What The Lockdown Files do and don’t say; either way Midazolam Matt should be arrested and investigated

ER Editor: We’re not sure that this is just a distraction from other issues or a limited hangout. It feels more to us like the opening of the barn door. Exposure of the Covid / vaccine / lockdown / murder-of-the-elderly criminality has to begin somewhere. With Hancock, other people and other issues are likely to be exposed.

Let’s remember that Mark Sexton and his team have been valiantly trying to get a police investigation going into the vaccines and to get them stopped for quite some time. Here (March 9) he renews his call on Telegram. Now we have a mainstream media outlet no less demanding an investigation into a former government health minister. It’s progress.

That a professional politician would say anything so incriminating about himself on social media is utterly bizarre and improbable, we feel, although no doubt true nonetheless. Anyone with a functioning brain cell knows that such communications are never truly private.


What The Lockdown Files do and don’t say; either way Midazolam Matt should be arrested and investigated

The hits just keep coming for ‘Team Lockdown and Vaccinate’. Leaked WhatsApp messages between former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock and other officials have enraged Twitter users, as they rightly should. 

Some leaked messages beg the question of whether police should be investigating Hancock for terrorism while others suggest he should be arrested for wilful misconduct in public office.

This is without any reference to his central role in senicide and genocide through the use of midazolam and dangerous gene-based injections marketed as “covid vaccines” on the UK population.

A few days ago, we published a summary of articles from The Lockdown Files published between 28 February and 4 March that The Telegraph highlighted to its readers.  Below is a continuation of our previous article.  As before, the date shown at the beginning of the section indicates the date The Telegraph published articles on that topic.  Firstly, a brief look at what The Lockdown Files do not reveal, but should.

What The Lockdown Files Aren’t Saying

The Conservative Woman published an article focusing on the covid measures and the role corporate media played: “Yes, the politicians were sadists and the mainstream media were only too eager to whip up public fear … Lockdown was one of the most disastrous policies inflicted on this nation in modern times. Its impact will be felt for decades to come. Those most responsible have since been awarded both financially and by the ludicrous ‘honours’ system.”

On the flip side, News Uncut reported how in light of The Telegraph’s articles about Hancock’s WhatsApp messages, there are now corporate journalists trying to claim credit where none is due.

Igor Chudov touches on The Lockdown Files to demonstrate how outside private forces influenced the UK government, and other governments, to implement their pandemic plan. One of the contributing factors Chudov noted was the media. While busy forming “public opinion,” corporate media was generously sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which gave $319 million to a variety of news media organisations. The UK media sponsored by Bill Gates includes:

David Thunder describes the moral and political rot at the top of the UK Government exposed by the WhatsApp messages. They confirm the worst fears of lockdown critics, namely that government ministers and public health officials were not acting in good faith, but just propping up their careers and trying to keep the population under the spell of fear and dread, he wrote.

El Gato Malo noted that there is a new term being used online as a result of The Lockdown Files revelations – “hancooked.”

Leading into a summary of selected revelations also focusing on covid measures, El Gato Malo wrote: “Matt is clearly stupid, craven, lacks any basic grounding in science, medicine, or epidemiology, and is thinking near totally in “politics, message, and narrative.”

Eugyppius also argued that The Lockdown Files reveal covid policies owe less to creepy conspiratorial globalists than they do to the unbounded stupidity of our leaders (ER: this is entirely questionable, especially if you’ve been paying attention to the careful work of Reiner Fuellmich). “Lockdowns flowed directly from China, through the WHO, to the West, where they rapidly became a self-reinforcing phenomenon in their own right. They were driven by autonomous political and institutional forces rather than nebulous globalist conspirators, and we have now had multiple leaks – from Germany, the United Kingdom and the US – which everywhere paint the same picture.”

Hancock resigned as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care on 26 June 2021.  Hancock had been hounded from office, not for his gross mishandling of purported pandemia but for the tawdry tabloid trauma of being caught snogging his top aide in the office in violation of social distancing rules, El Gato Malo wrote.

On 19 February 2021, after a legal challenge by the Good Law Project, a High Court judge ruled that Hancock had acted unlawfully by handing out personal protective equipment contracts without publishing details in a timely way.

In April 2021, it was reported that Hancock had been given 20% of shares in Topwood Limited, a document-shredding company based in Wrexham which is owned by his sister and other close family members.  Topwood was awarded a lucrative NHS contract by NHS Wales for confidential waste destruction.

The Conservative Party did not discipline Hancock for his unlawful actions or conflicts of interest in awarding his family’s company with a lucrative contract.  Instead, in November 2022, the Party whip was removed from Midazolam Matt shortly after signing up for the reality television showI’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’  Removal of the whip means that Hancock can no longer be disciplined by the Conservative Party.

But corruption and profiteering are not the only scandals surrounding Hancock.

