been dubbed “Fire Tornados.” Within weeks, MSM was referring to them as Firenados,” familiarizing it in our minds (NLP / suggestive programming). 

Here are more must see footage of a “Firenado”:

QUESTION: What kind of a “Wildfire burns straight through and warps asphalt? 

What wildfire do you know of that can melt and buckle steel, or disappear glass, rubber tires and human bodies from within vehicles? What natural fire have you seen that burns steel and cement to dust, or flips 6,000 lb cars upside down?

We see row after row of homes, reduced to mere dust. What “forest fire” levels homes to dust, but leaves the surrounding trees unburned? This is indicative of homes burning from the inside out, like a microwave inferno. This is indicative of spontaneous combustion. These are precision, surgical strikes. THIS IS GENOCIDE!

inTruthbyGrace gives us a walk through, with on the ground analysis of the impossible California “wildfire” anomalies:

The average forest fire burns at between 800 to 1,472¤F.  The average house fire burns at 1100¤F. Making these anomalies absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! The melting point of glass is between 2600 to 2900 ¤ F. Yet, the glass on these cars is not only melted, it’s entirely disappeared.

Science lesson 101: If  you put rubber tires into a furnace, they will not melt. That is because tires are vulcanized, which is a process that combines rubber molecules with carbon and other elements that prevent them from oxidizing and burning. Yet, the rubber tires on vehicles from these attacks, are all disappeared!

 The footage of these torched cars is another anomaly, reminiscent of ground zero after 9/11!

Watch Judy Woods presentation on DEW used on 9/11. Please watch all 3 parts!

Is it normal for molten steel to be dripping from the beams of homes during a forest fire? Steel has a melting point of 2700¤F! The temperatures in these deadly attacks, were more than double the temperature of a normal wildfire. 

According to the National Institute of Fire Safety and Safety Training, stone walls, cement, granite counter tops, most appliances, tools and steel, will not melt in a forest fire. The melting point of tools is between 2600 to 2800 ¤ F. Even natural wood will not burn completely in a house or a forest fire. Look at the pics from a normal house fire, then compare it to the California fires. A normal house fire will have a ton of  unburned debris remaining.

These homes were cooked from the inside out, just like a microwave oven. But if these were not natural wildfires, then what kind of a weapon could transform steel and cement to dust?

I highly recommend viewing more expert analysis by inTruthbyGrace, of evidence of EMF anomalies with these supposed “fire” attacks, that’s well worth viewing, here, here and here.

I also recommend mental_boost Youtube channel for additional video footage of the unnatural anomalies we are seeing in these”fire” attacks, like the ones mentioned above.

Firefighter testimony

A firefighter who rescued people in Paradise, said he and his firefighter friends have never seen fires act like this. You can catch his testimony: here. 

aplanetruth.info interviewed a Fire Captain from California who testified that these are not normal “wildfires.” He has never seen anything like it. It is his professional opinion and the professional opinion of two of his firefighter colleagues, that these “fires” are Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) attacks for Agenda 30, depopulation.

Direct Energy Weapons (DEW)

Every one of the California “fires” has the signature markings of microwave laser technology. There is only one weapon capable of this type of destruction and that’s Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

Lasers cannot be seen with the naked eye, since they travel at the speed of light. However, people will see flashes of blue and green light, which is exactly what eyewitness survivors reported seeing during the attacks. While the houses in Paradise were torched, people recorded blue light on everything, indicative of DEW.  

Evidence of laser beams, fired from drones or other stealth fighter aircraft, was also recorded on cell phones and cameras multiple times, throughout the California fires.

Microwave laser technology has been developed for decades. Nikola Tesla invented the “powerful particle beam” back in 1930, which he called the “Death Beam.” It was DEW laser technology.

Nikola Tesla was found dead in his hotel room in January of 1943 in NYC, after agents from the U.S. government’s Office of Alien Property seized all his documents. Although some of the FBI files on Tesla were declassified, some are still missing… 

In 2015, the ATHENA laser weapon was tested by the US Military. Attached to an Apache AH-64 attack helicopter, ATHENA disabled a truck within seconds, from a mile away. That was just a 30KW weapon.

