French Journalist Reveals the Media Obligation to Report Lies over Covid

ER Editor: We’ve currently got a rather bizarre situation playing out in France, reflected where? in the mainstream media, of course. Professor Didier Raoult, the acclaimed scientist and doctor who has used HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) successfully with Covid at his institute in Marseille, is once again under renewed public attack. This has caused some serious independent commentators to wonder what is really going on given that we’re 3 years on and it’s clear that HCQ, ivermectin, etc., have all been successful. Remember the French were immensely wound up over the retirement issue and the undemocratic way Macron and his henchmen dealt with it. Then this, once the retirement topic has gone quiet. It continues to feel like a movie. Idiocy ramps up on the one hand over Raoult, while truth that people can recognize as truth suddenly gets said on the other.

A credible journalist at the younger end of the age spectrum came out this week admitting some truths about media manipulation. On a show not widely viewed by the French, in the 8pm time slot. This is rather big. Recall that RT France was shut down as of April 7 of this year, and you can’t get Rumble in France without a VPN. Unique to France.

Valeurs Actuelles, the journal for whom she works, is considered ‘far right’ but it’s the only one where you will find acknowledgement of the nasty influence of George Soros, frontman for the Rothschilds. It has an agenda of bashing (fairly) the hard, woke left, but there is a limit to how far it will go such that one can believe it is a form of controlled opposition itself. For example, it pushed Eric Zemmour as a presidential choice in 2021, yet investigation elsewhere showed that he was probably financed by the Rothschilds at arms length. It has fairly addressed the mass migration issue about which many French are rightly concerned, but does it in such a way to simply bash Muslims and stoke division.

We believe someone somewhere has given the green light for this type of admission to be made. A journalist for Valeurs Actuelles on Pascal Praud’s 8pm show would be the place to do it.


Covid: A columnist on CNews recognizes an “obligation” of journalists “to confess things that have turned out to be false, even lies”


Charlotte d’Ornellas, columnist for the program ‘L’heure des pros’  of presenter Pascal Praud (ER: pronounced ‘pro’) and journalist for Valeurs Actuelles, spoke about the treatment by the French media of the Covid pandemic. Tuesday, May 30, 2023, she acknowledged that journalists “were forced to confess things that turned out to be false, even lies.”  She cites questions related to the effectiveness of vaccination in decreasing transmission of the coronavirus or the side effects of the vaccine. “Asking the question was already attacking science, being in conspiracy,” she said. 

The show devoted a good part of his Tuesday episode to his guest, Professor Didier Raoult and the publication of his retrospective study on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. If the journalists present on this set dwelled on several aspects of this study and other burning questions concerning the former president of the IHU-Méditerranée, they frankly expressed their dismay in the face of this debate.

“We are helpless. On the one hand, we have you (Pr. Raoult, editor’s note), who have enjoyed a reputation for years and on the other hand, people who say the exact opposite,’ points out the host, Pascal Praud. (ER: Praud’s not perfect – he was critical and condescending with the Gilets Jaunes we recall, but generally he can call a spade a shovel.)

Asking “forbidden” questions is “being in conspiracy” 

A feeling shared by columnist Charlotte d’Ornellas, who regretted the absence of debate which would have been useful “since we [journalists] are unable to decide” on these questions. “In addition, there is such assurance and such words used on both sides … They seem so sure of themselves on a normally scientific subject that it is destabilizing”, she adds . The journalist at Valeurs Actuelles “would like to see this kind of debate” because, “since the start of the Covid, mandatory questions have been prohibited”.  

“We lived 2 years during which we were told that we do not have all the answers on a treatment but that we must go quickly, and, at the same time, on other treatments, it is absolutely forbidden, she points out. She raises questions about the vaccine which “was compulsory for children and adolescents” or its observed side effects. “I’m not saying that it was the case for everyone, nor that it was all the time. But there is the question of myocarditis for children, young athletes who have cardiac arrests (…) To ask these questions, it was already being against science”, she laments.

Host Pascal Praud cites in particular the question of the alleged efficacy of the vaccine in reducing transmission of the coronavirus. Charlotte d’Ornellas points out that “nobody, at that time, said ‘I don’t know’. To ask the question was to be conspiratorial. And when we have a contrary answer, we are told that we couldn’t know everything’. You still seemed to know very well, “ she castigates.

An attitude that Pascal Praud attributes “to the priests of the media space, who explain what to think about these subjects, such as Covid, the climate, retirement…” . An influence confirmed by the columnist, who admits having been forced [journalists] to confess things that turned out to be false, even lies”. “We on the television sets (…) We are obliged to relay the word without ever asking questions (…) We, I say the media ‘we’, have defended positions supported by certain doctors who turned out to be false”. 

A debate “on everything, like the one on hydroxychloroquine” 

Ms. d’Ornellas thus calls for a debate like that on hydroxychloroquine “on everything else, all treatments, all drugs”. “Can we just have a bit of a critical mind, and say ‘I’m not going to relay what all these doctors are saying because I don’t know’, (…) that’s not putting back questioning the whole vaccine to recognize that today, it is even impossible to raise this question without being yelled at. It is not normal,” she continues.

She recalls as an example the media discourse on the obligation to vaccinate children without the journalists having had “the right to say ‘have you seen the effects? Can we have answers on that? “.  

Admissions on which the host of L’heure des pros still bounces off of, who points out that “the best-selling book currently in France is that of the geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude (Les Apprentis sorciers: tout ce qu’on vous cache on messenger RNA – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: everything you don’t know on messenger RNA, published on March 8, 2023 and sold 14,431 copies , editor’s note)”.

“No one received it on any set except here, and wonder why this book is the best-selling (…) That’s why I kept my distance a little (…) Our job, it is to bear witness to reality, to bring a contradiction and to develop critical thinking,” he concluded.

Professor Raoult has published a retrospective study which demonstrates the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in the early treatment of Covid-19, being the subject of new attacks from learned societies, forums and opinions relayed by several mainstream media. Before discussing these issues on the Cnews set on Tuesday, he was the guest of France-Soir ‘s “Debriefings” .

He said during this interview that if hydroxychloroquine, this “economical, cheap and safe” treatment had not been “sabotaged” from the start, “thousands of deaths” could have been avoided. As proof, he wants his “exhaustive study which includes all the patients who came for treatment for two years” , to whom the choice to accept or decline this treatment was given.

A protocol which initially associated hydroxychloroquine and a macrolide-type antibiotic, azithromycin (AZI). Other types of treatment have been proposed as an alternative or in addition, such as ivermectin, corticosteroids, zinc. “We were surprised that hydroxychloroquine without AZI had the same results” (beneficial, editor’s note), indicates Professor Raoult.




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