Hancock – an outspoken advocate of euthanasia – was also involved in the midazolam scandal, where thousands of elderly covid patients were dosed with what were lethal amounts of benzodiazepines in lieu of proper medical care.  Hence Hancock has been given the nickname “Midazolam Matt.”

And in a recent article, Spartacus showed that Hancock is just another Davos stooge (ER: Then surely this means there are creepy conspiratorial globalists lurking somewhere) and that he helped the Israel military intelligence, Mossad, infiltrate the National Health Service (“NHS”).

Considering the above, it’s no wonder some are questioning whether The Lockdown Files are a limited hangout. But what’s the distraction from? Why only now?

Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiologist, spoke with Calvin Robinson on GB News.

Whatever may be revealed or not in the future, based on messages already revealed by The Telegraph the calls for Hancock to be arrested and investigated by the police have begun.

Naked Emperor highlighted the message from Hancock to civil servant Damon Poole suggesting that “we frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain” to get compliance.  Hancock then added: “When do we deploy the new variant?”  This begs the question, should police be investigating charges of bioterrorism?

And The Telegraph’s Allison Pearson suggested Hancock should be arrested for wilful misconduct in public office. “For eight days now, The Telegraph has published the most breathtakingly damning stories about the misuse of power (and “science”) by Matt Hancock and his cabal during the pandemic,” she wrote. “And what has been the response to these horrors within the House of Commons? Not a dicky bird … The slithy tove can – and must – be dragged before a Select Committee. Personally, I would like to see him in jail for the vast hurt he has caused.”

What The Lockdown Files Are Saying

5 March 2023

Hancock rejected advice to cut covid isolation

Hancock rejected advice from England’s Chief Medical Officer to replace the 14-day covid quarantine with five days of testing because it would “imply we’ve been getting it wrong.”

Hancock was told by Professor Sir Chris Whitty in November 2020 it would be “pretty well as good” for contacts of positive covid cases to test for five days “in lieu” of a fortnight’s isolation. WhatsApp messages between the two men have also revealed that the 14-day quarantine period had likely been “too long all along.” By then, nearly a million people in England who had come into contact with an infected person had been told to self-isolate for a full fortnight, The Telegraph said, even if they had no symptoms. Although ministers reduced the self-isolation period to 10 days in December 2020, it was not until the following August that some groups were made entirely exempt from the requirement. In November 2020, Whitty and other government advisers were “in favour” of trialling the alternative system. But the then health secretary resisted, saying it “sounds like a massive loosening” and that removing the quarantine requirement could make it appear that ministers had made a mistake. Read the leaked messages that reveal how Mr Hancock chose saving face over cutting covid quarantine HERE. The release of the messages about isolation came as other leaked WhatsApps revealed how Hancock fought to take credit for the success of Britain’s vaccine campaign, telling colleagues: Everyone knows I’m Mr. Vaccine and this is the route out.

Leak reveals Simon Case’s private warning about Boris Johnson

The country’s most senior civil servant said Boris Johnson was a “distrusted figure” and feared the public would not follow isolation rules if they were set out by the then prime ministerThe Telegraph said. A leaked cache of government messages has revealed how Simon Case, the current head of the Civil Service, said to Matt Hancock that the public needed to be told to isolate by “trusted local figures, not nationally distrusted figures like the PM.” The description of Mr. Johnson is likely to be embarrassing for the Cabinet Secretary and potentially the former prime minister, whose character is being questioned – and who appointed Case to his position. The conversation between the then health secretary and Case took place on 30 October 2020, as the Government was expanding its testing capability.

6 March 2023

‘Sex ban’ during lockdown sparked fierce debate, leaked WhatsApp messages reveal

England’s Chief Medical Officer warned against imposing the lockdown “sex ban” because the public was not “likely to listen” to an order not to see their partners.

Prof Sir Chris Whitty said the Government should use a “bit of realism” and stop short of an outright ban, instead encouraging couples not living together to avoid contact “if they can”, leaked WhatsApp messages show. Sir Chris’s warning came on March 24, 2020 – the day after Boris Johnson, then the prime minister, gave the first order that the public should “stay at home” and avoid contact with people living in other households. For couples living separately, it became an effective sex ban because people were not allowed to meet up in houses that were not their own. The WhatsApp messages show a discussion about the impact of the measures.

Hancock’s plot to block funding for disabled children if MP opposed lockdown

Hancock plotted to take a disability centre “off the table” after a Red Wall Tory MP threatened to rebel.

