YELLOW VESTS: French Government Exposed! Using Israeli-Made Nanoparticles And Chemical Markers On Protesters

YELLOW VESTS: French Government Exposed! Using Israeli-Made Nanoparticles And Chemical Markers On Protesters

For the French government, these are harmless “coded chemical marking products” made in Israel, that impregnate the skin, hair and clothing of the targeted persons for a period ranging from several weeks to decades.

Officially, this fuzzy technology has never been used against human beings. However, specific information gathered from some security professionals indicates that during Act 18 of the Yellow Vests (March 16), water cannons and gases containing DNA markers and nano-particles were used against demonstrators without prior notice to the latter.

These “coded chemical marking products” can be used to connect a citizen to the proximity of a protest, event, and would thereby make their possible activism known, by virtue of the presence of the marker, weeks and even decades after the protest or event.

In addition to chemical markers and nanoparticles whose effects on human health are poorly understood, the addition of new psychotropic substances to CS gases is a real large-scale experiment in new social control techniques similar to those of the worst dystopias in science fiction films and novels.

These “DNA weapons” developed in Great Britain and widely used and produced by Israel contain chemical and biological substances whose harmfulness to human health has been deliberately ignored, particularly in Israel where Palestinian prisoners claim to have contracted various types of cancers as a result of their DNA marking or the use of other control techniques involving nano-particles that may have damaged the genetic material of the cells in their bodies.

The French government admitted to using chemical markers on demonstrators as an experiment during the May 1, 2018 demonstrations. However, the populations should have been warned that they would be the subject of prohibited experiments.

For advocates of such processes, DNA or RNA marking products do not represent any danger, but their statements are not supported by any scientific evidence.

It is known that the impact of most biochemicals used on humans can only be detected after years since most non-positive studies are systematically censored by large companies in the chemical industry.

The use of psychotic substances to control demonstrations and urban riots has proved to be much more dangerous on the ground.

In 2014, police forces in Ukraine experimented with LSD-containing gas bombs supplied by an Israeli company on demonstrators in Kiev, and the result was catastrophic: the targeted demonstrators became much more agitated and violent, and some began to have violent convulsions before throwing themselves at the police vehicles, requiring the use of live ammunition to stop them.

In Brazil, the police experimented in 2016 with chemicals to calm rioters, but the experiment went wrong and the police ended up smothering the violence with weapons of war. In reality, the substance used resembled an extremely dangerous neurotoxic drug that had a direct impact on the nervous system.

In occupied Palestine, Israeli forces, besides numerous illegal chemical warfare agents like white phosphorous, have used certain gases against demonstrators that contain, in addition to endocrine disrupters, hallucinogens and LSD to make demonstrators more violent in order to justify the use of snipers and very high velocity fire (special alloy bullets with an initial velocity of 1200 m/sec).

The gases used in France for law enforcement include CS (2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile), irritants, but also recently neurotoxics that can profoundly alter the capacities of perception and consciousness.

Other types of nano-particles are increasingly used in law enforcement, but their use remains secret, as even the police officers who use them do not always know the nature of the non-lethal weapon they use.

With the chemical markings of individuals, Israeli and French societies have just taken a further step in the totalitarian control of the individual, right down to the roots of his hair and his DNA.


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