A View of the Deadly World Order We Live With

A View of the Deadly World Order


The Deadly World Order

Whatever else you may believe, you are imprisoned by your own human nature. In order that you understand, you must look at the ideas of the noted English philosopher Thomas Hobbes for the first clues to today’s craziness. You see, for Hobbes and others, the terms “good” and “evil” were just synonyms for what humanity “desires” and for what we the people “hate” as individuals and as a collective. It was because of a human tendency that Hobbes believed that the individual should not be allowed to decide for themselves what is good and what evil. Therefore, collective disaster could only be averted by “delegating” to “higher” authority the task of deciding what’s best. Unfortunately for Hobbes and all his political theory kin, relinquishing such authority to other humans has led to calamity anyhow.

For most people, it matters little whether (or not) some “world order” runs their lives or not. The so-called “New World Order” used to be mentioned in wild stories about the famed Illuminati on the same pages that contained alleged pictures of Bigfoot or some bug-eyed alien. As I write this report, I am reminded of how Hollywood has immunized us all against Aliens, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and made the Wolf of Wallstreet a kind of dark hero. Now we’re confronted with a new truth. Conspiracies are as real and as commonplace as today’s news headlines. WikiLeaks reveals how a presidential candidate rigged a primary election. A U.S. soldier drops a dime on inhuman crimes committed in the name of freedom and democracy. A young geek working for the NSA spills the beans on massive breaches of Americans’ rights to privacy. A German carmaker tweaks an auto line’s onboard computers to lie to consumers and governments. And trillions of dollars just evaporate with no accounting! But the Illuminati running the show is a crazy conspiracy theory?

British writer and futurist H. G. Wells redefined the term “new world order” for us by describing the establishment of a technocratic world state and a planned economy that would transform society into a kind of peaceful utopia. Wells’ foresight was at one end of the spectrum, while evangelist Pat Robertson in his 1991 best-selling book The New World Order envisaged this new order as a vestige of the coming antichrist. To be sure, two extremes exist on either side of whatever mechanics control our systems today, but the fact that former UK PM Gordon Brown and the notorious Dr. Henry Kissinger used the “new world order” terminology to brand a reformed global financial system bears noting here. These two killers called for a new Bretton Woods that would certainly do in individual and national freedoms. Brown’s role for the new order was to assist in destroying economies before and during the Great Recession. As for Kissinger, his role has always been to be a poster boy for supposedly brilliant ideas. But in the same way the first Bretton Woods agreement spawned the bloodsucking IMF, a new system designed by these people would certainly finish off emerging economies. This aspect of the NWO is a topic for another report; I mention the IMF here only because it is fundamental to understanding how the current situation is a calamity. A final point here should be about accountability, for clearly the financial miseries of the world are not owing to the average citizen’s fiscal expertise. Using the IMF’s own narrative to frame those responsible, I quote from FINANCE & DEVELOPMENT, September 2017, Vol. 54, No. 3 with regard to the 1973 oil crisis and Kissinger’s role then:

“Influential voices in the United States initially pushed for a military solution to the oil cartel’s challenge. But advanced economies ultimately adopted an alternative vision, largely driven by US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, using private flows of money to bring the oil producers into the system. That achieved political stability, but at the price of financial volatility generated by very large capital flows as oil producers deposited in large multinational banks their massive profits, which the banks then lent to countries to enable them to pay the higher oil price.”

So, the “volatility” that Kissinger and the other NWO operatives put in place made trillions for the elites and ended up breaking the rest of us in the long term. This is a drastic oversimplification, of course, but my point is well made. Now let’s turn to the current day technocrats for a look at how the elites are running the game today.

Our Shrinking Legacy

This Forbes story clues us to the way the world has always worked. If you think capitalism and democracy are any different from a feudal system after reading this, it’s time for world history refresher courses. Bill Gates, a modern lord put in place by the real power brokers, operates with impunity using the most Machiavellian tactics imaginable. Gates and other American oligarchs not only milk the rest of us dry, but they are also applauded for doing so. Talk about adding insult to injury: it’s not enough that we fund their success, the new nobles demand to be cheered as well. Read for yourself how Gates’ massive wealth is sheltered from taxes under the umbrella of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. To illustrate on Gates, I’ll quote directly from a Guardian piece on the subject of his hypocrisy:

“Gates says he pays his personal taxes. Great. But he made all that money from Microsoft which, like other tax-avoiding technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, uses sophisticated systems to shift paper profits around the planet and evade the designs of governments. Indeed, so extreme are its methods the company was used as a case study in a Senate investigation into US corporate tax avoidance, which found one example of offshoring profits through a tiny Puerto Rico office alone saved it $4m a day in taxes.”

