United States: Fraud is Now Fact

August 29, 2021 3

United States: When Fraud is Now Fact ELISABETH DANCET The cyber-symposium hosted by entrepreneur Mike Lindell in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, brought together researchers to recap the proven facts about what really happened on Nov. […]


U.S. Election Audit: Denouement in Sight?

June 13, 2021 1

ER Editor: The results of the Arizona vote audit, specifically in Maricopa County which carries 2/3 of the state, are expected to be released tomorrow, June 14th, Trump’s birthday. We are publishing here FranceSoir journalist, […]


US Elections: The Rise of Truth in Tulsa [VIDEOS]

May 4, 2021 3

ER Editor: Below Elisabeth Dancet’s article, we are posting a few select Bitchute videos taken from the Health and Freedom Conference last month in Tulsa, Oklahoma of speeches given by Mike Flynn, Lin Wood, Mike […]