A Cry for Help, A Cry to RESIST from Israel – NEVER AGAIN? [VIDEO]

ER Editor: As a reminder of the globalist, fascist insanity we are dealing with over some relatively harmless virus, here is the World Economic Forum tweeting on this very same topic:

On Bitchute, we found this video but couldn’t access it from France:

We are surprised the video below is still up on Youtube. Here are some main points the speaker makes, but a summary cannot capture this man’s emotional appeal:

  • He’s making his appeal after midnight outside on his smartphone.
  • Israel is the leader in the ‘global demonic deception – can you believe it?’ ‘This is a red alert.’ ‘It’s important to share this message … it’s wicked, it’s demonic, it’s oppressive.’
  • There’s a saying in Israel that goes “Never Again”. Never again will the Jewish people be killed. That’s supposedly what this nation is founded upon – independence, democracy, religious freedom, freedom of individuals … Israel has just passed the Green Passport system, which is a program that only allows the vaccinated to participate in society, to be able to go to restaurants, malls, sporting events, &etc. If you do not submit to this agenda, if you choose to opt out of this experimental program, you are considered a second class citizen in Israel.
  • Where are the international human rights courts on this? Where are the lawsuits? Where is the outrage? Are we living in the twilight zone? And people are actually cheering on this demonic wicked agenda. This is exactly how the Holocaust started – with discrimination, with ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ businesses. Now, it’s not about Jew or Arab – it’s about who will take the vaccination. If you don’t, you’re wicked, evil and second class. This is from the pit of hell. You don’t have to believe in God to know this is wrong. What has happened to people, to this society?

  • They’re not letting people fly out of the country; they’re literally threatening – even from high level government officials – to go to people’s houses and release the names of people who refuse to be vaccinated.
  • It is time to raise a righteous war cry. It’s happening right here in Israel!
  • We need your prayers. People are being challenged all over the world of course with similar types of things.
  • If people with authority to act don’t, then we’re in trouble. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? We need to stand up for what’s right, for what’s true. We are destined to repeat history. People are so afraid to be labelled or censored; instead, we need to answer to God. We need to stand up for what is right and what is righteous.
  • If this succeeds here, it’s coming to your town. Care and Share this video.

  • We must rise up and resist, and call it out for what it is.



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2 Comments on A Cry for Help, A Cry to RESIST from Israel – NEVER AGAIN? [VIDEO]

  1. Be strong and of a good courage. The Lord knows those who are His. Don’t give in to hate for the govt – remember many of them have just been coerced like you also. Pity them. Maybe some will yet turn… Also, if we hate, we lose. Plus it is an awful waste of time and energy. Use time to pray, read scripture, talk with others of one heart and fight the good fight. We fight the enemy of our souls and we can only do that with God’s help – even those who don’t know Him yet, but seek truth will come to that conclusion. We ‘overcome evil by doing good’. Truth exposes the lie. Truth sets free. Let people know truth. Be Joshua, be Jael, be Ehud – not physically killing people of course, but take the action you can with the tools you have to hand, whether on the battlefield or at home in your ‘tent’ like Jael.
    Do up a simple flyer – don’t stress about it being perfect – include some websites as jump-off/starting points for people. Maybe even include sites that talk about detoxing if you live in a heavily vaxed area. Hand it out whenever and wherever you feel led. Put it on public notice boards if you can… even if only one person notices it, and refuses jab, that is a big victory. Early morning walk and distribute it in your local area (if you can.) Email out to friends and family. the thing is – NOW – TODAY – is the time for action. We don’t have time for a perfect flyer. Just get people started thinking for themselves and looking. Yes, endgame IS planned by ultimate evil…. will it happen this time around?.. I guess that largely depends on us… and even if it does end that way, let us not give in – ever. You want to know, after everything, that you believed in, stood for, acted upon and loved the truth… and your neighbour. Even if they did not appreciate it. Israel, many pray for you. God is faithful to His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
    A danger I see for us who know… that we will just talk about the latest horroers in shocked voices among ourselves and leave the action to ‘more qualified’ others. No, we must EACH take action… NOW. God uses the weak to put to shame the wise of this world. So, you are perfectly qualified if you feel weak! Sing praises to Him aloud. Singing boosts your immune system and it will certainly strengthen your spirit. sing even if you don’t feel like it! Declare what IS true instead of worrying about the lie/liars. Declare God’s power instead of continually feeding on thoughts of the power of this darkness. Declare that you WILL trust God, no matter what. Pay attention to the good things that you feel happen inside your inmost being when you sing His praise. I know this is an old post, so no-one may check it… but if only one…

  2. “Never again”. Wouldn’t it be horrible if they all woke up one Shabbos morning and figured out it was the Bankers screwing them all along.

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