Lockheed Martin, then built an even more powerful, 60KW laser weapon, for the US Military. Given that it’s still classified, we don’t have all the details about this weapon, except that it, or one like it, was tested on innocent civilians in Iraq, Gaza and other US dominated, war torn countries…

Imagine what a 500 trillion milliwatt laser could do? Well folks, that exists too! It’s called the “laser to end all lasers,” developed by the National Ignition Facility of California, where it sits today, to be used for God knows what purpose.

Here is a video compilation of DEW lasers caught on camera during attacks on California:

Here are the advantages of DEW microwave laser weapons:

  1. DEW is Silent.
  2. DEW is Invisible.
  3. DEW is Cheap (costs $1 to fire a laser)
  4. DEW has Unlimited ammunition.

Here is US General Chuck Wald, of the US Airforce, telling us that We the American People, must give  DEW weapons, plus our undying support to ISRAEL!

I believe he is a dual-national Israeli SPY.

What is UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30?

Officially stated, the UN document on Agenda 21 says it is a:

“comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN system, governments and major groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.”

A regulatory system of complete world domination was initiated at a conference in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, by the Bush Crime Family and other “elite ruling” Bloodlines. This plan is affecting every man, woman and child on planet Earth. A “commission,” was established and a report was produced in 1996, titled: Our Global Neighborhood,” including UN Agenda 21 Redevelopment.

They established a UN funded commission of global governance, with centralized control under the UN, through the Trusteeship Council. Because human beings will always impact the environment, it puts a tremendous amount of control into UN hands.

And don’t let the “Redevelopment” in Agenda 21 fool you. Once you study the contents of this document, the agenda is apparent.

Out in plain site:

  1. Create a world standing army under the UN Secretary General.
  2. Create a new economic Security Council into which the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, UN Development Program and World Trade Association would be consolidated.

Under Agenda 21, non governmental organisations will not be accredited by the UN. They were eloquently deemed, “Populace Trash.” 

The 1996 report, Our Global Neighborhood, was revised and Commission report was published in 2015 called UN Sustainable Development GOALS which includes Agenda 2030. Copies of the original report are hard to find, but not impossible.

Because Earth is now beyond sustainability, something drastic and fast needs to happen in order to bring things under control to save our ecosystem, if humanity is going to survive. No one can deny that. So with positive titles such as “sustainable development,” who would suspect foul play?

Nobody told us Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 are to benefit only a chosen few and not the rest of humanity! We were sold on the lie that the agenda was about recycling, creating a more sustainable future, peace and prosperity for people and the planet. But in actuality, its about moving everyone out of rural areas and into highly concentrated, state regulated city centers… and it’s about DEPOPULATION.

Below is an outstanding interview with expert Deborah Tavares, from StopTheCrime.neton Agenda 30 and weather warfare:

Here are 9 basic tenants of Agenda 21:

  1. Move citizens off  private land and into urban housing.
  2. Create vast wilderness spaces inhabited by large carnivores.
  3. Eliminate cars and create walkable cities.
  4. Support chosen private businesses with public funds for “sustainable development.”
  5. Make policy decisions that favor “greater good” over individuals.
  6. Drastically reduce the use of power, water and anything else that creates carbon pollution.
  7. Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of Democratic processes.
  8. Increase taxes, fees and regulations.
  9. Implement policies meant to incentivize a reduced population. (Vaccines, etc..)

These are the key transformations the UN Commission says must take place in order for society to become “sustainable.” However, UN Agenda 21 does not specify what the “sustainable population” of Earth actually is. We do have some major clues to what that might be though. 

The Georgia Guide Stones tell us that 97% of the world population is  going to “have to” die. 

The NASA War Document, presented the Chief NASA scientist at the Langly Center, Denish Bushell, states clearly that they will depopulate the world and just how they are planning to do it by 2025, as presented by Deborah Tavares. Out in plain site:

If that’s not enough, the US Government put the estimated depopulation by 2025 out in plain site on their official website here. They demonstrate the reduced population of America is estimated to go from 326 million, down to 99 million. 

If Nikolai Tesla technology had been allowed to be used for the public’s greater good, we would not have an environment of Big Oil fossil fuel pollution, Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) grid radiation, nuclear power, Big Pharma, etc… This New World Order our psychopathic “elites” initiated in 1996, has a One World Religion as well that we need to be aware of.  

After Julian Assange and Wikileaks released the Jon Podesta emails back in 2016, it became painfully apparent to masses of people, that our global “elites” are Luciferian, anti-Christ Satanists and pedophiles. They follow an ancient heretic religion known as Talmudic law, which is based in “Jewish” supremacy. They traffic children in what is a nearly 400 Billion Dollar per year global industry. 

