United States: Fraud is Now Fact

United States: When Fraud is Now Fact


The cyber-symposium hosted by entrepreneur Mike Lindell in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, brought together researchers to recap the proven facts about what really happened on Nov. 3, 2020, in the presidential election.

From August 10-12, legislators and elected officials from all 50 states, prosecutors and attorneys, computer geeks, media representatives, citizens and patriots discovered how votes were manipulated by algorithms run through voting machines in every state, and saw for themselves the mountain of evidence gathered by the various independent citizen groups of experts, engineers, statisticians attesting to the largest cyber crime ever perpetrated in the Western world. Remember that these groups are non-partisan, and many of these researchers did not vote for Donald Trump. These volunteer physicists, mathematicians, hackers, and cyber security specialists have put their skills to work to recover the integrity of the electoral system. They believe in their Republic and the Constitution and refused to buy into the lies hammered out by the media, realizing as early as election night – and for the intelligence specialists, weeks before the date – that “something was really wrong with the results.”

Algorithms identified and revealed to the public

During election night count on Nov. 3, mathematician Draza Smith observed these peculiar movements in the progression of votes, including votes subtracted from President Trump or fractions of votes awarded to candidates, all in real time. Through these movements, she spotted the workings of disturbance systems known in mathematics to cyber experts, implemented in order to arrive at a predicted outcome in advance, based on a history of data, in this case the voting history of a given state. These systems are called PID controllers, and these algorithms rectify the data received as they go along, by performing proportional, integral and derivative corrective actions to achieve the desired results. But the fact that too many citizens turned out to vote for Trump saturated these controls. This explains why key states stopped counting under various spurious pretexts during the night of November 3 to 4, 2020: the regulators no longer had enough votes in reserve to make the expected swing movements toward a Biden victory.

These observations complement physicist Douglas Frank’s discovery of another algorithm set up to move the election in the direction the Deep State wanted. This system applies age-based vote modification keys to change votes as the election process unfolds, based on the 2010 census. The strategy was set by state and then broken down by county using sixth-order polynomial algorithms. The 2010 census is a clever choice by cyber criminals, as it gives the system a credit line, in other words, pools of ghost voters by age range, while still respecting the census curve: citizens who don’t vote, deceased voters, and those who have moved out of state and should have been removed from the voter rolls. To run the algorithms, you need to vote with machines, have them programmed and connected to the Internet. Professor Frank applied this same algorithm and was able to predict the results of all the counties in Ohio. By adjusting the keys, he repeated the calculation and found the results for 13 other states: one key per state, according to its population curve. Nothing natural in these results, just the application of the algorithm. As Professor Frank said during the seminar,

“We have the mathematical evidence of massive voter fraud in every county in the United States; now it’s a matter of getting the message out to the general public, explaining these sophisticated technical maneuvers in the most understandable way possible.”

Fraud by County

For his part, Captain Seth Keshel, a veteran of military intelligence and a specialist in probability analysis, presented remarkable statistical work accomplished on all 3,242 counties in the 50 states. By cross-referencing the historical results of previous elections in each state, sometimes going back to 1948, population movements and changes in the number of registered voters for the various parties, to establish the projected results in each district, he determined the counties where fraud is most likely (see map below). Depending on the state, fraud was perpetrated via absentee ballots or through algorithms, or a combination of both. As a result of his calculations, Keshel urges elected officials and citizens to demand a full forensic audit of the elections in these counties. His statistical projections lead to the same results as other independent researchers. Donald Trump won all the key states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin. According to Keshel, this fraudulent scheme was also used to steal the seats of five Republican senators in the last election. He encourages states where Trump won, such as Texas, to conduct audits in certain counties where fraud was also committed. In these districts, Trump benefited from a significant portion of the Hispanic vote and won far more widely than the official results. It calls for action by affected state legislators to support and conduct the necessary forensic audits, see the process through, and restore the truth about the general election.

Patriots’ determination strengthened by this symposium

Bringing together in one place a panel of non-partisan experts who have reached the same conclusions independently, broadcasting in real time the presentations of analysis and evidence to an audience of 50 states, was a blow to the “deep state”. During the symposium, attacks multiplied, internally and externally, Mike Lindell’s team was infiltrated, the servers used for the broadcasting of the seminar crashed, and this intimidation also affected individuals: Mike Lindell was threatened in the lobby of his hotel. Tina Peters, one of the few election workers in Mesa County, Colorado, who dared to testify during the seminar, confirmed that the Dominion voting machines are connected to the Internet, and that the passwords are in the hands of only the Secretary of State and Dominion employees. While he was away, the voting machines, routers and electronic equipment were seized from his office. Col. Phil Waldron, who has been involved in identifying fraud from the beginning, joined the team of experts assembled by Lindell. This expert in cyber attacks identified these disruptors, whose role was to discredit legislators who came to the symposium: activity known to intelligence agencies and designed to divide people, whether by political preference, skin color or religion.

As law professor David Clements explained, organizing such a nationwide fraud is the work of a veritable criminal cartel, with its sponsors, organizers, specialists, accomplices and henchmen. Prior to teaching, Clements had extensive experience as a prosecutor, trying more than 120 cases before various juries, investigating, prosecuting and locking up members of drug cartels. Now it’s time to uncover the sponsors, actors and accomplices of the cartel that organized the electoral theft throughout the country. He publicly warned the accomplices, whether they were election officials, employees of the voting machine manufacturers Dominion, IMS or Smartmatic, and politicians of all stripes from the different states, that it was time to come forward and testify in order to alleviate their punishment.

Thanks to this symposium, and despite the operations carried out to destabilize and discredit Mike Lindell and his team, the synergy created among the participants was the fermentation of citizen actions that are growing in scope. State legislators, congressmen and senators left with a plan of action, united and determined to conduct forensic audits to shed light on the election, and supported and strengthened in their constitutional responsibility and oath to serve their people. Too many Americans are now determined to know the truth about this election. The full report on the forensic audit of Maricopa County, Arizona is expected to be released in the second week of September. Other audits are underway – albeit facing many obstacles – in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

During the campaign, Joe Biden committed a slip of the tongue that was certainly not part of the script he was prepared for, stating publicly, “We have developed the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud system in the history of American politics.”

This is now being dismantled and revealed to the public.




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  1. I think the fraud was plain to see in the various state hearings after the elections. The SCOTUS refusal to take cases on this or other government actions to take away our freedom to body autonomy ac like forced tracking gene experimentation injections to go to collage makes me wonder what ‘facts’ really mean in our New Orwellian Order. Time will tell.

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