Vaxxed Blood Shows ‘Stacking’, Typical of Blood Cancer

ER Editor: A German doctor, Dr. Barbel Ghitalla has done blood analyses or ‘smears’ of her vaccinated patients, as well as acquiring a vial of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Alarmed at what she saw in the smears, she discussed her findings with another medical colleague, Dr. Axel Bolland, and two lawyers. This was recorded in a video, which Dr. Jane Ruby discusses with Stew Peters below.

I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m afraid for my patients.


Here are some main points:

  • The blood smears of these vaccinated patients shows that red blood cells (RBC) have acquired a positive charge (instead of a negative one, which allows blood cells to repel others and stay single) permitting them to ‘stack’ one upon the other. This is typical of blood cancer. They are called ‘rouleaux’ formations. So the injections are changing the electron charge to positive in the RBCs.
  • There are also coiled pieces present with a metallic sheen. They do not absorb light as the RBC do.
  • The doctors and lawyers in the video involving Dr. Gitala think it represents the beginning of thrombotic activity. The level of rouleaux formations in these blood samples is ‘severe’. We’re looking at severe RBC damage.
  • From the Johnson and Johnson vaccine vial she obtained (it has a lot number and expiration date), samples show rigid structures/lines with tiny white dots in between. (see image right)
  • Physicians in France have also taken blood smears showing identical formations in the blood. (See Dr. Philippe van Welbergen)
  • The lawyers in Dr. Gitala’s group said there is a gross lack of informed consent.
  • Ruby urges doctors to do the same for their vaccinated patients.
  • Peters: It’s not a matter of ‘your choice’ because people simple don’t know what they’re choosing.

It appears to be a poisonous injection… People not coming forward are complicit




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11 Comments on Vaxxed Blood Shows ‘Stacking’, Typical of Blood Cancer

  1. Any persons drop of blood can show good cells with space between them and clumping as well. This can be seen in a healthy persons blood as well as one who has been injected with an experimental poison. The question is what someone is showing you. You need to be able to see the entire drop of blood to make ANY conclusion. It’s like looking at someone’s crushed toe, yet the rest of the body is healthy. See the video we just created:

    Vaxxed people are having blood problems because of the toxicity of the poison they are injected with. I definitely know there is NO REASON FOR TAKING THE JAB.

  2. Merci beaucoup pour ce retour d’information. Chez ER, nous sommes très intéressés par le sujet émergent de l’oxyde de graphène.

  3. Bonjour à tous.

    J’ai beaucoup étoffé mon dernier très gros dossier “Une Pandémie de Protéines Spike ou une Pandémie d’Oxyde de Graphène?” depuis le début août – surtout la partie portant sur les trois chapitres “Graphène”.

    Depuis quelques jours, j’ai créé une nouvelle rubrique que j’ai nommée “Nouvelles des Brigades Anti-Graphène”… car la situation évolue très rapidement.

    Je vous invite à vous mettre à l’écoute de tout ce qui se trame au sujet de l’oxyde de graphène, et de toutes autres formes de graphène – dans tous les secteurs de la vie quotidienne – car il s’agit de la guerre présente: une guerre à l’encontre de la Couronne nécro-moléculaire de graphène. Il s’agit de la véritable “Protéine Spike”… qui n’a rien à voir avec un coronavirus inexistant parce que jamais isolé, jamais caractérisé et jamais photographié. Le graphène est en cours de nous envahir. Réveillons-nous.


  4. So Adam, what is your explanation for the clear differences that have been shown between blood from vaccinated people showing clumping and blood with RBCs spaced out and flowing? What accounts for the fact that vaxxed people are having blood problems?

  5. oh sorry, she is no but assistant to Axel Bolland. She is a former nurse and medical practitioner now.

  6. The future of health
    1 mars 2019

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