A brief synopsis of the UN

Have you ever wondered why the UN is the most powerful and respected “human rights” organization in the world? It has its own international army yet does absolutely nothing to the save the lives of innocent people suffering and fleeing genocide all over the world. At best they release public condemnations “opposing” Crimes Against Humanity and only after tremendous pressure from the public.

I have been to the Middle East and investigated the UN system for refugees. They are kept in literal enslavement camps, at the borders of war-torn countries. Refugees are given barely enough money to buy food and forced to live in squalor conditions, where children will sometimes freeze to death, as documented here

and here. And of course, UN is implementing Agenda 21 in the camps through administering vaccines to refugees. Of course UN blames the lack of funding support to UN for the cause of these deaths. And while the UN does “help” refugees remain alive, they are basically the only aid system we have, leaving poor and displaced refugees with no other choice. But the truth is, nobody would put even their animal into these camps. 

Child trafficking is rife in UN camps. An Associated Press (AP) investigation revealed in 2017 that more than 100 United Nations (UN) “peacekeepers” ran a child sex ring in Haiti over a 10-year period and none were ever jailed. The report further found that over the past 12 years there have been almost 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers and other UN personnel around the world.

Once a refugee signs into the UN system, they are locked in like a slave. They are not allowed to leave the camps. They are prevented from work and study, year after year. Many refugees in UN camps have been so desperate, they sell their own organs to survive. That said…

The United Nations General Assembly (UN) was founded by a well known Satanist, named Alice Bailey and her elitist husband. Bailey was a follower of the Theosophical Society, founded by another well-known Luciferian Satanist named Madam Blavatsky. 

The UN was registered under an international trust called the “Lucifer” Trust, back in 1945. The timing was just perfect for the new Jewish-Zionist Militia take-over of Palestine.

The Lucifer Trust, had existed since 1922. However, Lucifer was too obvious a name to be out in public, so Bailey quickly changed the name to Lucis Trust in 1948. To this day, the UN remains under the Lucis Trust. But did you know that, Lucis is still a less-known-name for Lucifer? The Lucis Trust just loves to talk about Lucifer, right on the website! For example, The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer here, the Descent and Sacrifice of Lucifer here,  the History of Lucifer here and more pages gracefully educating us on Lucifer and the “devil,”, here.

In the very last paragraph of the United Nations Embodying Ideals on Lucis Trust website, it discusses the UN’s Millennium Development Goals as “spiritual achievements for humanity,” even if their nefarious purposes are as yet only partially realized.”

Read more about the real UN, here.

Does this begin to explain the caravans of militarized UN vehicles we’ve been seeing transported across US Freeways in recent years? 

Since the UN is a Trust, it is not under any government scrutiny. Not only is it the new centralized world government, but the UN has been mandating all our global public school curriculum, for years. Now who knew that?

This is exactly how the Luciferian NWO instills Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP / mind control) into our children’s brains, teaching us all a false history. 

All UN employees are required to participate in a daily meditation practice called “Triangles,” an occult meditation using NLP.

Agenda 2030 for AMERICA

After the Luciferian cabal published Our Global NeighborhoodPresident G.W. Bush, implemented it into the US Government in 1996. He then created what’s called the White House Task Force on Eco System Management. He put 20 Federal Departments together to create an “Ecosystem Management Policy” that was implemented throughout the Federal Government, into every major department such as the Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Etc.. 

Our Satanic “Elite” then developed a multi-media reinforcement through corporate media conglomeration, to deal with any opposition to their wicked plans. Today, 96% of our world’s media is owned by just six, Jewish Zionist Israeli corporations, that may actually be consolidated into just 3 corporations by now. You can read more about that here.

Page 993 of Our Global Neighborhood covers their plans to establish “protected areas” called the Wildlands Project. It states their plans for the “rewilding” of 99% of America’s land mass. The Wildlands will consist of 50% core wilderness areas that will be connected through corridors but off limits to humans. Our use of resources will be very limited and highly regulated by US government.

Survivors of Agenda 2030 Depopulation, will be placed into walled off mega regions, under 24 hour state surveillance. This of course is all under the guise of saving our planet from “global warming,” which is actually being intensified and created by weather warfare technology.

