Kids News? Canada’s CBC Aims Political Propaganda at Children

ER Editor: On the subject of socially engineering young children to view the world in the globalist, state-sanctioned adult way, we also recommend another article by Selwyn Duke titled LGBTyranny: School Has 6-year-olds Write Same-sex “Love Letters”.


Kids News? CBC Aims Political Propaganda at Children


Kids News? CBC Aims Political Propaganda at Children

Call it fake news meets Sesame Street. It wasn’t enough that the young were being indoctrinated in schools and via entertainment — now the Canadian government is targeting children with political propaganda through a new news platform called CBC Kids News. Of course, though, while the reporters are child actors reading lines, the material is written by adults behind the scenes.

Also not surprising is that this “news” is infused with opinion, aimed at little people who (even more so than big ones) can’t tell the difference. As Ezra Levant at the Rebel Media tells us:

For example, there was a report from “Jasmine,” who just happened to be at a rally in support of extreme sex-ed. She’s eleven.

There weren’t any other children giving the opposite point of view — the view that perhaps an eleven-year-old is too young to be learning about transgenderism, and other extreme sex ed.

Then there was the CBC child reporter who was excited about Justin Trudeau’s marijuana legalization. He says weed is “just like wine” and it’s “good for economic development.”

Obviously an expert who should be cited, the aforementioned Jasmine said about “transgenderism,” “There’s not only just two genders; there are people that, like, wanna’ — they don’t really feel like, um, who they really are, and they, they just wanna’ be somebody else. And you hafta’ respect that.”

Wow, time to lower the voting age to 10.

(No, I’m not making fun of the kids, but of the adults who use them as human props and mouthpieces.)

According to Levant (video below), another theme relating to the above that the kids were discussing is “how ‘mean’ Ontario premier Doug Ford is for scrapping the child sex curriculum.” Yeah, don’t vote for the meanie! You know, maybe a man such as Trump or someone who doesn’t happen to be Justin Trudeau. He’ll take your transgenderism away.

Paying homage to feminism and multiculturalism, the face of CBC Kids News is 14-year-old girl actor Saara Chaudry. She says of the news site’s “launch that, ‘Everyone deserves to know what’s going on around the world and it shouldn’t just be adults that know what’s going on,’” reports the Post Millennial.

Of course, the truth is that most adults, detached as people are, really don’t know what’s going on. But here’s what is. As the Post Millennial also wrote, “In a promotional video for the new platform, Chaudry says, ‘it’s news for kids, from kids.’ While actors like Chaudry may be the face of CBC Kids News, the content will be managed behind the scenes by adult employees of the state broadcaster.”

This is the offensive lie behind “Kids News.” The child actors are simply conduits through which adults are channeling their propaganda. And how could it be otherwise? They’re kids.

Levant likens this to how the Soviets targeted children with indoctrination and cites the case of Pavlik Morozov, a handsome 14-year-old boy made a state hero for informing on his father. Morozov’s actions were then used to “inspire” other children to reach his lofty heights. (Not surprisingly, while Morozov did squeal on his dad — the Soviets honored him as “Informant Number One,” according to Levant — his story was otherwise just another Stalinist lie.)

Children are ever targeted by evil forces because early-years conditioning can be forever. The sayings “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man” and “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree” both relate this truth. So does the biblical line, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Sadly, this also largely applies to training a child in the way he shouldn’t go.

Some may say that since teens can vote at 18, preparation for this electoral involvement must begin many years earlier. But immersing children in politics is the wrong approach; it is, in a way, putting the cart before the horse. After all, making correct political decisions involves the application of proper moral principles, and children are still morally immature beings.

Childhood should ideally be a time of innocence where, among other things, a valid moral compass is inculcated. This involves not just teaching proper principles and virtues (e.g., “Thou shalt do no murder”; chastity), but also modeling such so that, hopefully, children will begin accepting the principles and virtues on an emotional level. This paves the way for youths’ receptiveness to reason’s dictates once they develop adult intellectual capacities (Piaget’s stages of cognitive development) and the ability to reason things out.

Having a child attempt to make political decisions prior to the above process’ completion is a bit like giving him a loaded gun before he has developed good coordination, a sense of responsibility, and has learned firearms safety. Yet, ironically, the same people who’d insist a child is too immature to handle a gun often think he’s mature enough to weigh in on gun policy.

Of course, there are many other people who simply want to craft good statist foot soldiers and are perfectly content to have kids remain children forever. After all, given that the young are far more likely than their elders to vote for leftists, would it be surprising if leftists wanted to make juvenile mentalities the adult norm?


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