Hancock discussed a plan to block funding for a new centre for disabled children and adults as a way of pressuring a rebel Tory MP to back new lockdown restrictionsThe Lockdown Files show. WhatsApp messages between Hancock, the then health secretary, and his political aide show they discussed taking a plan for a learning disability hub in Bury, Greater Manchester, “off the table” if James Daly, the Bury North MP, sided against the Government. It came ahead of the vote on 1 December 2020 on the introduction of a toughened new local tiers system of restrictions for England. The Telegraph has also obtained a WhatsApp message with an attached list of 95 Conservative MPs planning to vote against the tier system. The list was referred to by ministers as the vote approached and anxiety about a possible rebellion increased. Mr Daly said that he was “appalled” that the disability hub had been discussed as a way of coercing him into voting with the Government.

It comes as further messages reveal that Whitty warned against imposing a lockdown “sex ban” because the public was not “likely to listen” to an order not to see their partners. Meanwhile, Case has faced a backlash for his part in the discussions over lockdown. Current and former senior civil servants have described his comments as “naive” and “cringeworthy”, and questioned whether he would remain in post. And The Telegraph revealed that consultants were paid a total of £1 million a day to work on the NHS Test and Trace system for more than a yeardespite ministers being “very worried” about the spending.

Note: Although not published by The Telegraph as part of The Lockdown Files, we include these articles by others as they are relevant. Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr. Tom Jefferson wrote a Substack article how to save £999,000 per day: “around 900 consultants were employed at a rate of £1,000 per day … For a grand a day, the two of us would have readily advised the government.”  And in an article published by the Daily Mail, they added that “from our own careful studies, we believed that locking down Britain would inflict lasting damage on society – without preventing the spread of the virus over the long-term … We warned lockdown would bankrupt us, and so it proved.”

Hancock’s secret plan to import French covid patients

Hancock planned to bring French covid patients to the UK for treatment during the second wave of the pandemic, despite national lockdown restrictions in force to protect the NHS. Messages between Hancock, his advisers and Boris Johnson show he hoped to offer “spare” intensive care unit beds to Emmanuel Macron to help the French president deal with a major outbreak in his country in November 2020. At that time, Britain was under a second national lockdown that was sold to the public as necessary to prevent the “medical and moral disaster” of an overwhelmed NHS. The plan is not thought to have ever been implemented, but Hancock said: “We may need to make a similar offer to Italy.”

7 March 2023

Rishi Sunak rebukes Hancock over funding plot

Hancock discussed a plan to block funding for a new learning disability hub to pressure a Tory MP to back covid restrictions. Meanwhile, on what could be the coldest night of the year so far, coal power will help keep the lights on across Britain.

Downing Street has rebuked Hancock after it emerged that he had discussed a plan to block funding for a new disabled centre to pressure a Tory MP to back lockdown restrictions. Leaked WhatsApp messages between the then health secretary and his political aide show how they discussed taking a plan for a learning disability hub in Bury “off the table” if James Daly voted against the Government in December 2020. Asked whether this was not the way Rishi Sunak would like his ministers to operate, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “Of course. There are rules and guidelines which apply.” Meanwhile, The Telegraph’s Ben Riley-Smith reported that Cabinet ministers are using technology that automatically deletes WhatsApp messages, raising fears that they are circumventing the Government’s transparency rules.

Covid not deadly enough to fast-track vaccines, advised Whitty

Whitty advised ministers that a covid vaccine could not be fast-tracked because the virus was not deadly enough in the early days of the pandemic.

The Chief Medical Officer said a covid vaccine could not be fast-tracked because the virus had a “low mortality rate” in the early days of the pandemic, messages revealed. Whitty told Hancock and others that diseases with a mortality rate in the range of one per cent would need a “very safe” vaccine and that the necessary clinical trials would be a “rate limiting step.” He was responding to a WhatsApp message from Dominic Cummings, the then chief adviser to Boris Johnson, in February 2020 about a report saying Israeli scientists were weeks away from developing a vaccine. Mr. Cummings would later claim the Government could “definitely” have started vaccinating the population in September 2020 – three months before the first jabs were given – if it had adopted a bolder approach to vaccine trials.

Sunak refuses to back Case to keep Cabinet Secretary job

Sunak refused three times to say he has confidence that Case will remain the Cabinet Secretary until the next election, amid a growing backlash to his pandemic-era WhatsApp messages. The Prime Minister was last night asked to comment on speculation that Britain’s most senior civil servant was preparing to stand down, but initially said only that Case “continues to support the Government’s agenda.” It came as Labour sources said that Sir Keir Starmer would sack Case if he were to win the next election. The Telegraph also revealed new WhatsApp messages in which Case criticised “bouncing Boris” Johnson for being too optimistic about the economy during the pandemic. The 44-year-old mandarin has been accused of “naivety” after a tranche of messages showed he mocked people forced to quarantine in hotels during the pandemic and described Sunak as “bonkers”.

Featured image: Matt Hancock becomes latest Tory MP to announce he is running to succeed Theresa May, Politics Home, 25 May 2019





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