Why Is Robert Malone Pushing Anti-China Information? [VIDEO]

ER Editor: This one-hour video is an excellent discussion by Matthew Ehret of medical researcher Dr. Robert Malone‘s recent forays into geopolitical territory in his substack account. Our notes do not do this justice.

At some point, Steve Bannon‘s name is mentioned. In this regard, we recommend this piece we recently put out, also by Matthew Ehret:

Steve Bannon And China’s Deep State

As much as we like Tucker Carlson, you will find these sorts of one-size-fits-all anti-China references in his monologues, raising the issue of who’s scripting him. He inserted one just this week over the abrupt resignation of New Zealand premier Jacinda Ardern.


From all these people, as we have said before, China is publicly presented as all one thing (i.e. bad) to a western audience who is kept ignorant of what is really going on over there. Ditto for Russia. And it’s the Black Nobility-owned MSM outlets who do it.



Ehret observes generally that a lot of effort is put into deflecting attention away from the activities of the Black Nobility families onto China as the bogeyman. (This is true of Russia, too, of course.)

After pushing out useful ideas over a 1-2 year period on the Covid business, Malone has put out ‘weird’ stuff that falls outside his specialization. Recently he’s ventured into 5th generation warfare (social engineering, misinformation, cyberattacks, etc.) and counterintelligence, topics that he’s become unusually adept at.

Ostensibly, he eloquently warns people of attempts to destroy and divide up the truther movement as more and more information comes out. But he’s since ventured into the China-as-world-dominator narrative, aimed at the CCP. Malone repeats stuff put out by Epoch Times and the MSM, that China is aiming to take over Taiwan, where Taiwan is the victim, as well as Hong Kong. These are evidence-free claims. There is no evidence that China is attempting any kind of global domination or victimizing anyone. Historically, however, Beijing has kicked out of China foreign operations that are led by the CIA.

Malone cites figures who all assert some sort of biological determinism in their position, that it’s somehow in Chinese genes to want to dominate the world. Yet throughout history, China has interfaced with the outside world, usually through trade, not through enslavement of foreign peoples or military takeover, such as we find with Western powers. [Ehret references an article Malone has put out, referencing CCP biowarfare. Ehret’s view is that Malone chooses writers who are basically re-inventing history a la Netflix.] Russia of course gets tied into this narrative.

Ehret likely gets to the ‘why’ of all this when Malone republishes a female writer who accuses China of capturing US public health officials over the Covid crisis, i.e. that the Fauci’s of the world can be exonerated. This view holds that US health officials were ensnared by the CCP. Basically, the US is a victim of China, which creates plausible deniability for the American medico-government class. This narrative echoes that originally put out by MI6 director, Sir Richard Dearlove, who was the first one to hold China responsible for Covid.

Canadian researcher Denis Rancourt has done an excellent research job of showing how overall mortality, except for a small blip at the beginning, was by no means exceptional during the PRE-VAX Covid period, and that any minor exceptions were likely due to government responses in different countries. Excess mortality, therefore, wasn’t due to Covid: rather, it coincides with the mRNA vaccine rollout.

Malone has taken great pride in being the developer of mRNA technology. He never attacks the technology itself, just the mandates.

There is a vast complex of US biolabs around the world. During 2020, Iran was targeted by some pathogen that likely got released. This is a persuasive theory. Yet China and the CCP got blamed. Who is this researcher, Clare M. Lopez, that Malone quotes? She has a CIA background (Ehret unpacks this), which always sets up China and Iran as the super villains to a largely US public, who have no idea about these countries. Malone gives his platform over to her.

Why does Ehret give Malone the benefit of the doubt over this? Because he doesn’t want to be sued for $25 million, as Malone is doing with Dr. Peter Breggins and Dr. Jane Ruby. Just as Malone publicly declares that ‘there are forces out there to divide us’.

Malone’s position is precisely that if you declare HIM to be controlled opposition, you then become accused of being someone who wants to divide the movement.

The current momentum is to hold the US government agencies accountable, so now China or Russia must be blamed.

[The discussion moves to the longstanding elite desire to see the internal collapse of the US, and a more general discussion of China, Russia and Eurasia who are joining forces against the satanic, oligarchal death cult that is destroying the West and attempting to destroy the globe.]




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