“We Don’t Believe in the Political Parties Anymore”, French Mayors Rebel and Support a People’s Party

ER Editor: This revolt by France’s mayors is to be taken seriously. France has around 35,000 municipalities or ‘communes’, which is about equal to the number of municipalities in Italy, Germany, Spain and UK combined. Population sizes of France’s many municipalities can be very small (down to around 380 people, perhaps around 1,000 or more). The point being that the French mayoral class is enormous in size and very close to the people historically. And while the mayors of the relatively fewer large cities have far more clout and prestige, and are likely to contain France’s future leaders, the sheer size of the class of mayors of these smaller places is a force to be reckoned with.

One of the mayors named below, Fabrice Marchand, is the first mayor to come from the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests). The mayors can also be found on the ‘Portail Gilet Jaune‘ website, as well as on Facebook (linked to below). Any new presidential candidate needs to obtain 500 mayoral signatures out of around 35,000. They are willing to get behind a brand new candidate to break the grip of Politics As Usual.


“We Don’t Believe in Parties Anymore”, Mayors Rebel and Support a People’s Party


Fabrice Marchand and Thierry Renaux, elected officials, founders of the Collective of Resistant Mayors F. Froger / D6

The mayors of small towns do not feel heard.

For the presidential election of 2022, three elected officials in France have decided to bring together all those who no longer believe in the traditional parties. Whether they are mayors of a large city or a village, it does not matter, their signatures have the same weight when they support a candidate. We received Fabrice Marchand and Thierry Renaux, two of the founders of the Collectif des Maires Résistants, for an important interview.

The objective of this collective of resistant mayors in the long term is to “merge the action of the people with the action of the mayors”. In the short term, this translates into their support for a candidate in the next national election for a collective that will emerge “from the people for the people.”

Disappointed by the policies applied in France over the past decades, our guests do not wish to vote for the Socialist Party, the Republicans, or the extremes. Fabrice Marchand is also the first Yellow Vest to become mayor, the only one to date, in his village in the Ardennes. These two elected officials do not wish to carry a specific program, but rather to give impetus to a new party sensitive to the needs of the people of this France of small towns: “all elected officials together, we are the servants of the French people.”

According to them, village mayors are among those who are closest to the daily problems of their inhabitants. In France, nearly 85% of the communes are communes of less than 500 inhabitants: “yet we only listen to the mayors of the very large cities”, deplores Fabrice Marchand.

The founders of the Collective of Resistant Mayors call on “all mayors of rural areas and elsewhere to join this movement. It may be historic, it has never existed, something like that, it must be in the thousands.” On our media, these elected officials are officially launching their movement, calling for a large rally and a march in the city of Roanne, in the Loire, at 13:30, this Saturday, November 13, 2021.

Before its official launch, the movement is already taking shape on all social networks, explains Thierry Renaux:

“we are motivated, when we see all the people who come to join us. When we created this collective and our Facebook page, we quickly found ourselves with 15,000 or 20,000 subscribers in a few days, a few weeks. And now, we have other groups that have joined us, if we add it all up, we have more than hundreds of thousands of subscribers to this project.”

“More and more mayors no longer have confidence in current politics, especially mayors of rural communities. They don’t want to join a party anymore, because they know that they will be deceived”.




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5 Comments on “We Don’t Believe in the Political Parties Anymore”, French Mayors Rebel and Support a People’s Party

  1. Passe sanitaire : Asselineau prend ses distances avec Philippot et Dupont-Aignan

    …Le leader de l’UPR exclut pour le moment tout front commun avec Florian Philippot et Nicolas Dupont-Aignan contre le passe sanitaire et l’obligation vaccinale.
    Par Baptiste Farge

    Autre argument avancé par François Asselineau : il n’a pas marché aux côtés de ses deux homologues en tête du peloton de manifestants à Paris. «factuellement, je n’étais pas à cette manifestation, j’étais fort loin, à Lille», avance l’énarque. Pour un rassemblement, lui aussi, contre les nouvelles mesures sanitaires de l’exécutif, qui, selon lui, s’est fait dans une ambiance «très bon enfant». Une façon de démontrer qu’il se tient à l’écart des dérives aperçues samedi dernier à Paris. Comme ces étoiles jaunes arborées par certains manifestants, ou cet appel à «envahir les permanences des parlementaires» .

    Le leader de l’UPR juge ainsi qu’il est «scandaleux » de faire des comparaisons entre la Shoah et les nouvelles mesures sanitaires. «Ça, c’est Philippot, c’est pour cela que je ne veux pas faire alliance avec lui», ajoute-t-il….

  2. And thanks for the interesting comment. We’ve always wondered about how the Gilets Jaunes could not unite behind any kind of leadership. No, I hadn’t seen Asselineau’s comment about Philippot. We imagine Philippot is aware of all of these tactics and strategies and will chart his own course. We noticed that Marchand won’t go for ‘extremes’, i.e. Philippot. The French political landscape seems to be always carved up into divided fragments. Deliberately. It’s a bit of a mess.

  3. Nice article on Fance Soir, but beware :
    The Yellow Vests were infiltrated by people who barred them from going political. If ever anyone spoke of acting on political ground, in order to change the political situation ourselves, there was always someone who intervened to shout out loud it was horrific.
    You were the equivalent of antisemit if you didn’t accept to stay “apolitical”. Some sort of religious dictatorship of the “apoliticalness”.

    So the Gilets Jaunes never organized, and so they never could win. They have been kept without leaders and apolitical by gate keepers, to avoid any de Gaulle raising among them. Any natural leeader in their ranks has been fiercely attacked and ostracised by at least one half of them.

    Then came the official covid dictatoship, and at last many people understood the situation was so dire we should all unite against the predators of Humanity.

    A historical united meeting was planned and Richard Boutry (ex main steam, ex France Soir journalist, had created his website LaUneTV) spoke to say all the Resistance would meet and talk together one sunday night at his show.
    He recognized Florian Philippot as an important part of the Resistance et had invited him. Florian Philippot was very released ad said our freedom was now only a matter of short time.

    On the said sunday night he was absent of the screen. Instead, we saw an unknown yellow vest “veteran” who spoke to say there is no way Florian Philippot could be invited. “Because he is political”… Richard Boutry had already turned around 180°.
    We saw then capitaine Fabre-Bernadac, the officer who had previously signed the column of the generals declaring our country is at war with islam. He stated : I am not going to speak about the covid problems at all, to me the real urgent danger is not dictatorship but the islamic invasion.
    And others, some of them never came back because they were told their proposals were not welcome (Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur for example).

    The dream of uniting was over. The block of DIVISION had worked once again.

    If you listen to above interview, the mayor Fabrice Marchand says he has created with his bother a company that works for the “environnement”. This means he has already a conflict of interest with the green dictatorship which is planned to follow the covid dictatorship.

    Additionnally, he calls all the French in order to find a new presidency candidate that they could support… for a very short term. BUT he excludes… “the extremes”.
    Guess what are the extremes ? If they don’t succeed in making Florian Philippot appear as too “political”, they will call him “extreme”. That’s all.

    (Btw Do you remember Asselineau twitting he wouldn’d join Philippot, suggesting it’s because he is antisemit?)

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