From this quote the spotlight shifts from Bill Gates to the other “made men” the global order has created in the digital age. Jeff Bezos is now the world’s richest man, a nobody magically transformed by creating yet another mail order catalog. Mark Zuckerberg and his college chums dance to the tune of the NSA and the CIA according to many accounts. And the Google boys came out of nowhere to rule the Internet like machines from the movie The Matrix. The fans in techy land worship these people like geniuses when in reality they’re ordinary minions willing to do anything for the mission. Conspiratorial as this sounds, it’s as true as any sensational RussiaGate or WikiLeaks story. What, you think the “order” meets in Davos just for the caviar and Dom Perignon? Come on.

As of five years ago, half of the wealth in the world belonged to the top 1%. Furthermore, the top 10% hold 85% of the total world wealth. But these figures do not tell the whole story. A Credit Suisse Report, “Wealth Distribution & Gini (2013)” tells us the damnable reality of disproportionate value our world is faltering under. While some would argue that the United States of America’s citizens being thirty times wealthier on average than Russian citizens is some kind of golden badge of excellence, others would argue about who is benefitting from whom. Countries like Denmark, with virtually no natural resources, have a citizenry 25 times richer than Russians, 12 times richer than South Africans, 35 times wealthier than Venezuelans, and nearly twice as prosperous as people from oil-rich Qatar. Don’t take my word for it, parous the unbelievable statistics yourself. In the last forty years, since Kissinger and the others reshaped our economic system, the top 1% went from controlling 19.9% of the world’s wealth to owning 41% of everything. And now the system referred to unabashedly by the elites as the U.S. backed liberal world order wants to reorganize for us once again. Now we see how truly insane Thomas Hobbes was to kowtow toward government and morality by proxy. For further reading on these matters I suggest “Who Rules America?” by Professor G. William Domhoff, and this report via the Economist from 2012. Reading further into plans laid out by legendary mining magnate and politician Cecil Rhodes (pictured) may serve well to frame this “liberal world order” that is no longer afraid of being out in the open. Rhodes advocated a plan for the British Empire to re-annex the United States to form an “Imperial Federation” to bring about a hyperpower and lasting world peace.

But there are endless theories that coincide with what we see going on today. Once such theory brought to light by Larry McDonald, the second president of the John Birch Society, most resembles what I believe will be the outcome of today’s chaos. That is, if the elites in the west have their way. According to McDonald, the Rockefellers and their minions wanted to create and control a one-world government that combined “super-capitalism” with communism. This crazy combination of ideals seems the most likely construct of power crazy elitists for me. But then, who can say? All we know for certain is that Bill Gates or Bill and Hillary Clinton philanthropy are only tax evasive-profit driven charades serving two purposes. The first is to protect untold riches from taxes. The second is to position these elites as idealists while insinuating their strategies in the emerging world. I will not get into Gates’ vaccines, etc. What is important to understand is that these people care nothing whatsoever for our wellbeing; they thrive at our expense only. This is understood since the dawn of time. The legacy Americans were supposed to inherit, the promise America made to the world – it’s a lie, gone, and probably never was. If we set out to save the world after World War II, then we did a piss-poor job of it, for almost nobody is better off for our wars and economic miracles today. Well, except for Gates, Bezos, George Soros, the remaining Rockefellers, and those Rothschilds over in Europe.

It’s a Conspiracy All Right

Finally, as I read from Wikipedia about the “alleged conspirators” involved in this “deadly world order,” I am even more assured of my correctness in writing this report. Allow me this quote, please.

“Viewing the history of the world as the history of warfare between secret societies, conspiracy theorists go further than Rothkopf, and other scholars who have studied the global power elite, by claiming that established upper-class families with “old money” who founded and finance the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Rhodes Trust, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, and similar think tanks and private clubs, are illuminated conspirators plotting to impose a totalitarian New World Order—the implementation of an authoritarian world government controlled by the United Nations and a global central bank, which maintains political power through the financialization of the economy, regulation and restriction of speech through the concentration of media ownership, mass surveillance, widespread use of state terrorism, and an all-encompassing propaganda that creates a cult of personality around a puppet world leader and ideologizes world government as the culmination of history’s progress.”

I know Wikipedia is not the best source of absolute truth, but in this case, I can only wonder at how the editors seem to have left nothing out. Isn’t this precisely the situation we find ourselves in today? I can only wonder at what percent these elites will leave us the next go-around.


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