The Wildlands will be off limits to the general population and surrounded by thick, militarized buffer zones to keep the general population out. 75% of the US population already lives in large cities. But everyone in rural areas will be moved. It’s very similar to the predictive programming in the movie, Hunger Games. We will no longer be allowed to own anything. No house, no car, boats, appliances, and not even the clothes on our backs! Our lives and our children’s lives will be 100% state controlled, under the UN Agenda 2030 one world government.

Survivors will be resettled into 25% of the land, in highly condensed mega cities, described by Agenda 2030 as “Sustainable Communities,” and as human re-settlement zones. All this will be controlled by the UN. This is not “conspiracy,” it is out in the open in “Our Global Neighborhood,” published in 1996 and other Earth Summit Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, UN documents. 

Now remember now, all of “our” National Parks and World Heritage sites are under the UN body organization of UNESCO!

This is where Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FEMA should start making sense. Except the FEMA camps will be a lot more sophisticated than Nazi Germany, with 24-hour surveillance.

179 countries have “conceded” to Agenda 21. They are doing away with representative governments and bringing in a totalitarian one, with unelected boards and commissions, like the UN Agenda 21 “Redevelopment” commission. Each country has their own local Agenda 21 plan through public and private partnership (fascism). As Rosa Koire stated, Agenda 21 is already far advanced in Europe. Social equity is all about impoverishing the vast majority of the population. Our economies were all created to collapse. The EU is already moved into position, with the eradication of jurisdictional and national boundaries. This of course has been a process of incremental control.

In May of 2018, the EU began full censorship of our Internet with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP), followed by Article 11 and 13. Now the EU has begun “protecting” us from information. Now the Luciferian globalists have the complete power to censor whatever material they don’t want Europe to see.

DEW attacks are global

The Greek people were also hit hard with DEW in recent months. We are seeing the same signature evidence of DEW being used in countries across Europe, Scandinavia, across the USA, Asia, Africa, Iran, Australia and more.

Whole families are being cooked inside their homes, globally. Australia has hundreds of DEW attacks right now. In some places, the “fire” is spreading so quickly that residence are being told by their government, that “it’s too late to evacuate” and to “seek shelter!” 

Hurricane Michael victims in Florida were also told it’s too late to evacuate, in October. It seems this is a growing trend with governments. Realize now that there is no rescue coming and these attacks are only going to increase from here. We are not being punished by God, we are under attack by the Satanic cabal.

America is under attack. Humanity is under attack. This is worldwide Genocide.

5G Kill Grid

There is a plethora of ways the Satanic cabal are killing us. But one more thing you must be aware of is the 5G Kill Grid (technology developed by Israel) and Smart Meters. We have the right and we must REFUSE 5G, refuse and remove Smart Meters must refuse vaccines. Also, STOP drinking MSM kool-aid! Time to chuck your TV out the window.

Please follow Fullerton Informer for more information on 5G:

SOLUTIONS – Delete The Elite 

There is hope!

Rosa Koire created The Post Sustainability Institute where she has already successfully sued the US Government at the state level in 2013, in the first major efforts to stop Agenda 2030. Her Institute is now taking that lawsuit to higher levels in US judicial system, to Federal Court.

The last thing you should do when you wake up to this information, is cower in fear. They do not have guns pointed at our heads, just yet. And even if they did, it’s not the end. Look at the great Palestinian people. They have been looking down the barrel of a gun on the front line, Resisting the anti-Christ army for the past 70 years! They can teach us the meaning of Resistance.

If America falls, the whole world will quickly follow, so it’s crucial that Americans take matters into their own hands now. We are literally faced with two options. We can lay down and give them our jugular, or we can unite and RESIST. We can use our minds and raise our voices, awaken others and share this vital information that does and will SAVE LIVES. Internet is our greatest weapon. We are the many, they are the few.

We must rely on ourselves now, unify globally and be our own government and our own press. Be prepared. Have an evacuation plan. If you are warned of a fire near you, prepare to leave quickly. Have an evacuation bag packed and ready. If you get an evacuation notice due to a fire, do NOT hesitate! GET OUT FAST!! 

If you would like to donate to help the victims of Butte County and Paradise, the Paypal is in this video below: 



About the Author: Ariyana Love

Ariyana Love is Founder of Occupy Palestine TV, TLB Director of Middle East Rising and Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine (ICSPR, Gaza). Ariyana is Chairwoman of Meta Nutrients Trust, a Human Rights Defender and Activist.


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